Quake Open League: Season 7 NA Elite Playoffs

Season 7 NA Elite Playoffs is going on now!

Come to check out the Season 7 NA Elite Playoffs right now in Quake Champions!

Right on Twitch!

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Quake Open League: Season 7 NA Elite Playoffs

Look for Rapha to be able to handle the NA bracket but we will see! Good luck Quakers!


Check out the bracket here!

Quake Champions Eisen PTS Thoughts

Quake Champions Eisen PTS Thoughts

What’s up fellow Quakers. This is my thoughts on the Quake Champions Eisen PTS patch.

Still no PTS on my steam and I’ve had the Champion Pack forever now but that’s beside the point. Off to test on the Bethesda Launcher I go!

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Level 4 and BOTS on PTS

What in the world do I still have to get to LEVEL 4 if I’m on a public test realm? Shouldn’t everything be unlocked and ready for me to go to try out the Quake Champions Eisen champion?

Nope, I have to play bots and even then it won’t find a match. Seriously what in the world is the deal with this. LET everything BE unlocked no one is going to sit in a PTS and try to unlock everything. At least I’m not going too.

I perfectly fine playtesting this patch and letting you know my feedback at least let stuff be unlocked.

Also, let’s talk about the bots nice try, on trying to mask they are bots. They have pings now? Really? Good cover up Clark Kent.

The bots also won’t target the Turret at all making it literally last all game. I guess it would be a bot on bot crime or something I don’t know.

Wall-e(nickname for turret) kind of sucks anyways and does little damage.

Lighting Gun Changes

The LG changes on the PTS aren’t that bad, but it doesn’t feel quite right. It feels a bit off. I’m not sure why it was changed, to begin with. It’s not as satisfying as it once was that is for sure.

I’m with the crowd that I hope they don’t go live with the changes to the LG. The damage maybe could be tuned down a bit. But, the fire rate needs to stay the same.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher Rocket speed changed. Why I’m not sure, I don’t like it as much as the Live versions speed. I will say I can live with it though and eventually get used to it. I’d prefer it stay like it is in the Live Version though. Not really sure that is was needed, but I’ve read and heard that people wanted to be able to dodge rockets.

Overall Thoughts on the Quake Champions Eisen

My thoughts on the whole Quake Champions Eisen PTS Patch overall it seems great. The balancing of the champs and abilities are great.

I for one hope the LG changes don’t happen or at least the fire rate is fixed. I think it will help with the competitive scene for sure.

This Quake Champions Eisen PTS patch once it will go live, I’m sure will bring a bunch back to Quake Champions.

Thoughts on the New Champ Eisen

In my honest opinion, I don’t really care much about this champ. His ability is ultra useless which is why I’ve deemed the turret’s name Wall-e. The turret can’t aim or is on the same par of streaming the Quake Champions bots have. The same Bots that they’ve now given PING for some reason. Listen, iD software we can all still tell if someone is a bot as it can’t hit the broad side of a barn!

Anyways back to Eisen. He doesn’t really add much and I could care less if I ever play him on Live servers. I know the “engineer” came from Quake TF. Still doesn’t really fit into the core Quake experience in my opinion. This is coming from someone who loved Team Fortress Classic and TF2 both great games. Maybe whenever you decide to MAKE CTF he will be useful. Wall-e can’t aim for crap though so fix that first.



Is Quake Champions Dead or Dying?

Is Quake Champions Dead?

You’ve stumbled here searching is Quake Champions Dead? This tells me a few different things.

You either really love the game and want it to succeed or you are having that feeling that there is no real sense of community or that the game is truly dying.

Or, you are trying to “prove” to your hardcore Quake loving friends that the game you are bad at, is, in fact, dead or dying. Because you are a troll like that.

Follow up video 1/14/2019

So, is Quake Champions Dead then?

The answer is a big fat NO. Quake Champions is NOT dead by any means. In fact, I’m going to prove to you in multiple different ways that it is still alive and kicking.

Alright, let’s try to break it down into 3 parts. What I see are the issues with Quake Champions. How to fix those issues and or suggestions to improve Quake Champions. Then all the great communities you can join so you can have a better sense that people love this game as much as you do.

Before we begin, in case you don’t like reading you are in LUCK! We have a Podcast(Full Tech Podcast) Episode dedicated to this topic listen to it down below and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes!

Current issues with Quake Champions

Really people like to complain about every single game. So what game isn’t riddled with something you don’t necessarily agree with? Some of my favorite games of all time have issues! Nothing is perfect people. You must also understand THIS GAME IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. Which means it is NOT FULLY RELEASED meaning “is quake champions dead” is a stupid statement.

