In The Keep Podcast – #20 LocKtar (QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion)

LocKtar returns to The Keep to touch base after his return to competitive Quake and his first-ever duel championship at QHLAN. We also talk about the state of QuakeWorld, prospective new players, his plans for the future and even take a phone call from someone very special. Goddammit… I love LocKtar. No disrespect to anyone … Read more

In The Keep Podcast – #19 DevastatioN (Doom 2 Pro)

Chris “DevastatioN” Felix is one of the best and most respected Doom 2 players in the world. At Quakecon 2019, he won a triple crown championship in Doom 2, taking 1st place medals for 1v1, 2v2, and deathmatch. He is the author of DevastatioN’s Doom Bible, a strategy guide on how to become the best … Read more

In The Keep Podcast – #18 Shazzik (Beyond Strafe Jumping)

Shazzik is the host of Beyond Strafe Jumping, a podcast on YouTube where he speaks to the top names in the Quake Champions Pro scene. He is a contributor to the Quake Champions subreddit, a talented video editor and most importantly, a deeply insightful guy with a unique perspective as a journalist and analyst of … Read more

Doom Is Dead? Podcast – #01 TheMotherload (In The Keep)

“The Keep presents to you, the first episode of HumanBones’ new Doom Is Dead? Podcast. As the leader of the Multiplayer Doom Federation, Bones will guide you through the world of Doom in a series of interviews with members of the community. This interview was recorded at Quakecon: Year of Doom and features podcaster, community … Read more