In The Keep Podcast – #20 LocKtar (QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion)

In The Keep Podcast - #20 LocKtar (QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion)

LocKtar returns to The Keep to touch base after his return to competitive Quake and his first-ever duel championship at QHLAN. We also talk about the state of QuakeWorld, prospective new players, his plans for the future and even take a phone call from someone very special.

Goddammit… I love LocKtar. No disrespect to anyone else, but he is my favorite Quake player of all time. His style, his passion, his grace in the arena… What is there that I can say to truly paint a picture of this man?

LocKtar is the same guy outside the arena that he is in it. He’s wild, unpredictable, bold, insightful and yet… calculated. His win at QHLAN 2019 confirms what I already knew… Dennis Larsson is one BAD muthafucka.

LocKtar vs BLooD_DoG Semi-finals QHLAN 2019

The Prophesy

In our previous interview…

LocKtar expressed his frustrations with competitive play. He didn’t perform at his peak in 2017 and decided to retire from QuakeWorld. He focused on his personal life, his car projects and his friends and family for the next year and a half. It was discussed that he would only return for QHLAN. I did everything I could to encourage him to go. Nothing would have made me happier.

The Champ Returns

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of BPS and the QuakeWorld community…

… QHLAN 2019 came to be. With landmark coverage from TastySpleenTV, QHLAN 2019 was the QuakeWorld event to end all others because of its unprecedented viewership and incredible quality. LocKtar did indeed return and he showed the whole world what he’s made of.

Conversation b/w LocKtar & ML after QHLAN 2019

I quickly caught up and shortly thereafter we recorded this interview for your pleasure.

Locktar is the QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion

Timestamps are once again provided by the lovely and wonderful Branflakes!

  • 00:44 ITK T-shirts, Amazon Affiliate, and Patreon news
  • 06:45 Winning at QHLAN
  • 21:10 New maps
  • 25:34 Takeaways from QHLAN
  • 30:34 Warfork
  • 35:44 Tournament ideas
  • 39:15 Moving to Finland
  • 41:17 Continuing competitive play
  • 42:59 Teach your kids to play Doom and Quake!
  • 44:45 New players and keeping QW alive
  • 48:49 Subtle moves that make the game interesting
  • 55:58 Special guest calls in 😉


BuLaT & LocKtar
100% authentic 😉
Courtesy of BPS

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LocKtar Wiki: coverage of QHLAN 2019:

The Keep

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SIB Quake Champions Pro

SIB Quake Champions Pro is an interesting character... Just like every good film, wrestling match, and book… we all need a villain in our stories or sports. After a Twitter-filled Quake Monday, Quake Casters called out Quake Pro Sib. I figured it was worth creating a topic or post over. Below you will find archived Twitter posts which have recently been removed along with videos talking about the situation.

So one might ask about the recent controversy… Is Sib the Villain of the Quake Pro League?

Sib VS Effortless Week 4

Everyone thought this match (Effortless Vs. Sib on September 15th, 2019) would be a very even match-up with a basically even spread, but it turned out to be something very different.

Very Even Spread

Usually, Sib’s best map (from watching him for a while) is Molten Falls, which he ended up losing to Effortless in a very close match.

Let’s keep in mind that the week before Sib had just taken Liquid’s Dahang 2 – 1 in a very impressing showcase. I believe everyone t that sib had taken a huge leap forward in his Quake abilities!

Sib’s Performance Map 2&3

Sib Vs Effortless Week 4 Results

I’m really at a loss for words whenever I look at the next 2 maps. I was certain I was going to see some very close Quake action. What I feel (and what most other Quake Fans feel) is that Sib completely quit. It seemed that Sib was literally feeding Effortless frags on Ruins of Sarnath.

From a fan’s perspective of the Quake Pro E-Sport scene, it seemed to me that Sib was very frustrated starting out on the map Awoken. Many think it was due to the fact that Effortless was throwing Galena totems outside of the map, sort of abusing small map glitches in Quake Champions.

Map 3 was even worse… I believe Sib had given up all hope, not collecting a single major item and losing 32 – 0. Let me say that in no way do I really think Effortless is 32 – 0 kills better than Sib. The PROFESSIONAL analysts had a -3 spread! Take into consideration that the first map’s final score was 7 – 9 with Sib holding the lead the majority of the map.