That being said, sometimes the developers don’t seem to be listening or maybe they are listening to the community. As of writing this post, I couldn’t tell you how many times CTF(Capture the Flag) has been mentioned as a game mode. Still, there is no CTF.

New Champion Issue

Every time a new champion comes out for Quake Champions. The Champion seems to make the game very unbalanced among the rest of the cast.

I couldn’t tell you how many complaints I’ve seen on /r/quakechampions about Death Knight about press “F” to win. Then you have the newest champion Athena who can literally swing across the map at an incredible speed. Easily gaining map control in Duels on maps like Blood Run almost instantly. She seems to be decently balanced in modes like TDM and other but Duels is where most of the problems are heard.

This isn’t an uncommon thing whenever it comes to online games especially MOBAs. Normally the newer champion is way overpowered and no one really knows how to counter the new champ at first. After a patch or 2 and people gaining more knowledge, it seems to go away and balance is restored.


Whenever I think people are searching up or thinking is Quake Champions Dead? The most likely issues for this in my mind is the Matchmaking system. Sometimes you can literally set in the queue for 30 plus minutes before finding a match. 2v2 matchmaking seems to be the worst, yet there ARE people playing.

There are some many complaints on this, eventually, they are going to have to address it. Below is some example from Reddit of people having issues with matchmaking and I completely agree.

  • Example 1
  • Example 2 – I did comment on this thread very funny post.
  • Example 3 – That one more feeling is a big issue for me, maybe we are all just old Quakers though.

Quake never has been used in a “matchmaking” system before so it was weird to get used to at first. Is the player base that low? I don’t think so because I’m able to find private matches quicker than I can the in-game matchmaking which is an issue.

Lootboxes and Runes

Does anyone truly like Lootboxes? Unlike similar loot crates/boxes like the ones on CS:GO you have an opportunity to make money off a skin. On Quake Champions though, it’s merely just cosmetic. WHICH IS FINE. If the game is going to be Free To Play anyways it needs something to keep the servers up, I’m completely fine with that.

The issue is that you get a DUPLICATE every single time, whether its a RUNE for a champion you love or a skin.

The issue with Runes is that they are COOL things to do, but they are tied behind if you are LUCKY getting them on a loot box.

I’m unwilling to drop a mass amount of money on this game then I may never get all the runes. Which is dumb in my opinion. I’ve already bought the champion pack what else do they want me to do? I’m not a fan of gambling away cash for virtual skins that I may.. or may not get.

*This is no longer available I guess they listened.*

Quake Champions Rune Pages Update

So they decided to get rid of the QC Rune Pages and Loot boxes. Instead, they replaced it with a battle pass. Removing all drops, and a more clear cut path to unlocking character skins.

I’m very disappointed with the $10 Battle pass and find it is not worth the money, or the time you would have to invest to complete it. It’s almost impossible to complete I play ALOT of Quake and I’m nowhere near coming close to completing the BP. I think the pass ends in March 2019.

No more drops, no more rune pages are ok and a clear path to skins. The season 1 battle pass falls very, very short.

Unwanted Game Modes

Seriously did anyone ask for a “Search and Destroy” type game mode for Quake?

While I honestly don’t think Slipgate (aka Counter-Quake or Shitgate) is all that bad. I think it would be better if they got rid of the terrible 3rd person mode when you are dead, and developed maps just for it. That being said, who in the world asked for this? I don’t remember anyone in Quake forums, or QuakeChampions Reddit asking for this.

CTF? Sure that’s been requested a billion times.

Sacrifice back in normal matchmaking? You betcha.

But, a Counter-Strike mode? No.. that wasn’t asked for.

I’m really thinking this mode was brought in as an attempt to take over as an eSports or competitive mode. Let’s all be honest it doesn’t really work that well for quake, at least not as a serious standpoint. Many people have quit simply because of this mode.

They’ve also been trying to ram it down our throats to play it since it released.

Is Quake Champions dead? I don’t think so but if game modes keep coming out like this its a good possibility.

Suggestions and Fixes for Quake Champions

Now, I want to start off by saying. I’m just a huge huge, fan of Quake.

I mean I have a flipping Quake III tattoo and I’m not even that good at QUAKE. I just love the series (besides 4) and Quake Champions is no different.

It is easily one of my favorite games currently out! So obviously writing about it, talking about it, playing it I might just love this game. My opinions are my own gathered from information from others as well on what I think would work.

On to the suggestions and fixes so we can fix that mindset of is quake champions dead.

