Top 5 Ridiculously Stupid Things you’re doing in Clan Arena

clan arena

Hey Quakefans this is the dumbest things you are probably doing while you are playing Clan Arena. Are you a culprit to any of these? Be sure to a comment on the video! These can apply to Quake Live, Quake Champions, Diabotical and other Arena FPS games that include CLAN Arena. Never weapon switching While … Read more

Play on the Unheard of Official Quakefans Quake Live Server

Quake Live Server

Officially Launching the official Quake Live Server. This server is meant for fun and friendly for new Quake Live players to join. The server is meant to be a Vampiric Clan Arena server. Vampiric means that whenever you use the LG to do damage it will heal you a small amount of health. This … Read more

The Official Diabotical Release Date

Diabotical Release Date

The Diabotical Release Date has finally announced by the 2gd Studio Diabotical Will officially LAUNCHED 1.0 on September 3rd, 2020. 2gd and his humor had his team announce the date as August 34th, 2020 making the joke that they have never been late with a release date. For those wondering Diabotical has been in development … Read more