Quake Pro League Lucca – Who and What to Watch for!

Quake Pro League Lucca kicks off this Saturday! The first match of the day is suppose to start around 4 A.M. EST! The Lucca LAN Event is part of the Season 1 QPL as this is the Finals for Season 1. At least this is the way I understand it.

Find your time here:

I’m hoping I can WAKE up at 4 A.M. what a rough time! At least the VODs will be available either on Twitch or YouTube later in the day I’m assuming!

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Where to Watch the Quake Pro League Stream

You can watch the Finals over on twitch.tv/Quake or heck you can just come hang out right here on quake fans and watch it embedded if you want too.

quake – Twitch

quake streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community.

Quake Pro League Lucca Matches

The Points Mattered

Rapha was the top points leader throughout stage 1. Making him the #1 seed and taking out his Teammate (Dahang) to be in the top 4. In what was a crazy final map in Season 1 week 10 of the QPL.

What’s really interesting about this is the format of it all. It is Best of 5, then best of 3, then to the final rounds it goes back to 5 again. So we will have tons of elite quake action to watch!

If I were a betting man it is hard to bet against the goat known as Rapha. As he has won many Tournaments before even stepping foot in the QC realm.

Starting Times

That being said everyone of the listed Finalists have won tournaments, most recent is K1llsen with the QPL kick-off at Quake Con. Another thing to note is we have 4 new challengers showing up.

  • EU – CNZ and Cypher
  • NA – Dooi and GNik

If they win they will be added to the QPL Roster! This is BIG and exciting for some of these guys. I’m really excited to see GNik perform on the big stage! GNIK has won many online tournaments ever since QC has begun.

What Quake Pros are on the Chopping Block

To make things even more interesting for the Lucca stage. We have several Quake Pros heads on the chopping block.

In North America we have Sib and Br1ck, in the European division we have Garpy and Spart1e.

Even though Garpy and Spart1e have more points than NA Quake Pro Effortless they have decided to free up room on both divisions.

EU currently has a better reputation for having more high skilled players than NA, but with upcoming talnet like GNIK who has beaten Effortless on many occasions this will be very interesting.

Everyone should remember the Sib controversy in the back of their minds.

What is the Quake Pro League?

The Quake Pro League is the e-Sports Division for Quake Champions. With prizes and LAN Tournaments held after 10 weeks of Sunday Matches.

The Quake Pro League also holds a Challenger’s League on Saturdays. This League is for the up and coming Quakers that want to show what they are made of against veterans such as Rapha on the big stage.

To start the QPL it was invite only but currently after Lucca we will get to see how the Challenger League effects the overall Quake Pro League.


Credit to LMGDiVa on Reddit

I’m for one really excited and cannot wait for the Quake Pro League Lucca event! I’m going to do my best to wake up bright and early Saturday morning!

With the newcomers being a welcome addition I really wanna see how far they can get into the tournament! Mixing it up on LAN with EU and NA. The matches get very intense at final stages!

The Pros that I would look for to win this thing would Rapha, Coolerz, and K1llsen.

Other maybe choices are Dahang and Raisey, but don’t take your eyes of Vengeur either the kid has talent and getting much better!

This should be an exciting tournament and one you won’t want to miss.

Let me know what you think down below and comment on who you think is going to win LUCCA!

In The Keep Podcast – #24 Hawr1x (quake.cz)

Pavel “Hawr1x” Kymla is an eSports journalist (quake.cz) dedicated to providing an insightful and statistical analysis of Quake Champions.  Quake.cz has covered every Quake game since its inception, with Hawr1x taking over during the hay day of Quake 4. He is now covering the Quake Pro League on an international scale. We discuss the state of the QPL, the modernization of eSports, how he gets his information, the challenges of his work/life balance, our favorite Quake players and much more. 

I enjoyed every bit of this 90 minute conversation with Hawr1x because he is FULL of great information. His insane stories, long history in the game, well formulated opinions and overall positive personality make for a near perfect candidate to be on In The Keep.


Provided by Branflakes!

00:50 Caco-lantern contest/Thank you to our Patreon supporters!
2:48 In The Keep T-shirts
5:06 Hawr1x’s introduction
7:52 quake.cz’s evolution into quakechampions.cz
10:56 Player stats
14:50 Changes in weapon pickups
18:28 Controlling spawn points
20:58 Journalist and analyzer
22:29 Beginnings with Quakeworld/Meaning of Hawr1x’s name
24:07 Czech gaming associations
26:26 The switch from Czech to English on quake.cz/Quake’s evolution along with eSports
29:18 Origin of quake.cz/Visiting id Software and conventions
36:22 Promoting eSports on National TV isn’t always effective
45:00 Non-disclosure agreements
47:18 Promotion of Quake/Spreading the word of community
54:58 Trying out other games
58:51 Gore in games
01:03:30 Olympics hosting eSports
01:04:12 A shift in eSports due to microtransactions
01:08:10 eSport associations and organizations
01:13:40 Players Hawr1x is excited about
01:17:25 Stats can’t always define a player
01:22:37 Closing thoughts/Lead by example and be positive!



