Quake Champions Doom Guy Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Quake Champions Doom Guy spotlight is for all those Doom fans. Also for all those QC beginners and noobs out there. That might want to know more about him and some helpful fragging tips.

The Doom Slayer is better known in the “Doom” games or the Doom series. Probably even more well known from the 2016 game Doom. With the latest game Doom Eternal coming out anytime. I just felt like it was a perfect time to do the first champion Spotlight on The Doom Slayer.

Quake Champions Doom Slayer

If you are somehow unaware of Doom let me give you a little brief history lessons

Doom was released on PC on the MS-DOS platform (Microsoft Disk Operating System). This didn’t require a fancy GUI (Graphical User Interface) to do many different tasks. You mostly would insert your floppy disk perhaps install the program you’d want to run on the C: Drive.

While Doom wasn’t the very first “First Person Shooter” it did, however, pave the way. It is considered at least the best and ed the phrase “Doom Clone”.

Many games tried to capture what Doom did and many failed. Id Software basically invented the whole genre and even spawn the game Quake.

So where does Doom Guy come from? Why he is the unnamed Hero fighting all the demons from Hell in all of the Doom Games.

Doom has been ported to literally about anything that has a screen on it. The original game is almost considered as a MEMEdoes it run Doom“. So that being said DOOM guy is on a billion different devices and is very popular.

Quake Champions Doom Slayer Ability

Original Doomguy Skin

Doom Guy’s champion ability comes from his game Doom (2016). He goes into a fit of rage and can basically kill almost anything with one punch. This is also known as the Doomguy rip and tear.

Using his ability makes him move very quickly on his feet.

Doom Guy also has the passive ability which grants him the ability to Double Jump. This ability come directly from the 2016 iteration of Doom. Quake Champions Doomguy abilities make him a great ranked dueler and usually banned or picked.

Doom Guy (Beginner) Tips

Doom guy is a super fun champion to play. He is what many people consider a Medium champion as he starts out with the medium standard health and armor.

You can use his ability to either go on the offensive and try to kill your opponent. The Doom Slayer can also use it to get away from a fight. This is very common and useful to get away from a fight in duels you don’t want.

Using Doom Guy’s passive double jump ability you can make harder to reach jumps than some of the normal characters. A good example of this is the bridge on Blood Covenant to the Rail Gun. This “jump” is normally a very advanced jump on all other champions.

With Doom guy it is pretty easy to pull off.

As a side note, the Double jump does not slow him down during your strafe jumps.

I for one, use to think it did. So I would never double jump…

While trying to perform the core movement in Quake Champions which is strafe jumping. I quickly found out from a few pros and watching other gamers. That you should include the double jump to pick up speed.

I quickly found out from a few pros and watching other gamers. That you should include the double jump to pick up speed.

Who is doomguy?

Doomguy or Doom Slayer is the silent hero who slays demons from the Doom games. He is a space marine and was first introduced to the video gaming world in 1993. Putting Id Software on the map for having such a heart-pounding first-person shooter.

Many think that he might be the descendant of B.J.” Blazkowicz who is also in Quake Champions.

Doomguy Quake Champions Conclusion

The Doom SLAYER is an excellent champion and is a pretty well rounded medium champion.

I still, however, cannot recommend him to beginner players because of his double jumping ability. New players should focus on learning strafe jumping first.

After learning to strafe jump I’d highly suggest picking up this champion. Learn how to use his abilities for better map movement and fights.

Please be sure to share this guide out if you found it helpful at all!

Leave a comment down below on what you think about Doom Guy. Can’t wait to cover the
Doom Guy 2019 with the latest Doom eternal to release! Check back for a review on that game!

If you would like to learn a little bit more about all the champions. You should check out this who is the best champion in quake champions post!

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Does anyone actually remember Quake Arena Arcade?

I believe I bought it myself and NEVER truly played it on my Xbox Live account. I’ve always been a Quake Fan but getting a Quake game on seems crazy since I’ve always had a PC. Quake on Xbox doesn’t seem to support a mouse and keyboard either and that seems nuts to me.

While Quake III has been ported to multiple consoles in the past, A.K.A. the Dreamcast that supported mouse and Keyboard. Quake Arena Arcade doesn’t seem to provide the same. As far as I’m aware the Xbox 360 didn’t support a keyboard and mouse out of the box.

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Quake Xbox 360

Quake III On Xbox 360

It was very cool that Quake III arrived on the Xbox 360 in some form. Quake wars also made it on the Xbox 360 as well. Eventually I’ll be making a video and article on it.

This version of Quake III was very polished and had some updated graphics and seemed to run very well. I don’t think it was very popular on Xbox.

At least among my friends at the time, the only “Arena Shooter” I could get anyone to play would’ve been Halo.

Using the Xbox 360 controller trying to strafe jump feels very unnaturally to me. Strafing doesn’t perform quite as well using k/b and mouse.

