ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup

ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup – Saturday, September 26, 2020 – 13:00 EDT | 17:00 UTC | 19:00 CET Looking for some action? Our friends at ZenSports are hosting a Xonotic Duel Cup this weekend! ZenSports is putting 5,000,000 SPORTS tokens (their crypto currency) toward the prize pool of this event; currently, that has a value … Read more

Doom Is Dead? Presents: The HateDaddy Podcast ft. Ru5tK1ng

While our regular hosts are on sabbatical, guest host HateDaddy interviews his friend – the legendary Ru5tK1ng – about their history in the Doom competitive scene, the International Doom League, RK’s Cacoward winning map work (Eon Deathmatch, Aeon Deathmatch, Progressive Duel 2, etc.), growing up & plenty more. Ru5tK1ng / HateDaddy / Multiplayer Doom Federation

In The Keep Podcast – #66 scar3crow (GRAVEN)

scar3crow is the lead designer of 3D Realms’ & Slipgate Ironworks’ latest “unannounced FPS #???” GRAVEN. Announced at Realms Deep 2020, this immersive sim serves as a spiritual successor to the Hexen & Heretic franchise while exploring brave new territory in the realm of gameplay & morality. Scar3crow is also well known for his work … Read more