The Top 7 Best Mice for Shooters and Quake

Looking for the Best Mice for Shooters and Quake? Below this list features Mice that are used by professional and are highly rated for many First Person Shooters. If a Quake Professional uses the mouse they will be listed below the product.

As with most things in life, the best tools make the job a lot easier. There is nothing like using a bad product and trying to be the best at something. This is why this list exists, to help you decide on a quality mouse so you can perform the way you are meant to.

If this list helped you find that perfect mouse for your Quake gaming experience. Be sure to share it out and let everyone else know!

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Finalmouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

Best Mice for Quake Finalmouse

If you are looking for a mouse that is suppose to make you a “god” at aiming. This is the one that is suppose to do that very thing.

The reason this mouse is so expensive is because it is a fantastic mouse. Plus, the product is no longer in production!

That’s right… good luck getting your hands on this thing. Lots of online Twitch Streamers completely swear by this thing and say they won’t use anything else so take that for what its worth.

Far as I know there are no notable professional Quake Players that actually use this mouse.

BenQ Zowie FK2

best mice for quake

This mouse is a favorite among a lot of famous Quake Pros. BenQ has been known to develop great e-sport rounded Hardware and accessories. So it makes sense that they make a solid mouse that everyone loves.

BenQ Zowie comes up almost in all “best” mouse conversations. If you want a safe gamble on a mouse for a reasonable price this is the one you should go with.

Quake Professionals who use this mouse:

  • Pikawa
  • toxjq
  • cYpheR
  • clawz
  • GaRpy

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Best Mice for Quake

Logitech has been developing PC peripherals for as long as I’ve been a PC user. They’ve always made some quality Mice along the way.

This mouse is wireless, lightweight, and designed great. It of course has RGB if you care about that sort of thing.

Battery life of the Logitech G Pro Wireless is said to last some people MONTHS without charging! That right you don’t have to spend $$ on batteries, just plug up and charge.

The only issue with this mouse is the hefty price tag, but whenever it comes to wireless technology you get what you pay for.

Quake Professionals who use this mouse:

  • Phaze

Razer Deathadder v2

Best Mice for Quake razer

If green is your favorite color then you might love all Razer products. The biggest problem I have with Razer mice is the software that you have to use with it. You can change the Green to whatever color you like if green isn’t your style using the software.

This is a great mouse to pick up for a decent price if you can get past the software that it uses. Lots of people seem to think it is a little intrusive at times.

It’s hard to argue anything against the best for mice for quake whenever one of Team Liquid’s players uses it to such perfection.

Quake Professionals who use this mouse:

  • DaHang

Razer Viper Ultimate

Wireless Razer Best Mice for Quake

Not really much to say about this mouse other than its Wireless and pretty much has the same design as the Death Adder featured above.

Again Razer makes some great products but it seems like the biggest issues with the products isn’t really the products themselves. But, the software that you have to use to customize your mouse settings.

Wireless mouse technology also packs a heavier price tag.

Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse

Best Mice for Quake SeriousQC

I’ll be honest…

Whenever I was making process of making this list of the Best Mice for Quake there was one Quake Pro that mouse that had to make the list.

That player was SeriousQC. (Go ahead check out his frag movie)

Considered an aiming god among Quakefans.

The crazy thing about this mouse is I’ve never heard of it, or the company who makes it until I started researching the product. Of course it was the player Serious who lead me to even discover the mouse.

Nixeus has been said to be listening to the community step by step and making the best mouse they can.

The Build quality of the mouse even at a smaller price tag, feels great. They really used high quality parts to make this mouse.

Quake Professional who use this mouse:

  • Serious

Steelseries Rival 3

Cheapest Best Mice for Quake

I’ve owned a few SteelSeries mice in my day, but mostly for MMORPGS with about 30+ buttons for some reason.

Coming in as the Cheapest and Best Mice for Shooters and Quake if you want a great entry level mouse. This one is the one for you.

Not only will you save some money getting this mouse, but you also will be getting a solid lightweight with a great designed mouse.

Unlike Razer’s software the SteelSeries software is top-notch. Customize your mouse to your liking and get to fragging in the arena quick!

If you want to just dip your hand into the water and get started with competitive style mouse. Then this might be your best bet to getting started and from what I’ve seen.

It’s a quality product at a super low price!

Best Mice for Quake Conclusion

This list contains a lot of variety which is common in the PC gaming World. They don’t call it a Personal Computer for nothing.

I almost guarantee there is something on this list that has caught your eye wanting to see if one of these mice helps improve your aim.

So if you are tired of using your Dell optical mouse you stole from work, its time to trade it in for a quality eSports rated mouse.

Obviously these mice also work great for other First Person shooters and not just Quake. This is just a guideline on what you should look for in your mouse! Quality build, high ratings, and lightweight for those long gaming sessions.

This post has Amazon affiliate links that support so if you do end up buying something on Amazon after checking out these products, I would like to thank you.

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