Vince Steel Video Game Reviewer, Joins The Keep

In The Keep Podcast - #60 Vince Steel (Game Reviewer)

Vince Steel the newest content creator In The Keep is a YouTuber and Video Game Reviewer. He won’t spend his time hating on any video games. Vince will be spending his time telling you what games you should PLAY not any you should hate.

This makes him a bit different than the normal “Angry” reviewers that frequent the YouTube library.

Below is the Keeps Latest Podcast featuring Vince Steel.

This week we’re joined by Vince Steel, a talented YouTuber specializing in reviews for indie & retro games that just so happen to align with the Will of Cthalha. His videos are expressive & informative with an overarching theme of positivity, while exploring a serialized dialogue between him and his therapist who believes that his “game addiction” may be leading to something… dark.

Vince Steel YouTuber

Vince Steel is completely right whenever it comes to Cyber Hook, this game is awesome. Its fluid, its Indie, its First Person… What else is there to really say. If you enjoy trying to topple your friends on the leaderboards this is a game to keep your eye out one.

While Cyber Hook isn’t available yet it is one many of us are looking forward to. The game is getting tons of praise already and it’s not even OUT.

I believe this game is one most of us InTheKeep are going to competing towards for many years to come. is looking forward to covering more Indie First Personshooters with the help of TheKeep and VinceSteel! Be sure to give Vince a like and share on youtube!

I look forward to seeing what else Vince releases on his youtube channel. Any First Person game he reviews will be featured here going foward!

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In The Keep Episodes 34-42 (Indie FPS Devs and more)

It’s been a busy transition into spring for In The Keep Podcast. Now it’s time to relax and reflect on our accomplishments. We covered a lot of games that are now sweeping the planet faster than COVID-19… If you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to catch up on the podcasts and indie FPS games you’ve been putting off.

First of all, if you’re new to the show, welcome! The Drowned God Cthalha love’s and embraces all her children. We sincerely hope that you find something in this batch of episodes that draws you further into the world of FPS gaming.

#34 David Szymanski (Dusk)

David Szymanski is the designer behind Dusk and creative director at New Blood Interactive (Amid Evil, Maximum Action). That should be enough, but like any good onion, this one has layers. David has also created several independent horror games (Fingerbones, The Music Machine, etc) and is an excellent violinist and composer specializing in chamber music.

#35 Bruno Beaudoin (Nightmare Reaper)

Bruno “ItBurn” Beaudoin is the man behind Nightmare Reaper, a genius new FPS game with an old-school look, randomly generated levels, looting and A LOT of shooting. Here we discuss his journey into creating such a game, the challenges faced by an independent developer, what makes Brutal Doom so great, the impact of gaming on mental health and a whole lot more.

#36 Jeremiah “KillPixel” Fox (Wrath: Aeon of Ruin)

Jeremiah Fox is the CEO of KillPixel Games and lead designer of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. Now in early access, Wrath is already establishing itself as more than just a “retro shooter” or “Quake clone”. It’s an amazing new experience that innovates well beyond the status quo of this genre.

#37 Dragonfly (Eviternity & Prodeus)

Dragonfly is the map maker behind such Doom projects as Skulldash and Eviternity. If that isn’t enough for you, he’s also mapping for the upcoming Indie FPS game Prodeus. Here we go in depth about Dragonfly’s passion for Doom, the making of Eviternity, the ins and outs of progressive duel and even some insider knowledge on the making of Prodeus.

#38 Airdorf (FAITH)

WARNING! NON FPS INCOMING! This week we’re joined by Airdorf, developer of FAITH which is a top down horror game harkening back to the MS-DOS and Atari 2600 days with gorgeous rotoscope animations and chilling minimalistic horror storytelling that hits all the right nerves. Airdorf also created the interactive trailer for horror film The Wind. His projects are currently available on while FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is under works with New Blood Interactive. Be sure to follow the project on Steam. Since the release of this episode, Airdorf has revealed two new projects: Extra Ordinary and Earl’s Day Off.

#39 Shadesmaster & BloodShot (Slayer’s Testaments)

Ever wondered what it would feel like if Doom 2016 or Eternal were built inside the Quake 1 engine? Brothers BloodShot & Shadesmaster did, and they’re creating it right now in the form of the mod Slayer’s Testaments. They’re also known for their previous work on Quake 1.5 and much in the Quake mapping community. BloodShot is also mapping for WRATH: Aeon of Ruin.

#40 Hakita (ULTRAKILL)

Hakita is the man behind ULTRAKILL, a unique FPS game that combines the fast-paced decision making of Doom with rhythmic combat, PS1-era graphics and a face melting original soundtrack that is wowing the indie scene. We discuss the labor of love that is game-making, the art of storytelling, how to get noticed in the modern gaming market and a whole lot more. 