Make Awesome New Champions

Bethesda and ID Software have tons of games to pick from. Eisen already seems like a terrible coup out champions. Stealing from the Engineer from Team Fortress and Overwatch.

It’s almost too obvious that everyone sat around at the developer’s table and said,” OH EVERYONE Like’s THOUGH DEFENSIVE ENGINEER DUDES.”

Listen they are fun to play, at times. For a very high skill like Quake, it just seems off to have a champion have the ability to have an auto turret. I’m just hoping it doesn’t come out completely broken and unbalanced but I’m sure it will.

My suggestion would be to use the already awesome champions in Quake III ARENA. Where is freaking ORB at? Uriel, Bones, SARGE.  Commander Keen come on guys this is to easy. Get the rights to freaking Duke Nukem he fits right into the mold. Seriously a guy named Eisen with a Turret.

ID you are better than this, Bethesda you are better than this, SABER/ID come on get with the program. I’m saving QC one blog post at a time.

Another note, what the hell is wrong with Athena’s face?

Bring Back Server Browser or Community Servers

This really is the most disappointing thing about Quake Champions. Zero Mods and Zero server browsers.

Server browsers have gone to the waste side it seems for most if not all the modern games. I know recently that Quake Champions decided to go with new Amazon servers that scale. This was a decent idea, but it still doesn’t give you a real feel of how many people are currently online.

Server browsers you could see how many people are playing along with open slots. IT WAS AWESOME.

If you guys are so worried about server costs, clearly you are with scaleable servers. Why don’t you give the community a chance to help out and host some servers? I mean the closest server to me is Virginia and it freaking sucks. I’d love to host a small server right in my own home like the good old days.

With no mod support which is just very un-quake like but, I sort of understand it. QC has gone the way of F2P always online so you kind of have to lock down your assets now.

Still, it’s on steam, no workshop support?

Anti-Cheat Anti-Wall Hacks Anti-Aimbot

There is none, add it. No one has 75% Lightning Gun.

No wonder people are searching or thinking is quake champions dead. They are doing nothing to cheaters.

Fix it and fix it now. That is all.

Runes and Lore

Lootboxes I’m ok with as it doesn’t affect the gameplay. What I’m not ok is that you get duplicate items. I still haven’t completed one RUNE page simply because I don’t have the runes.

There has to be a better way for this, make them easier to get. TAKE the duplicated runes OUT OF THE LOOT TABLE.

Perfect MEME from the quake champions subreddit.

Credit to Vigil-Fawks on Reddit

After playing so many matches, or playing with a champion so long, make the runes available.

Opening backpack after backpack and getting 10 blood shards, sucks. Fix it.

Wanted Game Modes

I’m just going to make a list.

  • Capture The Flag – Lot’s of people want it, it should almost be the number 1 priority.
  • Unranked Duel – So people can practice without having to make private matches.
  • Unranked 2v2 – Same as Unranked Duel people need to practice and it’s a fun mode.
  • Sacrifice – Put it back in matchmaking why is it gone?
  • More Arcade Content – Remember Excessive CTF and TDM? Yea, let’s bring those back.
  • Slipgate – If you are wanting to push this as the competitive mode, its gotta be ranked somehow.
  • Classic Mode – No Difference in Speed/HP/Amor with no abilities just pretty skins, with TDM/DM.

I think that about covers all the basics. I’m really looking forward to the addition of some good ole CTF action if it needs to take time to come out so be it.

A lot of us Quakers are “patiently” waiting.

Small Suggestions

There are only some other small minor details I would do. Give the option to change your in-game name, for free. Just be sure to make it where someone can’t change it after a certain time period. Not sure why it costs money in the first place, but its very annoying.

Let’s get to the in-game action quicker. Seriously it seems like you got 10 minutes before you can get to fragging.

Disable ads while trying to view quake streamers. It’s super annoying to have to wait 60 seconds to want to see someone then have your queue pop right after. Also maybe integrate a way to communicate with the streamer?

Perhaps all these fixes and suggestions can get rid of that “is quake champions dead” feeling.

Communities that get rid of that “is Quake Champions Dead” feeling

I’m part of a lot of the Quake Champions communities. I’ve joined about all the ones I know to join and I know which ones are decent.

Perhaps you don’t know where to look or to go to see other people who love this game as much as you do.

Well, I’m here to help you out and give you a few great suggestions!

Twitch and Favorite Twitch Streamers

If you are a gamer, you probably know what twitch is. If not I’m about to open your eyes on to who you should watch on good ole https://twitch.tv/

Let’s start with the #1 person you should defiantly check out.


He goes by the name Liquid Rapha and is basically the #1 Quake Champions player on the planet.