Watch the Full Map 3 Match Effortless Vs Sib and see for yourself

Zoot calls out Sib

Zoot was one of the on the Quake Pro League who called the match-up of Effortless Vs Sib. He didn’t seem happy with Sib’s performance, and the next day he wasn’t shy about acknowledging that on Twitter.

Many feel that Zoot shouldn’t have said anything, including even Sib himself. Thus began a small Twitter War going back and forth. Very soon after, Sib made an apology statement:

Sib’s Apology for his performance

Now I did ended up commenting on his apology and I want to apologize for questioning his integrity in the game.

Clearly something was going on in Sib’s mind. He quickly un-followed the QF twitter page as well :(.

That, however, didn’t stop Zoot from making a response to Sib.

This goes on for a little while longer. There seems to be some bad blood. Here is an archive of all of the Twitter War going on in case it gets deleted from Twitter.

Archive – if it still works.

I say they should just settle it on Quake Champions in a duel and live cast that. See now? I’m interested in a duel between Zoot and Sib at least.

Sib the Villain

I’m really starting to believe that Sib enjoys being disliked or playing the Villain, so to speak. While I don’t think truly a bad guy, I do think he likes playing the Heel, like in pro-wrestling. The Big Mo-hawk: always stabbing back at his fans or people who follow him. He doesn’t mind saying what he thinks, whether he is wrong or right.

Dennis Rodman was the “bad” guy in the NBA everyone still liked him

I’ve asked him for an interview/article after all of this happened and even apologized for my comment. I told him that I just want him to perform well. He declined the offer so I respected his wishes and left him alone. I really do feel like it would be good, not only for him but for his Quake Fans, if he would speak to me.

SIB Vs Other Quake and Arena FPS Pros

Sib attacks ferociously attack Y2Jake for asking him to simply say a “GG” (Good Game) every now and then and have some sportsman-like conduct.

Y2Jake is a beloved ArenaFPS content creator for Diabotical and Arena shooters as he was obviously in SIB’S chat showing him some support by watching his live stream. Many of us have noticed SIB’s lack of sportsmanship throughout his Arena FPS a Career and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down at any moment.


This of course comes from a loss which SIB Claims was PURE LUCK whenever he was losing to the Golden Frag Rule.

Thanks for the sources for this video and for bringing it to the Staff.

SIB VS Zenaku

Sib is up to his old antics yet again.

Recently It has come to my attention that he has attacked Zenaku saying he wasn’t fair during one of their recent matchups.

This stream was after a loss.

He also accused Zenaku of cheating after he lost to him.

He is claiming that Zenaku had the full advantage. Sib accuses Zenaku of Ghosting, which is watching someone’s stream or having the advantage of a spectator to gain an advantage.

Not only has Sib been after Zenaku he also has beef with Nosfa now.

Nosfa has tweeted recently that after their match SIB has blocked him on Twitter.

Granted Nosfa did “Hump” him during their latest match, which is a sign of disrespect. But, normally its all in good fun.

Sib apparently felt otherwise and left the game with a GG “bruh” statement.


Many have wondered whether or not Sib should be fined for his performance. Let’s be clear that I’ve researched and found out he’s not the only one that has performed poorly. I do, however, think that E-Sport professionals should always give their all while they are on stage, just like in any other professional sport. If Draymond Green acts out while in front of millions in the NBA, he is usually dished with a fine.

I have no true evidence. It’s all pure speculation that Sib just gave up. I’m sure someone behind the scenes has spoken to him after this all went down and told him that he probably needs to pick it up a little since he is on contract.

We all have bad days at work, this was probably one of Sib’s worst days at the office. I just get the feeling that he enjoys being somewhat unliked or doesn’t care. He has stated he wasn’t there to “entertain… even though he is a Twitch streamer and a professional. I hate to tell him but, yea… you are a performer and entertainer.

Austin 3:16

Zoot might’ve overstepped his bounds and even made this thing worse than what it was. I really believe that we all wanted to just see the best from Sib and wish he’d had a more even match-up like we saw on the first map. Hopefully Sib gets to feeling more like his old self as, clearly, something mentally or personal was going on.

In the spirit of good grace and sportsmanship, you can check out Sib’s Quake Champions Streams here and show him some support.

Watch live video from sib2 on

In The Keep Podcast – #19 DevastatioN (Doom 2 Pro)

Chris “DevastatioN” Felix is one of the best and most respected Doom 2 players in the world. At Quakecon 2019, he won a triple crown championship in Doom 2, taking 1st place medals for 1v1, 2v2, and deathmatch. He is the author of DevastatioN’s Doom Bible, a strategy guide on how to become the best Doom player you can be. In his spare time, he is the President of the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association, fostering the growth of young chess players in his home province.

