Quake Champions Timed Duel vs Round Duel

Quake Champions Timed Duel

In today’s Quakefans YouTube video I decided to discuss the recent PTS patch including Timed Duel.

While in the PTS notes they did mention that Spawns are kind of jacked up it was very apparent in some of the live streamed events I watched.

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State of Quake Events for Quake Champions 2019

State of Quake Events!

Are you looking for some Quake Champions Events to be a part of? Want some amateur action that even YOU can be a part of? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER the State of Quake Events for Quake Champions is here to save the day!

State of Quake is a Podcast about Quake Champions and they also hold some cash prize events!

Quake Champion Event Times

State of Quake focuses on North American Quake Champions Events you can find the event times down below.

State of Quake Event Schedule:

  • King of the Hill – Thursdays @ 9 P.M. EST
  • Rotation of 3 bracket events (State of Pain Open Duel, Diamonds in the Rough < 1825 SR, Blind Date 2v2) – Saturdays @ 9 P.M. EST

Get your name recognized and even WIN CASH PRIZES DONATED BY THE QUAKE COMMUNITY!

Live Streamed Events

All Quake Champion Events will be lived streamed on Twitch on their official Twitch Channel.

Watch live video from StateOfQuake on www.twitch.tv

Also if you are the betting type they have a betting system so you can bet on your favorite person to win the match!

Help Fund the Events

If you want to help fund some of the Events you can do that too!

State of Quake Fund: http://bit.ly/2WtOKxF

Everything donated is 110% appreciated!

How to Join the Events

Let the State of Quake crew know that you are interested in participating in live events you must join their discord and be sure to look for all the sign-ups.

State of Quake Discord https://discord.gg/9vEcCus

Look for Unkind and Slip in the discord the masterminds behind the State of Quake. You can also feel free to send me(Smango) a message but I don’t set up the events.

See you in the State of Quake events!

Of course, the content above is subject to change and will be updated going forward. Here at Quakefans.net, we have been a long time supporter of the State of Quake Podcast and Live events and so should you.

Sure some of the pros stop by for the cash prize events but there are still a ton of opportunity for us normal and average Quake players to have a home to shine in.

Be sure to follow not only me on Twitter – @realkynerd but also the State of Quake Twitter –@stateofquake

So you will never miss another opportunity! You can also look for many other events over on plusfoward.net if you need even more events!

FREE Splitgate Arena Warfare Closed Beta Key!!!!!

Splitgate Arena Warfare Closed Beta Key!!!

Head over to:

It will ask you to create an account. You can use social media and even steam to Sign Up.

To get your key right now! This key will only be available for the weekend! Hurry before they run out of free keys!

Preview of Splitgate Arena Warfare

I hope to be covering this game a lot soon. The more Arena First Peron Shooters the better!

Let me know if you got into the Beta this weekend by follow me on Twitter! – @realkynerd

I’ll be giving my thoughts on this game here on the website in a few days! Be sure to check back VERY SOON as we only got a few days left of the BETA!!!

A QUICK Look into Unreal Tournament 2004 in the year 2019!

This video is about playing Unreal Tournament 2004 in the year 2019!

Just what everyone was wanting I know. I hope you guys enjoy and be sure to like and share the video everywhere on the internet!

Also spawned this little MEME I made for Quake Champions.

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