In The Keep Podcast – #15 Andrew Hulshult

In The Keep Podcast - #15 Andrew Hulshult (Composer/Sound Designer)

Andrew Hulshult is this weeks Special Guest! What is there to say about him that hasn’t already been said? You know that track still stuck in your head from playing Dusk? He made that.

That badass metal version of the Doom soundtrack from your recent Brutal Doom survival session? That was him too. Rise of the Triad, Amid Evil, Quake Champions… He’s done it all.

But Mr. Hulshult is more than just the man behind the music. He’s also a really rad dude with fantastic stories to tell. Oh! And he’s working on the soundtrack to Prodeus, Nightmare Reaper… And WRATH: Aeon of Ruin… Please enjoy. 

We brought in the Keep’s resident musician, artist and Canuck, the great and powerful Haducant, to help dig a little deeper into Andrew’s views on music, sound design and the tools of his trade so its safe to say that this conversation quickly became an equipment junky’s wet dream. Andrew delivers the goods, digging into how he recreated the midi tones in his 3D Realms Anthology, his techniques to created the acoustic tracks in Bombshell, the decisions going into introducing the Wendigo in Dusk and plenty more.

Andrew Hulshult is a very talented man with a big heart, but that didn’t stop him from being honest about the business of selecting projects. This has resulted in a catalog of work that is nearly beyond reproach. If you see Andrew’s name credited to a game, its worth your money.

Left to Right:
Dave Oshry, David Szymanski, Motherload, Andrew Hulshult at Quakecon 2019

Andrew Hulshult Episode Topics

  • Soundtracks off in arena shooters
  • How Andrew got into gaming
  • Sound and memory/appreciating music
  • Crafting a song
  • 3D Realms Anthology
  • Bombshell
  • Solo project
  • Musicians we admire/super group
  • Rad Rodgers
  • Andrew’s instruments/preferences
  • Dusk Soundtrack on vinyl
  • Wrath, Prodeus & Nightmare Reaper
  • Choosing projects
  • Bands/Songs/Albums that inspired Andrew
  • Soundtracks that started Andrew on his path
  • Behind the Music: Dusk


Andrew Hulshult was recently on Quakecast:

The Keep

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Warfork: A “New” AFPS Has Arrived

Mohawk is ready!! or SiB from Quake Champions

Warfork officially released on steam this week on early access! Don’t wanna play on Steam… Sure thing!

That being said I’ve had a blast the last couple of days running a server and play Warfork! You should join my discord community below and let’s get a warfork match going!

Click to JoinThe Discord Community!

Warfork is a Warsow Fork

Warsow 2005 AFPS

If the game is looking familiar for some reason. That is because it was a fairly popular game called Warsow (Which has been abandoned.).

Warfork is a demanding fast-paced first person shooter with a focus on speed, aim, movement, and above all competitive play. There are no gimmicks such as leveling up, purchasable weapons, gory graphic violence, etc. 

The game is a fork of Warsow. This game replaces Warsow trademarks with their own. (Most of this is directly from their steam page.)

Check out some awesome dueling action that happened on the QF server! Also, enjoy this Warfork Guide!

Warfork Item Timings

Whenever you play just about any Arena FPS it helps to know when the power items spawn. This helps to control the map and help to defeat your enemy easier. If you can control each power-up whenever it spawns and not allow your opponent to gain a power-up you can find yourself an easy path to victory.

Items like these are usually Armor and Health Pick Ups. Down below is the list of the timings for each item in warfork!

Item Timings

  • It Takes 15 Seconds for the Items to Spawn for the first time. So if you are in a 10 minute duel, the armors and mega health will start to spawn at 9:45 in-game.
  • 25 Seconds for All the Armors in the Warfork, this includes the Red, Yellow, and Green Armors.
  • 20 Seconds for the Pink Mega Health after the wearer hits =/<100 Health Points.
  • 40 Seconds for the Blue Mega Health Regardless of players’ health.

These timings should help you better control center points on the map!

Warfork Make a Server and Setup

I ran into a few issues running a server for this game. Warfork uses a lot of the same resources that Warsow had so that was a good thing.

The bad thing is most of the documentation is lost or just on archived websites. I’ll do my best to help, this will be a brief breakdown I’ll to do a more in-depth post in the future.

Do not run on a Windows Environment.

In the past few days I’ve tried my best to get a server up and going for this community. I finally accomplished that.

I highly recommend running on a Linux Box.

The server didn’t perform very well for whatever reason in my Windows Server 2019 environment so I threw it on one of my Linux Distros. Which started getting connections almost instantly.

Running a server is a great idea to even build your own community.

Install SteamCMD


Let me refer you to the SteamCMD setup page for most if all not operating systems. –

After getting SteamCMD setup, you will want to login with YOUR steam ID and Password. Anonymous did not work for me and did not give me server binaries.

