Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox Possible?

Quake Champions PS4

Are a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port Possible? Why of course it’s possible. Quake has been on consoles throughout the years. Really it makes no sense why there is not a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port. Below is the Quakefans Radio episode discussing Quake Champions and on how the game should’ve released. Discussing … Read more

Ranger Quake Champions – Champion Review

Ranger Quake Champions

Welcome to the Ranger Quake Champions, Champion Review! Here you will read a little bit about the champion, his weaknesses and his strengths! This guide/review will focus on the dueling aspect which also translates to really any other game type available in Quake Champions. Who is Ranger? Ranger is introduced as the unnamed hero in … Read more

New In The Keep Series: Maps of Madness

So we gotta new show for you guys called Maps of Madness. I would like to say that I had brainchild and that this was all part of the plan, but it wasn’t. This is a little something different. Its been one hell of a year, but we’ve managed to create a unique, self-sustaining show … Read more