#41 Frederik Schreiber (3D Realms)

Fred Schreiber is more than just the vice president & executive producer of 3D Realms, founder & director of Slipgate Ironworks and overlord of what we hold sacred here at The Keep. He’s a true fan and connoisseur of classic gaming and a revolutionary in the field, from his patronage in the days of Apogee to his work on Duke Nukem Reloaded. In many ways, Fred is the Father of the Retro Shooter and a hero to us all. Here we discuss his career at length, his work on Duke Reloaded, 3DR’s recent success with Ion Fury, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, Kingpin: Reloaded, the upcoming Ghostrunner and more in this packed episode.

#42 JCR (Quake Mapper)

JCR is a talented Quake mapper, modder & co-host on The Quakecast along with dumptruck_ds & ArrrCee. He recently hosted the January Jump Jam, a collection of maps designed by experts in the community to exploit his Jump Mod which turns Quake into a 3D platforming experience.

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In The Keep Podcast – #28 Kaapeli47 (FPS Historian)

Who the heck is Kaapeli47?

Kaapeli47 is a Finnish Twitch streamer who specializes in classic first-person shooter games. His show Golds of FPS explores the history of games like Doom, Half-Life and beyond. He is also a Quake esports commentator and a hobbyist Doom modder.

Kaapeli47’s Golds of FPS on Twitch

Over the past few years, he’s been on a mission to explore the genre of classic FPS games. From Wolf 3D to Half-Life 2 and everything in between, his mission to play through them all and share it with his generation is a gem on Twitch.

As a commentator, Kaapeli has done play-by-play for several organizations including: Rocket Jump Zone, QuakeAngelAvadica‘s Quake Cafe and the now defunct Quake Open League.

Kaapeli47’s Interview

You can listen to his interview and many others on The Keep’s website which contains links to subscribe and listen on your preferred podcast app. Or you can just listen on YouTube

Whichever you choose here is a list of timestamped topics provided by the incomparable Branflakes:

00:50 Cthalhamas/Motherload’s introduction to Kaapeli
02:58 Kaapeli- retro/classic FPS enthusiast
08:35 Golds of FPS
11:56 Console FPS gaming
16:26 How the Source Engine came about
21:40 Kaapeli’s Quake Champions commentary
28:04 Quake Champions & more casting
38:35 Build Engine games
43:42 Kaapeli’s origin in old school fps
47:01 Convenience in remakes and modern titles
51:05 Heading into the military
52:28 Newer games on his mind
54:16 Kaapeli’s MIDIs and absolute pitch
59:32 Doom modding
01:05:05 Kaapeli’s origin (continued)
01:09:15 Closing questions

Kaapeli47 on Twitter

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In The Keep Podcast – #17 Smango (

This week we get in the keep with none other than the man, myth and legend himself: The Mighty Smango. Not only is he the proprietor of this very website ( for those who didn’t notice) but he also runs, produces both Full Tech Podcast and the Retro 20 Podcast (with his son) as well as a plethora of AFPS content on his YouTube channels. On top of all that he is a server administrator for The Keep and a true renaissance man of the AFPS and retro gaming community.

This conversation goes everywhere from whats new in arena FPS (Warfork, Diabotical, DuskWorld SDK), how to stay healthy, how new games can compete with internet boobs, the best horror games, our favorite metal guitar players, breaking down the Quake Pro League and much more. It was truly my pleasure to spend the evening chatting with someone who I not only look up to but also consider a dear friend.


I find so wonderful about Smango is that he’s genuinely himself. He’s your basic stereotypical Kentucky redneck who loves square dancing, driving around in big trucks, playing songs on his spittoon, listening to bluegrass music down at the local Ag Hall… wait… What I meant to say was that he’s your basic stereotypical Kentucky nerd: a technology buff, certified I.T. guy and a total metal head. Most importantly, he’s a walking arena shooter and retro gaming encyclopedia. Therefore, you won’t find a bigger Quake fan than the man who made the site. Smango even sports a Quake 3 Arena logo tattoo on his arm.

A Family Man

Fans of Smango’s work are already familiar with Full Tech Podcast, but some may not know that he also runs a new podcast all about retro gaming… with his 6 year old son. The first episode is already out. Nerdy parents who are looking for good wholesome entertainment to share with their kids will likely not find a better source of old school games to play than with the Retro 20 Podcast. Episode 1 is a charming audio-graph of a passionate father sharing his love of classic video games with his son as they review Super Mario RPG together. Its truly a heart warmer and I look forward to what they come up with next.


Timestamps are once again provided by Branflakes for your listening pleasure.
00:46 Smango
13:12 Importance of accessibility
25:00 Balance between mind and body
30:55 Half Life
35:14 Violence in video games
38:23 Retro 20 Podcast
40:40 Smango and Motherload’s love for games
51:38 Preserving what we know is good
52:28 Smango and Motherload’s love for games pt.2
57:06 Non-original members
01:06:45 Smango and Motherload’s love for games pt.3



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