Quake Pro League Lucca – Who and What to Watch for!

quake pro league lucca

Quake Pro League Lucca kicks off this Saturday! The first match of the day is suppose to start around 4 A.M. EST! The Lucca LAN Event is part of the Season 1 QPL as this is the Finals for Season 1. At least this is the way I understand it. Find your time here: I’m … Read more

In The Keep Podcast – #24 Hawr1x (quake.cz)

Pavel “Hawr1x” Kymla is an eSports journalist (quake.cz) dedicated to providing an insightful and statistical analysis of Quake Champions. ¬†Quake.cz has covered every Quake game since its inception, with Hawr1x taking over during the hay day of Quake 4. He is now covering the Quake Pro League on an international scale. We discuss the state … Read more

The Pigeon Classic 2019 Recap Show!

We’re joined by The Keep admins Spaced, Haducant & eXtwofour to discuss the success of our recent Pigeon Classic Annual FPS charity event which raised $600 for the Egyptian Cure Bank. Topics include the Doom Friday Night Survival, the Quakeworld exhibition between BPS & LocKtar, the European dominance in Warfork, Motherload’s experience working with Jehar … Read more