Is Xonotic a Good Game?

In today’s article, we will be discussing the Xonotic game and if it is good or not.

In my opinion it is Easily, of the best overlooked Arena first-person shooters known to man.

If there is one alternate Arena FPS that deserves your attention, it is Xonotic.

But is it too late, is the market over saturated with AAA Arena FPS Games? Stick around as I cover the Fork of Nexuiz and more.

Xonotic vs Nexuiz

Xonotic wasn’t built from the ground up.

The game is actually a Fork of a darkplaces engine game called Nexuiz.
Why is this important you might ask?

Lee Vermeulen Nexuiz’s creator decided he would secretly go behind the developers and communities back, by selling off the Brand of the game. Most of the developers of Nexuiz were blinded sided by this information.

They decided to fork the game to open source at the end of 2010 with a preview!

Personally, I think Xonotic is leaps and bounds better than Nexuiz.

While the games are obviously similar, the Movement and gameplay changes are enough to make me lean to Xonotic as the superior of the 2 from the classic build. illfonic’s Nexuiz 2012 on Xbox 360 & PC. Went on to be on a crytec engine almost becoming a completely different game. You can learn more about the commercial release of Nexuiz by watching the video below.

Xonotic plays more like a Quake game does than Nexuiz.

Xonotic FPS Trailer

There is no official Trailer for Xonotic. But, we are in luck. This awesome Frag Movie by Smilesytche is pretty amazing. It’s better than what a real trailer would be in my opinion anyways so I hope you enjoy. I also suggest giving this channel a follow if you are into learning jump and speed run maps.

Xonotic Game Podcast Episode

In this episode, I discuss the Xonotic Arena FPS game. IT IS a GREAT game that is overlooked.
As I kept searching for something to scratch the Diabotical itch. This Fork of the early versions of Neuxiz is the best of the bunch. Based on the Darkplaces Engine this game is tons of fun, great graphics.

For some reason, I missed the 2010 golden era of Arena FPS Games. Why couldn’t I have played this when it was on top?

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Xonotic Install Maps

As with most PC games that allow you to add custom maps and textures it can get a bit confusing where to put files.

Xonotic makes it pretty simple at least for windows.

Just drop the .pk3 file to the Xonotic folder for example in Microsoft Windows


This is where I would put any custom maps or files I’ve downloaded.

If you are running on Linux/Mac: ~/.xonotic/data/

Xonotic Requirements

While there is no official minimum or recommended requirements, I can go ahead and tell you that this game will run on a toaster. (not literally this is just a phrase for a bad computer.)

It has been confirmed to run decently on a system with the specifications listed below

  • Pentium 4 2.4GHz or better
  • Nvidia Geforce 6200 or better
  • 1 GB of RAM or better
  • and 5GB+ HDD space

These specs are ancient and very slow compared to today’s standards. If you have a custom-built PC you can pretty much guarantee you can run this game with ease. It’s also portable and available on Linux so revive you an old PC and throw Xonotic on there and try it out.

The game runs butter smooth on my system which I will link to here so you can view. The Xonotic hardware requirements shouldn’t be very much if you are building a system towards it. You could build a system with used parts for very little expense.

Most recently I’ve purchased a $300-$400 laptop from Amazon in the year 2021 and it is more than powerful enough to run Xonotic over 60 FPS.

Is The Xonotic Game Good: Conclusion

Xonotic doesn’t come out of the box perfect by any means. As it’s not on a full release.

I kind of hate the sounds of the game but you can replace them with Zeroql-SoundPack and get awesome Quake 4 sounds. The gameplay is fantastic as well as the graphics.

Whenever you are looking for a Free and Fast-Paced shooter it really doesn’t get much better than this. The game is available on Linux and runs like smooth butter. Xonotic on 2020 modern rigs run almost perfect.

Sweet Logo

Add some of your favorite maps from other Arena FPS games like Quake and get together with some of your friends.

The only downfall to this game is that it’s not popular. You’ll have to look for discord to schedule and find an online match, at least in North America. If you are worried about the Xonotic player count before you pick up and start playing. You can check out the Xonotic Stats Page and view everyone who is playing.

As far as I know, the game hasn’t received a major update in many years. It’s sad whenever I run across some of these games wishing I had played them at the top of their time.

According to the Xonotic Subreddit one of the developers says that the game is currently in active development. It might not be a fast development, but that is good news going forward!

The Article might be subject to change over time to reflect changes in searches.

In The Keep Episodes 34-42 (Indie FPS Devs and more)

It’s been a busy transition into spring for In The Keep Podcast. Now it’s time to relax and reflect on our accomplishments. We covered a lot of games that are now sweeping the planet faster than COVID-19… If you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to catch up on the podcasts and indie FPS games you’ve been putting off.

First of all, if you’re new to the show, welcome! The Drowned God Cthalha love’s and embraces all her children. We sincerely hope that you find something in this batch of episodes that draws you further into the world of FPS gaming.

#34 David Szymanski (Dusk)

David Szymanski is the designer behind Dusk and creative director at New Blood Interactive (Amid Evil, Maximum Action). That should be enough, but like any good onion, this one has layers. David has also created several independent horror games (Fingerbones, The Music Machine, etc) and is an excellent violinist and composer specializing in chamber music.

#35 Bruno Beaudoin (Nightmare Reaper)

Bruno “ItBurn” Beaudoin is the man behind Nightmare Reaper, a genius new FPS game with an old-school look, randomly generated levels, looting and A LOT of shooting. Here we discuss his journey into creating such a game, the challenges faced by an independent developer, what makes Brutal Doom so great, the impact of gaming on mental health and a whole lot more.

#36 Jeremiah “KillPixel” Fox (Wrath: Aeon of Ruin)

Jeremiah Fox is the CEO of KillPixel Games and lead designer of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. Now in early access, Wrath is already establishing itself as more than just a “retro shooter” or “Quake clone”. It’s an amazing new experience that innovates well beyond the status quo of this genre.

#37 Dragonfly (Eviternity & Prodeus)

Dragonfly is the map maker behind such Doom projects as Skulldash and Eviternity. If that isn’t enough for you, he’s also mapping for the upcoming Indie FPS game Prodeus. Here we go in depth about Dragonfly’s passion for Doom, the making of Eviternity, the ins and outs of progressive duel and even some insider knowledge on the making of Prodeus.

#38 Airdorf (FAITH)

WARNING! NON FPS INCOMING! This week we’re joined by Airdorf, developer of FAITH which is a top down horror game harkening back to the MS-DOS and Atari 2600 days with gorgeous rotoscope animations and chilling minimalistic horror storytelling that hits all the right nerves. Airdorf also created the interactive trailer for horror film The Wind. His projects are currently available on while FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is under works with New Blood Interactive. Be sure to follow the project on Steam. Since the release of this episode, Airdorf has revealed two new projects: Extra Ordinary and Earl’s Day Off.

#39 Shadesmaster & BloodShot (Slayer’s Testaments)

Ever wondered what it would feel like if Doom 2016 or Eternal were built inside the Quake 1 engine? Brothers BloodShot & Shadesmaster did, and they’re creating it right now in the form of the mod Slayer’s Testaments. They’re also known for their previous work on Quake 1.5 and much in the Quake mapping community. BloodShot is also mapping for WRATH: Aeon of Ruin.

#40 Hakita (ULTRAKILL)

Hakita is the man behind ULTRAKILL, a unique FPS game that combines the fast-paced decision making of Doom with rhythmic combat, PS1-era graphics and a face melting original soundtrack that is wowing the indie scene. We discuss the labor of love that is game-making, the art of storytelling, how to get noticed in the modern gaming market and a whole lot more. 

#41 Frederik Schreiber (3D Realms)

Fred Schreiber is more than just the vice president & executive producer of 3D Realms, founder & director of Slipgate Ironworks and overlord of what we hold sacred here at The Keep. He’s a true fan and connoisseur of classic gaming and a revolutionary in the field, from his patronage in the days of Apogee to his work on Duke Nukem Reloaded. In many ways, Fred is the Father of the Retro Shooter and a hero to us all. Here we discuss his career at length, his work on Duke Reloaded, 3DR’s recent success with Ion Fury, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, Kingpin: Reloaded, the upcoming Ghostrunner and more in this packed episode.

#42 JCR (Quake Mapper)

JCR is a talented Quake mapper, modder & co-host on The Quakecast along with dumptruck_ds & ArrrCee. He recently hosted the January Jump Jam, a collection of maps designed by experts in the community to exploit his Jump Mod which turns Quake into a 3D platforming experience.

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Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox Possible?

Are a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port Possible?

Why of course it’s possible. Quake has been on consoles throughout the years.

Really it makes no sense why there is not a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port.

Below is the Quakefans Radio episode discussing Quake Champions and on how the game should’ve released. Discussing the possibility of the game on modern consoles.

Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox Podcast Topics

  • Morning Spill
  • PDCleaner and Quake Champions Subreddit
  • Why Quake Champions on Consoles would help
  • Diabotical Closed Beta Weekend 3 has ranks
  • Quarantine yourself and Play ArenaFPS

Smango discusses the possibility of Quake Champions getting a PS4 and Xbox release and why it would help.

Here is Quake III Revolution Gameplay footage. This was record on a real Playstation 2 and upscaled to 720p. You can, of course, emulate this yourself if you choose.

This is just an example that Quake has been on consoles before, and more specifically a Sony Playstation.

Quake III dreamcast port was more well known than any other version of the game. I’m not even including the single player games that been on many consoles.

Is Quake on PS4


Even though Quake Champions doesn’t even have a server browser, and appears to be developed more towards a console release.

Unfortunately, Quake Champions is not on PS4. There is also no plans for a console release.

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Quake Champions Xbox One

There is also no plans for Quake Champions to be on Xbox One.

However, there is a game called Roblox which has an Arena First Person Shooter game which I will cover on a later date. This is your best bet to get some AFPS action on Console.

Quake Fans Radio

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