In The Keep Episodes 30-33

Things tend to get busy over the holidays. I certainly stayed busy. We even managed to publish plenty of In The Keep for you guys. But as you may have noticed, the last thing I felt like doing was writing an article for each one of these episodes. Hell, I’m amazed we were able to get anything recorded, edited and published at all. But low and behold, a Cthalha-mas miracle! We had some amazing guests over the season, so I thought it best to do a batch order right here on If you were too busy to listen over your holiday break, hold onto your pants cause you missed A LOT!

#30 CrazyAl & GMT (TimConLAN)

We kicked off the season to be jolly with an awesome chat with CrazyAl & GMT. Tune if if you’re chomping at the bit for info on Diabotical…

#31 Makaveli (Quake 2/3 Pro)

If you don’t know who Victor “Makaveli” Cuadra is, you might not really be the Quakefan you think you are. Don’t worry, we got ya covered in this Christmas special.

TALKING DOOM w/ Flambeau, AF-Domains & HumanBones

It wouldn’t have been the holidays without jolly ol’ Saint Flambeau on our favorite In The Keep special. This was our New Years special where we discuss the Year of Doom, what it meant to us and what’s on the horizon in 2020 with some of the best people in the world of multiplayer Doom.

#32 Brad Carney Returns

The last time we spoke to Brad “Carnevil” Carney was in an episode recorded at Quakecon 2019 that I very rudely had to leave early. We were long overdue to revisit our chat and talk more in depth about Skulltag, Wrack, Wrack: Exoverse, the future of Wrack and Brad’s new position at Ubisoft.

#33 MiFU (The Sentinel’s Playground)

We waited a VERY long time to chat with Major MiFU, the man behind, a free & automated server host for the online Doom source port Zandronum. The Keep’s & US Quake Community’s Zandronum servers are powered by The Sentinel’s Playground!

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P.S.: There was also a new Doom Is Dead? Podcast

#04 KingDime

No big deal, just the best Doom speedrunner in the world… They talked about some silly Doom tournament coming up that has like a $1500 USD cash prize

International Arena FPS Day

Celebrate International Arena FPS Day by listening to this episode!

It looks like our favorite franchise (Quake) is celebrating its 21 first birthday.

Quake came out on December 21, 1996! – Which is what I believe is the reason it is International AFPS Day!

Yay, at least that is what I discovered during the live stream because I really had no clue why this was international AFPS day. I might be wrong so if anyone else has any news PLEASE let me know if you have any additional information so I can add it!

International Arena FPS Day Topics

  • Diabotical Goes to the Epic Store exclusively
  • Arena FPS Day
  • Merry Christmas
  • Rise of the Triad 2013 is awesome
  • Interviews are awesome

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Is Diabotical going to the Epic Exclusively a Good Thing?

Diabotical is officially going to the Epic Store Launcher only. With many people being hardcore Steam Supporters will this affect the game?

I for one hate having all kinds of launchers for PC games. This isn’t going to stop me from playing the game but I would love for it to be on steam. Too bad that isn’t happening.

With that said, this could be an overall good thing for diabotical going forward. With the extra support from Epic, this could give Diabotical the legs it needs to stand up tall and straight and perhaps save Arena FPS.

Let me know what you think about Diabotical going to Epic on Social Media using #quakefans.


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Quake Champions Subreddit Home of the Gatekeepers

Tired of the Quake Champions Subreddit as much as I am? The Hypocrisy that goes on there is beyond crazy.

The Mods of QC Subreddit have always disliked anything I’ve ever posted there.

I know the rules of Reddit. You are allowed to self promote from your personal account as long as you are part of the community( I’ve been a part of Reddit for 7 years, and 3 years in the QC Subreddit.).

Turns out I guess that only matters if you are LIKED in the community and if they allow it. Throughout the years I’ve seen multiple posts of nothing to do with Quake Champions. Podcasts, Doom, Diabotical, and more are always posted and nothing is ever said.

Yet, whenever “QuakeFans” post pops up on there it is instantly downvoted. For some reason, I can’t share my YouTube videos on there either. I for one think I’m blackballed from the community.

Screw the Quake Champions Subreddit

I’ve decided to start managing the QuakeFans subreddit. If you want to actually have open discussions about Quake Champions without getting banned or “gatekeeping” at the front of the door. While I imagine it won’t ever be as big as Quake Champions subreddit is.

At the very least we will have a place to share our content and talk about the video games we love and support here on Quakefans.

The QC Subreddit mods are fantasticNOT

Constantly only supporting themselves for self-gain since the early days of the subreddit’s existence. I’ve had posts removed several times of posting QUAKE content. Literal my Quake Collection and they said it wasn’t Quake Champions so they removed it.

This is Quake Champions Right? Posted in the QC Subreddit Example

This sort of hypocrisy has gone on for years and frankly… I’m completely sick of it. I don’t have a problem with Doom, I actually, in fact, love Doom.

This is just showing you the point I’m trying to make. THEY only allow certain people to post what they want. So what if I a thread starts of people showing their Quake collections. IT IS A QUAKE SUBREDDIT weather you like it or not.

We also as a community want to talk about other Arena FPS games. THAT is not a bad thing.

The only things you allow are complete hate of Quake Champions. Or the polar opposite of shilling for the game.

The Subreddit Helped Kill Quake Champions

It’s really no secret.

The Quake Champions Subreddit has had its hand all over the place with the destruction of Quake Champions. While it didn’t single handly dig the grave for Quake Champions. It was at least a pallbearer in the process of carrying it towards its grave.

While you might love Quake Champions unless you shill for the game on the subreddit. You will be censored and Downvoted almost instantly.

Forever set on the sidelines in the QC Subreddit and never let your voice be heard, or you could do something about it.

Let your true words be heard over on

Diabotical Changes the Way We Duel!

Episode 3

Diabotical is still making waves in the Arena FPS Niche. Coming up with new and innovative ways to get the best possible outcome of dueling. 2GD and his crew are hard at work looking to release Diabotical any day now!

If you want to find out more about Diabotical check out this post.

Quake III revolution the PS2 port of Quake 3

This week’s video covered the PlayStation 2’s Quake III Port so I hope you all enjoyed that. The name of the game is Quake III Revolution and I usually cover the video I made on Thursday on the show. I try to release a video every Thursday.

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Diabotical Changes Dueling Episode Topics

  • InTheKeep Warfork Event
  • Quake III Revolution wasn’t a Revolution
  • Halo Reach issues but promising
  • Glitch Arena Goes Free to Play
  • Let’s Play Series on YouTube and Twitch
  • Diabotical adds time management to Duels

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