In The Keep Podcast – #67 Mahelyk (SCP: Blackout)

In The Keep Podcast – #67 Mahelyk (SCP: Blackout)

Mahelyk (Kyle Frost) is an indie game dev currently working on SCP: Blackout. He has also contributed to Dread X Collections 1 & 2 with The Outsiders & Toy Shop. Here we explore his dive into game development, the SCP community & how it has shaped Blackout.

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Play The Outsiders & Toy Shop in Dread X Collection 1 & 2.

ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup

ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup – Saturday, September 26, 2020 – 13:00 EDT | 17:00 UTC | 19:00 CET

Looking for some action? Our friends at ZenSports are hosting a Xonotic Duel Cup this weekend! ZenSports is putting 5,000,000 SPORTS tokens (their crypto currency) toward the prize pool of this event; currently, that has a value of about $2500 USD! More details on the tournament format can be found in the official post in the Xonotic forum. The registration link can also be found in the ZenSports blog post related to the announcement.

During this event, there will also be an important announcement related to The Keep; make sure you watch the event live on the ZenSports Twitch page for more information!

Additionally, the event is being included in the ZenSports gambling app! If you’re interested in the world of sports betting, we definitely suggest checking it out! Take a look at this blog post for more information about Xonotic and how you can place bets during this tournament. If you sign-up through their app, make sure you use referral code ITKPOD, which will help us out and it will raise your sign-up bonus from 100 SPORTS to 500 SPORTS!

Doom Is Dead? Presents: The HateDaddy Podcast ft. Ru5tK1ng

While our regular hosts are on sabbatical, guest host HateDaddy interviews his friend – the legendary Ru5tK1ng – about their history in the Doom competitive scene, the International Doom League, RK’s Cacoward winning map work (Eon Deathmatch, Aeon Deathmatch, Progressive Duel 2, etc.), growing up & plenty more.

Ru5tK1ng / HateDaddy / Multiplayer Doom Federation

In The Keep Podcast – #66 scar3crow (GRAVEN)

scar3crow is the lead designer of 3D Realms’ & Slipgate Ironworks’ latest “unannounced FPS #???” GRAVEN. Announced at Realms Deep 2020, this immersive sim serves as a spiritual successor to the Hexen & Heretic franchise while exploring brave new territory in the realm of gameplay & morality. Scar3crow is also well known for his work in the Quake & Doom modding scenes & has recently taken on many more projects such as Ivar Hill’s Core Decay & Kristus’ DOOMBRINGER.

We are taking a brief hiatus from custom episode artwork as we will be going through some changes in branding. You may file your complaints here. 😉 <3

Follow scar3crow on Twitter & visit his website.

Wishlist GRAVEN & Core Decay now on Steam today.