When I was introduced to DevastatioN at Quakecon 2019, I had no idea who I was meeting. The Doom community seemed to flock around this person and it was absolutely fascinating. But when I saw him in action, everything suddenly made sense…

Master of Doom

DevastatioN is a master of Doom. His approach to the game is akin that of Da Vinci taking brush to canvas. When I sat down with him at dinner to pick his brain, it became apparent why. He approaches his game of choice in a way that few others may ever understand. Why is he so good? What makes him so special? Its because he was taught, not how to play, but how to think.

DevastaioN’s Doom Bible is an essential read for aspiring competitive Doom players. This essay lays out the foundation that builds a true Doom God covering every topic from aiming, to movement & positioning, strategies, how to practice, the works. You’ll not likely find a more valuable resource.


Once again thank you to Branflakes for making these timestamps because she is a true Keeper of the Faith.

00:49 Thank you to our donors 🙂
03:38 One of the greatest Doom 2 DM players of all time
04:37 DevastatioN’s basic strategies
07:34 Sound tricks
12:49 Aiming to the right & other strats
20:43 Evolving your gameplay
25:07 Understanding the movement of your opponent
32:49 Map knowledge/Adapting to new maps
35:20 DevastatioN’s origin
44:05 Importance of teaching others
49:48 Improving in video games and chess
54:38 Differences in the same maps in different games
59:07 Evolution of strats
01:03:29 Doom CTF (CTF strategies/ callouts)
01:12:07 Casting/Watching a team tournament
01:18:02 ML’s last time talking about Doom ports
01:20:17 Hurricane Dorian
01:23:28 DevastatioN’s Plugs


Music by igracsimon:…

Doom Bible:…


Quakecon 2019
Doom 2 2v2 DevastatioN/JKist3 vs Thump4/Kev:…

The Keep:
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In The Keep Podcast – #18 Shazzik (Beyond Strafe Jumping)

Shazzik is the host of Beyond Strafe Jumping, a podcast on YouTube where he speaks to the top names in the Quake Champions Pro scene. He is a contributor to the Quake Champions subreddit, a talented video editor and most importantly, a deeply insightful guy with a unique perspective as a journalist and analyst of modern arena first person shooter games.

Shazzik w/ Quake Commentary Legend Zoot

Shazzik and I got in touch on Twitter back in June because he commented on In The Keep. Obviously, this caught my attention… Why is the biggest name in AFPS interviews commenting on In The Keep? This was obviously a huge stepping stone for our blossoming community. We chatted briefly about some tips he had on YouTube. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Shazzik and I are birds of a feather.

He’s a young dude and as a result, he approaches Quake with a fresh set of eyes. Because he started playing Quake late in life and came from an open perspective, he is genuinely curious about the history of the game. It didn’t take him long to establish himself as a the single most important long-form analyst of the Quake Champions community and an ambassador to new and returning players.

Through his interviews, frag movies and general passion for the games he loves, Shazzik has truly established himself as a pillar of our community, but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg…

Beyond Strafe Jumping

Here I will site a few of my favorite interviews that Shazzik has done and why I find them interesting so that you will understand my enthusiasm.


Few have been more influential on Quake than The Mak. Makaveli was an innovator in the Quake 2 years, is a continual positive force in our community and has been invaluable as an analyst for Quake Champions.


Say what you want about Frothy. He taught an entire generation (including myself) how to strafe jump with his excellent and well thought out tutorials on YouTube because he is a saint.


What do I need to tell you about DaHang? As an all-time great Quake player, member of Team Liquid and veteran of the sport, DaHang has a wealth of knowledge that every Quake player would die 10,000 deaths to possess.

More of my favorites are mentioned and you can hear them RIGHT HERE:


03:16 Quake Champions Frag Movies
08:23 Tribes Ascend/Getting into Quake
14:14 Starting Beyond Strafe Jumping
24:28 Favorite Guests/Podcasting
39:10 Motivation/Serving the Community
44:16 Shazzik’s Background/Literature and Language
56:20 Preparing for an Interview/Zoot/Michael Markie
01:05:07 The QC Subreddit
01:23:47 The Future of QC and Arena FPS
01:38:50 Closing Thoughts



The Keep: