In The Keep Podcast – #N64 Immorpher (Musician/Biophysicist)

          Immorpher Immorpher is a dark ambient composer creating soundtracks for Quake & indie titles. When he’s not designing desolate soundscapes, he works as a biophysicist studying COVID19 & nuclear magnetic resonance at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This episode is a celebration of the FPS titles of the Nintendo 64 … Read more

In The Keep Podcast – #63 Denzoa (Doom 2 Pro)

Denzoa is one of the world’s premier competitive Doom 2 players with over 15 years of experience. We’re diving deep into what it was like growing up in Belgium as a hyper-competitive gamer, the philosophy of competing in eSports, the importance of maintaining both your physical & mental health, Quake, Diabotical & his landslide victory … Read more

QuakeCon 2020: DOOM Tournament VODs

QuakeCon @ Home was certainly an entirely unique and unconventional event. Never before have so many been able to participate cause… well typically its an exclusive event requiring travel, lodging, security, vacation time, etc. One group of folks who always go the extra mile is the classic DOOM community. Doom community photo from Quakecon 2019 … Read more