Quake 3 Video Game

Duke Enters the Arena

Quake 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. Playing on PC fragging strangers on Q3DM17 on the demo for hours on end. Until I was able to get a full copy of the game.

It seemed strange that Quake III was even released on the Xbox 360 in the first place. This version of the game came out WAY later than the initial release and there was a PS2 version of Quake 3.

Your best bet to experience Quake 3 in 2020 is to either get the game and download the ioquake 3 engine. Or, get Quake Live on steam.

Quake Arena Arcade Conclusion

Quake III on the Xbox 360 was a pretty awesome idea. I’m not sure why they haven’t tried to put the latest quake, Quake Champions on any consoles at all. We have games like Overwatch and Paladins doing just fine on consoles.

It would make sense to try to reach that market as well.

Maybe it is because Quake requires so much precise precision and fast reflexs. That a Console Controller cannot provide like a good wired mouse.

let me know if you actually played this game on the Xbox 360. I don’t know if I know anyone that even experienced this game as Quake is more popular on PC anyways.

Be sure hit the loudmouth from the South Smango up on twitter – @realkynerd

Quake Community – The Best Community Around

 I’m new to PC games and the Quake Community. I’m new to a lot of things. Growing up in Bumfuck, AL, no one had a decent computer. No one knew a lot about the internet.

No one I knew anyway. Sure, we had the SNES, the N64, the PS2. Yeah I played Duke Nukem: Time to Kill with my dad.

But there was no great wizard to show me how to use a computer. It wasn’t until I took Business Tech in my shitty high school that the idea of PC gaming was made clear to me. Our teacher was… she was a nice lady. But let’s just say she wasn’t all there all the time.

So the one guy in the class lucky enough to have had some computer knowledge decided that the classrooms LAN was the perfect playground for us. One day he brought in a little USB stick for us to pass around, showed us how to upload the file and that file was Quake 3 Arena.

 We never figured out who the infamous SkittleDick was, but man did he give us all an ass whooping that semester. And those ass whoopings left a forever impression on me about Quake and how much fun it could be.

This was in 2009

Fast forward to early 2018. I’m married. I’m stationed in Arizona and have developed an interest in PC games after buying a laptop and playing Doom and Wolfenstein.

I do some Googling and find that these games I enjoy so much come from the same company. And that same company was famous for making another game. The same game I first played nearly a decade ago. I buy Q3 on Steam and start playing casually with my high school buddies.

Low and behold, another friend (a kind and generous soul) shows up to my house with a full-on gaming computer and says “I built this for you.” Instantly I’m teleported into this world of PC gaming. It doesn’t take me long to hear about this new game called Quake Champions.

Well… I gotta give it a try, right? This is what started my journey, isn’t it? I boot it up and play a round, school everyone and start posting screenshots for my friends of me saying “My first game ever and I’m the best in the world!”

Quake Bots

 What I didn’t realize was that ezPotat, imgoingmid and AbsolutePower had zero pings. They’re bots. And then I move on to real TDM with real people and I get CRUSHED!

Absolutely obliterated! But I’m not one to back down from a challenge, so I go scouring the interweb and find these tutorial videos by Chugg and FrothyOmen about shooting and strafe jumping and DPI settings and hotkeys and SYSTEM OVERLOAD SYSTEM OVERLOAD… I’m overwhelmed by the amount of shit you have to do just to be baseline competitive at Quake (or esports in general, as it turns out).

But I suck it up and keep trucking. My friend MicroArray and I start playing together and are quickly finding ourselves moving into the upper silver and low gold ranks as we get better at rocket jumping, strafing and dialing in our settings.

 There’s just one more problem. We are shift workers and literally wait 20 minutes sometimes for a ranked match at night. So I message the devs. “What’s up with this matchmaking?” I receive no response.

I Look Elsewhere

Back to the interweb I go. And find out just how small the player base actually is. And then it clicks. If the player base is only a few thousand people and people are still playing… they must all be communicating.

Low and behold, I find all these Discord channels where people can find other folks to play Quake Champions with. Quake NA was my first choice. But there are all these self roles and bots. People are “LFD 2100+”. Who the hell is that good? Not me.

So I take a new route. I start meeting folks playing ranked duel. So I ask people who beat me “any tips?” I get mixed responses. Some people are cool. “Don’t jump so much in a firefight.” “Try to get your item timing down.” “Should have used LG instead of Rockets there.” Or as S L I P would say “Don’t run from my shaft.” Others… well, we all know what gamer douchebags say.

Finding Equally Skilled Quakers

 Eventually, I run into a guy who is perfectly at my skill level. Each round is a dead heat and we exchange “gr”s and “ns”s. The match ends with him shooting a rocket to kill me while simultaneously I ring out him with my lg. In the post-match chat, we exchange “gg”s and I ask him if he wants to meet me in discord for practice games. Steve is now (dare I say it…) one of my best friends <3.