I’ll refer to most of psymin linux setup.

Install Warfork Server Binaries steps

  • Load Up SteamCMD after installing
  • Type – login <username> ( do not enter <> just your username/email)
  • After that, it will prompt you for your password and random authentication code.
  • Next, you will be able to grab files
  • Type – app_update 671610 – This will download all the files you will need to run the server (if the game updates you need to re-run this command to get the latest files)
  • Now you can exit SteamCMD

Yay, now you have all the files you need. But what do you do next??

You need to be able to navigate to the files you just installed most likely they will be in your home directory unless you installed on a different user which some Linux admins do.

The Power of the Penguin

Trust me it would help if you knew some Linux before attempting this. You will need to be able to edit the file dedicated_autoexec. /home(username)/Steam/steamapps/common/fvi/

I usually use nano to edit my config files. If you are using Windows you can use Notepad++.

Remote Control your Warfork Server

You need to replace this with the name of your server in parenthesis. It also wouldn’t hurt to set up a password so you can work on it while in the game.

set rcon_password "1234"

Replace “1234” with the password of your choice. Save, exit, and restart your server. Now you can hit the ~ while in-game and log in rcon_password "1234" you can issue commands while in-game.

If you are running you will want to run ./wf_server.x86_64 steamapps/common/fvi/$ ./wf_server.x86_64 sometimes I make sure I’m already in the directory to run it.

Windows you simply need to click on the 64bit.exe

Only run your server AFTER you have configured your configuration file!

Port Forwarding

You will also be wanting to set up your router to allow port forwarding to your server. So hopefully you know a little bit about networking that helps! You may have to research your SOHO router to get to your configurations.

The default ports are UDP - 44400 and TCP - 44444 for Warfork.

Normally whenever you are port forwarding your small office or home office router. You will want to create 2 different rules.

Set these ports to trigger the IP Adress your server instance is hosted on such as as an example.

You can change these ports if you would like, please do so in the dedicated_autoexec.cfg file!

Check out this post for a more in-depth read on Warfork server hosting.

LinuxGSM Warfork Server

LinuxGSM is a great tool to add to your Linux Server Admin toolbox, it can help even the most novice Linux admins out there get started!

Sometimes though you will run into problems that aren’t documented anywhere but you should check it out anyway.

Here is a video of how easy it is to get it up and running with some commentary.

Warfork Player Setup and Colored Names

You can color your name and clan tags in this game! Just use ^1 it before each letter.

Example ^1S^2A this will make the S and A 2 different colors.

  • 0 = Black
  • 1 = Red
  • 2 = Green
  • 3 = Yellow
  • 4 = Blue
  • 5 = Light blue
  • 6 = Pink
  • 7 = White
Warfork Color Name

You need a cool colored name and a clan tag! Because why not!

I’d really make sure that you set up the opposite team so they show up nice and bright. This will help you be able to pick them off from a long range and see them easier around the map as a whole. Go to “Team” and click full bright skin. I chose yellow because it’s extremely bright and easy for me to see.


Warfork Game Modes

Below is a list of all the game modes and types Warfork offers!

In-Game Warfork Hud

Single Modes

  • Free for All: The goal of an FFA game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached. Unlike in Deathmatch, you spawn with weapons and ammunition.
  • Headhunt: a Game mode where one player is tagged and all other players attempt to frag the tagged player. The tagged player gets a score for each second he/ alive. The person who frags the tagged player becomes tagged.
  • Duel Arena: Frag the most opponents in 1-on-1 combats. Your arsenal is fully replenished before each round. The winner of the round is challenged by the in the queue.
  • Deathmatch: The goal of a Deathmatch game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  • Duel: Duel is a 1vs1 game mode. The standard match lasts 10 minutes, if there’s a draw there will be added 120 seconds overtime. The player who frags their opponent the most wins the map.
  • Race: Players try to complete a course to achieve the fastest time possible through highly technical maps by means of bunny hopping, strafe jumping, circle jumps, air control, weapon combos, and tricks.

Team Modes

  • Team Deathmatch: Team-vs-team game mode. The goal of a team deathmatch game is to frag as many players of the opposing team as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  • Clan Arena: Team game mode where you aim to frag the entire enemy team before your team is completely eliminated. Clan Arena has no item pickups, you spawn with all weapons.
  • Deathmatch: The goal of a Deathmatch game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  • Bomb and Defuse: There are two teams that must defend or attack a bombsite. To win a round, a team can win by fragging all of the opposition, defusing the bomb, or ensuring it explodes.
  • Capture the Flag: There are two teams that must defend or capture their opponent’s flag within the set time limit.
  • Capture the Flag: Tactics Class-based version of Capture the Flag, similar to Team Fortress. Each player can be a Grunt, Medic, Runner, or Engineer.

