In The Keep Episodes 34-42 (Indie FPS Devs and more)

It’s been a busy transition into spring for In The Keep Podcast. Now it’s time to relax and reflect on our accomplishments. We covered a lot of games that are now sweeping the planet faster than COVID-19… If you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to catch up on the podcasts and indie FPS … Read more

Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox Possible?

Quake Champions PS4

Are a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port Possible? Why of course it’s possible. Quake has been on consoles throughout the years. Really it makes no sense why there is not a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port. Below is the Quakefans Radio episode discussing Quake Champions and on how the game should’ve released. Discussing … Read more