I know about his fiancee and his cats and his worries at work. We are geuinely friends and I care about him and I care about Shaun, too. Another guy who, after I beat him, I reached out and said, “If you’re ever looking for practice, I’d love to play you again.” He said, “Absolutely. I’d love to learn from you.”

 And as an adult now, living thousands of miles from home, I begin to realize… I spend more time with these guys and gals than my own family. These are the people I relate to. And why is that?

It’s because we bonded over Quake. Quake is not just a game to us. It’s a sport. It takes discipline and respect and a willingness to learn in order to be even passably good. It’s not a game you can just hop into and be a pro on raw talent.


Literally not one successful Quake pro is a completely disrespectful turd. And the douche-bags who respond to “gg” with “fuck you”… they’ll never beat Rapha.

Why not? Because Rapha is calm, disciplined, focused. It’s not a coincidence that the people I play Quake with have similar life philosophies to my own. It’s because this game attracts a certain type of individual (to a certain degree).

A person who is successful at Quake is a person who can take a humiliating ass whooping and stand up and shake the other guys hand and say good game.

It takes a person willing to learn from their mistakes.

Every day I read articles or see videos, Reddit posts, you name it asking “Is Quake dead? Where is everybody? Who are these people playing Quake?”

They’re the guys driving the big rigs, designing the user interface for your banking app, solving crimes, forecasting the weather for military jets to fly training sorties, bussing the tables at the restaurant you eat at, running security in the building you work in.


We’re like a nerdier Operation Mayhem from Fight Club. Instead of blowing up buildings, we’re just trying to shoot each other on the interweb.

Growing a Quake Community

So now, Steve, Shaun, like 10 other folks and I run this Discord channel for arena first person shooters. It’s called The Keep. It started with 5 or 6 people we picked up from a VR server called Nattiland. Now there are hundreds of us and we’re growing ever single day. We plan events. KYNerd hooked up with us to use this very website.

We meet up every day to practice together, to watch each other play, to give each other constructive criticism, to talk about our shitty days at work. And not only that but we’re constantly in contact with similar servers.

My good friend KillerNukem, for instance… God bless him, I never go a day without a message from him. He and KillerDuke run Quake Crew with even more people than us. There’s Pooky2Spooky’s Shed, QuakeTeamFortress, Ultraviolence, etc. There’s even a podcast called State of Quake ran by S L I P and Unkind (and sometimes dRon). COOLEST PEOPLE ON PLANET EARTH.

Together we pulled together a charity tournament that raised hundreds of dollars to donate to the victims of the North California wildfires this past year.


Because a guy in our server was affected by it. That’s what you do for your friends.

Awesome People Awesome Quake Community

 The one thing I’ve noticed, having done this for around 6 months (if you’re reading this now, it’s been longer than that), is that the thing holding the Quake community together is THE COMMUNITY.

If you’re out there, shitting on the developers who worked THROUGH THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY instead of being home with their families so you could get the frames per second and the character skins you wanted… c’mon.

Have a little compassion and human sympathy. The person on the other side of your keyboard is a real person with a real name and a real life. The game is getting better with every patch. You just need to do what you did when you first fell in love with this game and be PATIENT. And yes, there will be more CTF maps. More hiccups as well.

 And let’s say, Quake Champions does end as a failed experiment. I don’t want it to be true, but for the sake of argument, let’s say it does. SO WHAT? I’m just gonna pack my bags and leave all these awesome people I’ve met behind?


There are other AFPS games out there that are just as enjoyable. Yes, in my mind, QC is the premier AFPS out there (right now). But we still all love the other Quakes, Reflex Arena, DuskWorld.

Diabotical is coming soon. I’ve even found a huge group of people playing Open Arena (if you haven’t tried it look into projectile delag) and they’re having a good ol’ time.

The community does not live or die on a single game. If we want Quake Champions to stay alive, we have to support it.


 I’m not here to preach. I’m here to invite you, if you love Quake as much as I do, to join us for a pickup game. If you’re not that good, neither am I. Let me help you. If you’re an old crusty Quake veteran (like ViolentHeart 😉), teach me to play like you.

Be active in your “local” community and let the big things fall into place. Let’s get some “What would Rapha do?” bracelets to remind ourselves that, in life, you can be in the 3rd round, having gotten beaten in the first two, with two champs already dead, and still come back and win the whole damn thing. Quake Champions could die. It’s possible. I hope it doesn’t, but it could happen. But the Quake Community? We’re not going anywhere.


Listen Quake Fans, it’s time to STOP BEING NEGATIVE on Quake Champions.

Seriously I’ve had it about enough of the Diabotical is gonna be the savior of Arena FPS. Does the game look good? Sure.


I cannot wait to do a Quake Champions VS. Diabotical review whenever the game actually releases. Whenever we all know its NEVER going too.