After proving his worth on the PGL Pro Tournament and winning the whole thing. You can tell he is going to be playing for a very long time, he was also a pro in Q3. What a fantastic streamer He also gives helpful tips after the stream ends.

You can check out his streams over on https://twitch.tv/rapha

Honorable Mentions

Funny with a beard – FortyLions – https://www.twitch.tv/iamfortylions

And nyxgirlpower – https://www.twitch.tv/nyxgirlpower 



Although I don’t stream alot anymore.

The view counts in Quake Champions are WAY down.

Discord, Podcasts, and Reddit

First and for most, if you haven’t got Discord installed, do that now.

There are a billion communities, even the official Quake Discord where people are chatting all the time.

We just launched our new Quake Champions Fan Website quakefans.net!!!

Go Check it out for everything Quake!



Only one subreddit that I’m aware of and that is the Quake Champions Sub.

https://reddit.com/r/quakechampions join up its great fun most of the time.


Yes! There is a Podcast solely devoted to Quake Champions. I’m not going to lie I’m a little envious of it, as I wanted to start one last year and couldn’t find the people to do it!

Anyways it is fantastic and I’m hoping they will have me on soon. It seems to be doing really well and I hope it continues! Free promotion right here guys remember where it came from!

State of Quake


If there is one thing I want you to take away from this. Is that if you are still having that feeling of “is quake champions dead” you need to join a community. It will help out a ton and honestly will give you better and more people to play with than matchmaking can provide.

The Quake community is great and most of the time extremely friendly. I’ve only run across a few d-bags in my online gaming so far with QC. I really hope that this proves to you reading, that the Quake Community is here, and wanting this game to succeed. It might not look like much at the moment but it is growing and it will be around.

I hope to see you out in the good ole frag land know as Quake Champions.

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Don’t be afraid to hit that share button either! The more views and reads the merrier Let’s put Quake Champions on the map and not games like FORTNITE. I’m sooooo sick of battle royales.

Quake Champions PTS October 30th 2018

PTS OCT. 30th 2018

Tokyopunchout released the patch notes over on the https://bethesda.net/community for Quake Champions today.

Looks like an incredible patch! Check out the build highlights below!

Build Highlights

  • New Champion: Eisen
    • Health 125/100
    • Armor 50/100
    • Speed 310
    • Active Ability:
      • SENTRY TURRET – Places an automated turret that tracks enemies and fires hyperblaster laser bolts.
    • Passives:
      • REPURPOSE – Reduce ability time cooldown by 10% when collecting Light Armors.
      • SALVAGE – Reduce ability time cooldown by 20% when collecting Heavy Armor.
  • New Arcade Modes:
    • Instagib Classic: Visor-only, no abilities.
    • Insta Mystery: Random Champions, Active & Passive abilities deal insta-damage.
    • Mystery Sacrifice: Utilize the random champions you receive to capture and defend the obelisks.
  • Future Map in testing: Citadel
  • Feature: Post-match Victory Animations
  • Performance improvements, optimizations
  • Added Weapon Position game option, allowing players to force all weapons to the center or right of the screen, or choose to keep them at their vanity weapon defaults.
  • Decreased round transition times in Slipgate
  • Fixed Enemy Outline ‘ON’ option
  • Fixed Enemy Outline Color options to correctly apply the chosen color to the arrow, outline, and Fresnel lighting.
  • Fixed options resetting to default every time the game is launched
  • Capture time in Sacrifice Tourney restored to 150 sec (from 60s)
  • Centered the Boomstick (DOOM 2 SSG) by default
  • Fixed AFK Timer for viewers of streams in the Watch browser


Misc Changes & Fixes

Champion Balance

All Champions

  • Reduced damage of all damage dealing abilities
  • Cooldowns unified at 45 sec
  • All active abilities disable shooting for 500 ms
  • Walk speeds unified at 160 ups
  • All ability explosion radiuses unified to 3 m
  • All explosion min splash damage unified to 10
  • All explosive weapon splash radiuses unified to 3 m
  • All explosive weapons min splash damage unified to 10

All Light Champions

  • Starting AP 0 to 25
  • Max AP 50 to 75
  • Overmax AP 125 to 150
  • Starting AP 0 to 25
  • Max AP 50 to 75
  • Overmax AP 125 to 150
  • View Height 0.66 to 0.9
  • Crouch Height 0.38 to 0.5

All Heavy Champions

  • Starting AP 100 to 75
  • Max AP 150 to 125
  • Overmax AP 225 to 200

Check out the full patch notes here.

Now let’s install the PTS

The PTS is available on Steam now! So don’t forget!