Warfork Discord and Community

If you are needing support and want to ask more questions that might not be here you should join the official Warfork Discord.

Official Warfork Discord

You should also check out our community partners The Keep Discord! Home of Arena and Retro Arena First Person Shooters! Join if you want awesome people to play with! Someone is usually looking every day to get in a few games.

Official The Keep Discord

Warfork Steam Charts

Warfork Steam Charts on launch

Looks like lots of newer people are giving this game a shot! Which is great for all of us Arena FPS fans out there!

Maybe take it easy on some of the newbies… If you notice they can’t strafe jump, use the dash button… maybe take a moment our of your busy rocket and rail combo lives and try to help.

I’d say I’ve already helped out a few noobs within just over the weekend! Don’t scare them all off we need people to continue playing!

Warfork Sounds

While the development team is hard are work trying to provide new sounds for warfork… I’m not trying to be mean but the in-placement ones aren’t the best. They are far from the worst sounds I’ve ever heard but if you can use Quake Live or Quake III sound you would right?

Well, guess what!? You are in luck because Warfork supports those files!!

Google Drive Link ( for the sounds!

Warfork Maps

Warfork ships with a bunch of decent maps, but since it allows you to use awesome maps from the community… It opens up even MORE possibilities!

The engine supports the use of Quake 2 maps, now you sort of but not really can just place any map from Quake 2 into your basewf folder and it’ll run. It might not run GREAT and sometimes if you run a certain mode it will crash the game.

I think it’s due to spawning points or object points not being set for Warfork.

  • Where to Install Warfork Maps LocationSteam\steamapps\common\fvi\\Contents\Resources\basewf

Here is the suggested map pack from The Keep these maps are played and work great!

Google Drive Download Link – (use WinZip or 7z to extract).

Below are the maps included

  • acidwdm2 (Duel/DM)
  • ae (Duel/DM)
  • aerorun (Duel/DM)
  • duel_boogyman (Duel/DM)
  • campgrounds (FFA/TDM/CA)
  • claustrophobia (FFA/TDM/CA)

Note: Warsow Maps work with Warfork. So if there are any old maps you loved in Warsow drop them into your warfork folder!

Warfork Conclusion

Warfork CTF

I’ve had a blast playing this game and I’m going to continue playing. I rank this game much higher than many other AFPS I’ve played. Reflex comes to mind as this game slaps it around like a red-headed stepchild.

You will need to be fast! Learn to strafe jump, ride rails, and us that dash button to get around the map FAST. This game is much faster than the more popular Quake Champions which is currently the leading AFPS. The skills are transferable though.

If you play Arena First Person Shooters at all then you should feel right at home with Warfork. You can download the Warfork game on steam right now!

Join the Discord, and follow me on Twitter.

Also catch me live over on Twitch!

ITK Podcast #13 DBThanatos & Michaelis (QC: Doom Edition)

This week, DBThanatos & Michaelis are here in the Keep to chat about their amazing career in the Doom modding community. These two partners in crime have developed some of the most interesting, amazing, fun, sometimes controversial Doom 2 mods ever created and QC: Doom Edition in particular checks all the boxes.

Our conversation covers the development of their work on QC: Doom Edition, Death Foretold aka D4T, the infamous Worst Wad of the Year Cacoward that was given to Aeons of Death, working with the various online Doom clients, QC:DE eSports and more.

We also took some time to chat about the legality of QC:DE as it obviously pulls inspiration from id Software’s Quake Champions. More on that around the 21:05 mark.

Thanks to those at QuakeCon 2019!

The beginning of this episode is a compilation of people hanging out in the BYOC at QuakeCon 2019. You’ll hear from some familiar and not so familiar names as they describe their QuakeCon experiences.

At 09:11 we make a big announcement for future ITK episodes. Huge thank yous owed to Mitch, Paul, Moose, Flambeau, Larissa & Branflakes for making this possible.

We also want to take this opportunity to mention that several exciting interviews were recorded or at least networked at QuakeCon so we can all look forward to some really good content in the coming weeks.

These include: janedoe aka Ms.X (Quake 3 Pro),
Carnevil (Skulltag/Wrack: Exoverse), in depth Doom discussions with the Multiplayer Doom Federation and thus collaborations with the Doom Is Dead? Podcast to name only a few. So don’t be afraid to hit that subscribe button.

The Doom Community showed up in full force to QuakeCon: Year of Doom!

QC: DOOM Edition & Other Links

QC: Doom Edition
OST by

More from DBT & Michaelis:

The Cacoward:

The Keep

The Keep:

These links will allow you to surf the entire podcast catalog, find links to the show on your favorite podcast apps, links to our Discord, Twitter and Twitch pages as well as places to support the show such as Amazon, Paypal and Patreon.

