Top 5 Ridiculously Stupid Things you’re doing in Clan Arena

Hey Quakefans this is the dumbest things you are probably doing while you are playing Clan Arena.

Are you a culprit to any of these? Be sure to a comment on the video! These can apply to Quake Live, Quake Champions, Diabotical and other Arena FPS games that include CLAN Arena.

Never weapon switching

While you are playing Clan Arena and well for the most part any Quake Arena FPS game. There really are 3 weapons you need to focus on at first. That is the Railgun, Lightning Gun, and the Rocket Launcher.

The problem you are having is you never switch weapons at the correct time… or even at all! If you want to do well in Clan Arena you must know when the best times to switch are.

The other weapons are very subjective and require different scenarios on when you should use them. Knowing when to use them will come with experience.

You done little to no damage at all

Keep in mind while playing CA it is a very team focused mode. A good player can carry a game a little bit but the overall goal is to output damage.

Unlike other modes there are no pickups and you start with a full stack of armor, health, and all the weapons. You must be putting out damage. While in theory you could deny people megahealths and armors in other modes. That simply doesn’t exist in CA.

If you are not putting out damage you are going to be pretty useless to the team. A team would rather have someone who outputs damage than is just a meatshield.

You’re Positioning Sucks

How many times have you been caught in the wrong place? Do you even know where you are suppose to go?

A good rule of thumb is since Clan Arena is such a team focused game, its good to go where everyone else kind of is. Experience of the map will play a key part on knowing where you need to be.

Normally a really good player will call out where everyone needs to be and to hold that position. You probably don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Luckily for you, you can see your teammates names just go to them and do your best.

In a perfect world or a tournament setting everyone would be using voice communications. That really doesn’t happen in a PUG Public Server.

Chasing bad fights

This is even one I’ve had to break myself from multiple times in many game types and modes. Chasing bad fights.

I’d suggest using my rule of thumb, just because you put some damage on someone doesn’t mean you got to go directly after them!

Great you shot someone in the back, go back and help your teammates that are probably in trouble. You’ve already done a good job by making someone weaker than they previously was before.

Whenever you go full on bullrushing after someone cause you saw them. It’s not going to end well for you in CA.

Most likely you are going to be facing multiple enemies as soon as you hit the corner, or greeted with a rocket to the face.

You are trying to be the Hero

It’s easy to get greedy thinking you are the best on your team. In Quake Live CA, people have been playing for years and years. You most likely are not the MVP on your team.

Stop trying to rocket jump all over the map thinking you are better than the whole other team. Not only will you be greeted with 3 lightning guns spamming you to the ceiling. You will instantly die and be out the entire round.

Leaving your whole team to pick up your slack.

If you realize you aren’t the best on the team, it’s probably a wise decision to start protecting the MVP. Most great players at CA stick out in the first few rounds of the match if you don’t recognize a name. Wait till about round 3 and see who is leading in damage and try to protect them.

If it really is you! Great!

Still don’t try to be a hero, you are important and need to start alive until the match concludes.

Stupid Things you are doing in Clan Arena Conclusion

This is made for people who like me and still learning how to hang in Clan Arena.

I’ve made multiple mistakes in CA and hoping that this video and guide will help maybe some inexperienced players do a little better.

Clan arena is a fun gametype and it will help you do better in other modes as well. Helps you learn the maps in a pretty decent competitive fashion.

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Play on the Unheard of Official Quakefans Quake Live Server

Officially Launching the official Quake Live Server. This server is meant for fun and friendly for new Quake Live players to join.

The server is meant to be a Vampiric Clan Arena server. Vampiric means that whenever you use the LG to do damage it will heal you a small amount of health.

This server has no ELO checks and is meant for more skilled players to be able to carry a little bit. With the help of self healing.

QF Server plans are to run 24/7 if possible. With Gigabit internet hosting coming soon so there will be a very reliable connection.

Quake Live Dead in 2021?

Quake Live is far from dead and has seen a small resurgence as of late. Compared to Quake Champions the playerbase is a little smaller. But, QL with community servers will always have a server up somewhere.

I believe most hoped that Diabotical would pull a lot of the Quake Live players away. But, with Diabotical pretty much killing their eSports and tournament scene everyone has went back to Quake Live.

Quake Live will always be alive if someone is willing to host a server and it never gets removed from steam.

Quake Live YouTube

Most matches are streamed on the Quakefans YouTube channel. If YouTube isn’t your thing and you enjoy twitch more

Smango also likes to multi-stream to Twitch which you can also follow to see matches.

You may also find other Arenafps games streamed and videos on the game themselves.