In The Keep & Other Podcasts



Artwork by Haducant/Spaced.

Music by Immorpher:

The Pigeon Classic 2019 Recap Show!


We’re joined by The Keep admins Spaced, Haducant & eXtwofour to discuss the success of our recent Pigeon Classic Annual FPS charity event which raised $600 for the Egyptian Cure Bank. Topics include the Doom Friday Night Survival, the Quakeworld exhibition between BPS & LocKtar, the European dominance in Warfork, Motherload’s experience working with Jehar and more.

It was my ESTEEMED pleasure to have been apart of the 2nd annual Pigeon Classic. Not a lot of people know this, but the first Classic was named for my good pal I Kill Pigeons. As a founding member of The Keep and more notably a prominent member of the Virtual Reality community (Orange Bucket Acting Troupe), IKP has not only led an influence on the ever inspiring world of AFPS but also the world of VR entertainment, producing the first ever play in virtual reality: The Princess Bride.

But Motherload… Why is this significant?! I’ll tell you why. Pigeons, aside from being a cool muthafucka, is one of the sweetest, nicest, most charitable dudes I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His hard work and generosity knows no bounds. He spreads a positive message and general kindness that inspires others (like myself) to do everything within their power to give generously to their fellow man. That is what inspired us to start the Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event.

The Pigeon Classic

I began planning the first event shortly after the inauguration of The Keep. A fellow member expressed concern to do with the wildfires in California during the fall of 2018. Communities of people were losing their homes and (contrary to popular belief) not everyone in CA is rich. In fact, many of the people losing their homes in the North Valley that year were regular folks just like you and me. That sparked a fire in our hearts. In 2018, we organized a Quake Champions King of the Hill with the help of State of Quake. We charged a minimum of $1 to enter. Throughout the evening, people surprised us, donating far above the minimum and raising over $200 for the North Valley Community Foundation to give to victims and first-responders of the horrific fires in that area. Yes, these are humble numbers.


So what could we do in 2019 to top that? Seems easy enough, right? But we wanted to REALLY give to a cause that we knew would make a difference in someone’s life. That’s when another member of The Keep stepped up: Flambeau.

Now… If you talk to Flambeau, he will inevitably be humble, but the fact is that he brought us the story of Suplex. Suplex is a young player in the ZDaemon community. For those unfamiliar with ZDaemon, it is an excellent Doom multiplayer source port with an emphasis on multiplayer action and community bonding. Suplex found a home here.

What’s so significant about this Suplex guy, you ask? Suplex, aside from being a beloved member of our community, happens to suffer from leukemia at a young age. Shit. Now I feel guilty. Don’t. We reached out to Suplex, asked how we could help and… He wanted us to give all funds raised to the same organization that helped him when he most needed it: The Egyptian Cure Bank. We did as he asked.

Event Poster

The Pigeon Classic 2019

We held 3 events in 2 days, all taking donations both from the players and from viewers toward the Egyptian Cure Bank:

First we held the Doom Survival event on Friday night (put on by the US Quake Community) on Suplex’s source port of choice, ZDaemon.

Doom – Survival on Eviternity: Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event on YT

On Saturday morning, World Champion & QuakeWorld legend LocKtar took on QHLAN 2019 runner up BPS in an epic Best of 7 rematch casted by yours truly and casting legend Jehar of Tastyspleen.

QuakeWorld – BPS vs LocKtar: Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event on YT

And finally… We hosted the 2nd Warfork: King of the Keep: a King-of-the-Hill event hosted by myself and Smango of quakefans.net. This event drew out Warsow newcomers and legends alike to create one of the best competitive events in modern Warfork.

Warfork – King of the Keep: Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event on YT

The Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by some of the members of The Keep who made this event possible: prominent AFPS player/streamer eXtwofour, GFX designer and founding member Spaced and up and coming AFPS mapper/GFX designer & streamer Haducant. We say thank you to all those involved an discuss the logistics of making such an event happen. We encourage you to go out and try make a difference yourself.


Artwork by Haducant/Spaced

Music by igracsimon:



Give to the Egyptian Cure Bank:
Be sure to use translate if your native language isn’t Arabic.

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