Quake Champions Eisen PTS Thoughts

Quake Champions Eisen PTS

Quake Champions Eisen PTS Thoughts What’s up fellow Quakers. This is my thoughts on the Quake Champions Eisen PTS patch. Still no PTS on my steam and I’ve had the Champion Pack forever now but that’s beside the point. Off to test on the Bethesda Launcher I go! Amazon Affiliate Links will be posted throughout this post, … Read more

Quake Champions PTS October 30th 2018

PTS OCT. 30th 2018 Tokyopunchout released the patch notes over on the https://bethesda.net/community for Quake Champions today. Looks like an incredible patch! Check out the build highlights below! Build Highlights New Champion: Eisen Health 125/100 Armor 50/100 Speed 310 Active Ability: SENTRY TURRET – Places an automated turret that tracks enemies and fires hyperblaster laser bolts. … Read more