Quake Live Gibs

Quake Live released without “gibs” trying to make it a more Teen Rated game. With the help of the workshop though we can all those glorious gibs back from Quake 3!

All you need to do is logon to steam, and subscribe to the workshop item GIBS!

Workshop item – Gibs!

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Instagib Duel comes to Diabotical in the latest Patch!

Instagib Duel comes to Diabotical in the latest Patch 0.20.350.

For you of those back in the golden days of Quake III Arena might remember Insta-Unlagged Tournaments.

I use to play that mode for days waiting for my turn to stay on top on q3dm17 (The Longest Yard).

The patch is also featuring 3 new maps already added! They are churning out maps like a grandma making butter on the farm!

There are tons of welcome fixes to the netcode hopefully some that will fix some of the hit detection that I’ve noticed.

Never heard of Diabotical? Click here to find out more information!

Full 9/18/2020 Patch Notes


  • New Mode! While In Custom Games it’s now possible to play Instagib Duel
  • In Custom Games it’s now possible to select Vintage physics – this physics mode has a large amount of air control, air acceleration and lower ground friction which can be useful to turn around corners – if you take a vertical jumppad you will have little ability to move in a direction but if you hold crouch and a direction key you will be able to get up to 160ups in a direction
  • In Custom Games there is now an easy to access Instagib option with the choice to play with the PnCR or Crossbow


  • New maps! Strife, Temple, and Grainyard are 3 new maps for the new Instagib Duel mode in Custom Games
  • Bioplant and Wellspring have received collision fixes


  • Fixed issue where the explosions of your projectiles wouldn’t be represented locally despite still doing damage
  • Fixed issue causing the self-knockback of your own projectiles being lost
  • Improved the reliability of the netcode of projectiles (more projectile netcode improvements will be coming soon)


  • Fixed some performance hiccups related to the audio occlusion system
  • Fixed some micro-stutters when using multithreaded input


  • You can no longer Ping while dead or spectating
  • There is now a limit of 1 second to be able to Spray again


  • Fixed not being able to enable the option to Reset zoom toggle when switching weapons
  • Fixed the notification to set a keybind staying stuck until the game is restarted
  • The Custom Game’s More Settings now includes a Vintage physics option
  • The Custom Game’s More Settings now includes an Instagib option including PnCR or Crossbow and the ability to play CTF Instagib with the flags being the only items that remain on the map
  • If you wish to play a mode with a specific weapon and the melee only it’s now possible to use the custom game command game_weapon_mode: weapon; the weapon names are machinegun, blaster, super_shotgun, rocket_launcher, shaft, pncr, grenade_launcher, melee


  • While in edit mode it’s now possible to use the command /game_physics to switch between physics

Diabotical /game_physics 0

Race /game_physics 1

Vintage /game_physics 2

  • Vintage physics are now easy to access in edit mode and in Custom Games if you are interested in creating Surf maps or maps that make use of Vintage physics’ air control, speed, and ground friction

The Official Diabotical Release Date

The Diabotical Release Date has finally announced by the 2gd Studio

Diabotical Will officially LAUNCHED 1.0 on September 3rd, 2020. 2gd and his humor had his team announce the date as August 34th, 2020 making the joke that they have never been late with a release date.

For those wondering Diabotical has been in development for quite sometime and even had to give some of their backers money back since accepting the Epic deal.

To get started playing Diabotical all you need is the Epic Games Store Launcher signed up and ready to go.

Getting Started With Diabotical

You might be new to the Arena FPS Genre.

Below you will find a video that might help you get more enjoyment out of your playtime with Diabotical. Just don’t give up straight away, Arena FPS specifically Quake has been played by veterans for a very long time.

Since this is in a way a spiritual successor to the Quake Franchise. (Think Quake 3 Arena and 4 Multiplayer) Skills from those games greatly transfer to Diabotical.

If you want some live streaming help you can join me (Smango) live over on my twitch channel. To get to the twitch channel you can simply click here or head over to I plan on doing some community events and playing with as many new players as possible.

If watching live streams isn’t your thing and you want to ask me a question you can join my Discord.

I’m highly available here! Come chat about Quake, Diabotical, Computers and more!

Diabotical Release Date: Conclusion

In my opinion Diabotical becoming Free 2 play and with the backing of the Epic Games Store it is on the right path to success. Many Quake “Successors” have failed in the past but I think with graphics style and a great development team. Diabotical will be the next Arena FPS that everyone will be playing.

The only game that will remotely compare is Quake Champions which has already announced a 2nd Quake Pro League, taking many of the best away from DBT. This might be your chance to shine since you won’t have to face Rapha 1v1 in duels anytime soon.

I look forward to seeing new players join the arena.