Until next week, go frag and gib your hearts out, much love and stay In The Keep!

Liquid Rapha Quake Pro Settings: Mouse Sensitivity and More!

Some of you might have heard of Liquid Rapha.. you know the Quake Pro. Real name is Shane Hendrixson, he lives in Texas and is 3 years younger than the person writing this post. (I’m old.)

Yea, this guy. (former)The GOAT of Quake, with his performance in the QPL Lucca 2019 many have questioned is he the best.

You should join my discord community and chat about rapha and more!

Click to JoinThe Discord Community!

Rapha has longer hair now…

He has been a quake professional for many, many years. So it’s quite common you might want to play like one of the best to ever play a Quake game.

To do that you are going to have to start with his equipment and settings he uses in-game!

It’s had to play like a pro unless you know how they are currently playing one of the most skilled games ever. Mimicking a professional player is a good thing, but if I’m being honest you will want to eventually pick the best settings for you. Use Rapha’s settings as a guide on where to start at the very least!

Now let’s get started.

Rapha’s Mouse and Quake Mouse Settings

Model: Zowie EC2-A (Amazon Link)

Rapha uses the Zowie EC2-A mouse. (He uses the White Version.)

Ergonomic design exclusively for right-handed users. It offers users a bigger room for wrist movements. The shape of the right side of mouse is well rounded. It allows the user’s fingertips to hold/cover the mouse to move smoothly. EC Series comes in two sizes to fulfill different needs

The Zowie is a BENQ product. They are a pretty good company if you ask me, hopefully, I can get my hands on one of these very soon and do a full review.

They focus on making eSports related equipment I’ve heard of them more in the computer monitor market more than anything.

Rapha’s sensitivity and Settings for Quake Champions

  • 21.7 cm/rev: 800dpi@1000Hz no accelerate 2.3 sensitivity

Just so you know these settings MIGHT not work for you. It might even take some training to get used too. But, it is a good basis to learn off of. Unless you are using his mouse it might be hard to get these settings to work well for you.

Rapha uses the same settings on Overwatch just with a higher sensitivity

  • 8.8

Rapha BEST Video Settings for Quake Champions

Rapha Quake Champions Settings

If you notice the picture Rapha uses an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Card.

I want to note that you can get a more powerful card now and improve performance if you want. As the 2000 series is now available whenever he probably purchased this card.

Faster and More Powerful than the 1070 ti (Amazon Link) C’MON Nvidia start Sponsoring the site 😉

Rapha’s video settings for Quake Champions:

  • 1920×1080, 75% Render Scale, Lighting on high, rest medium.. (240fps cap)
  • NoteMost Professional Gamers don’t care about graphics so they even play on lower settings so they get better framerates.

The Nvidia 1070 ti is a great card but any of the latest RTX video cards in the xx70s will give you of power not only for Quake Champions but other games you might play. If you already have a 1070 or 1070 ti there probably isn’t really a reason to upgrade for Quake Champions. If you are looking to play games that support RTX it might be time to upgrade.

Rapha’s Keyboard

Razer Deathstalker Chroma

I want to first off by saying I’m not a Razer fan. But, Rapha is one of the best at Quake so it shouldn’t go without notice that he wouldn’t use a bad keyboard.

Rapha plays with his keyboard on his lap so maybe this keyboard offers something different from the flat looking keys. Maybe it’s possible that it is light as a feather and easy for him to hit all the keys at once.

Click Here To Learn more about the Razer Deathstalker Chroma

The CPU By the best quake player in the world

i7 8700K Great Processor

Rapha obviously didn’t care to spend some money whenever he built this rig for Quake Champions. The 8700k has dropped in price a bit and was one of the top gaming CPUs in late 2017 and mid-2018. Obviously, if you are looking at what he uses now you might be able to find different alternatives for cheaper.

If you want to build piece by piece you cannot go wrong with the 8700K. It’s a great Processor.

Maybe pick up one 2nd hand before paying premium brand new prices for this CPU. Look on eBay, maybe even Facebook marketplace in your local area for a great price. He probably uses the CPU that needs a graphics card so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Rapha has said if he is going to compete he needs the top gear. At the time this was the top and well if you look at his record. He isn’t wrong.

Play Like Liquid Rapha, Using these Quake Pro Settings

Now you have Rapha’s settings and equipment there are no more excuses, right? You should be performing at the next Quake Pro world tour correct?

I’m just kidding! This might help you perform well and eventually get there who knows?

It might help if you know a little bit more about the champions and who the best quake champions are to use.

Maybe next time I’ll be cover your settings next time here on

Liquid Rapha’s Gear List

A quick list for your convenience:

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