Mojo will no longer keep stats for Liquidpedia

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Jake “Mojo” Valianes decided enough was enough and is no longer going to keep stats for Liquidpedia. I don’t know about you but I sure appreciated his work over on Liquidpedia as I’ve been there many times. Below is the tweet. This is NUTS. I had no idea 1 single unpaid person was keeping all … Read more

QPL Lucca 2019 – Cooller Takes Home the Belt

QPL Lucca 2019

QPL Lucca 2019 The Quake Champions event is officially over. There were a few things that went on during the event that you might not be aware of. The Quake contenders competed in a huge Catherdral in Italy it was an awesome site to see! We discuss the Tournament down below. Congratulations to AMD’s Cooller … Read more

GNIK: Quake Pro Settings – Enters the QPL, Mouse and more!

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GNIK takes out ascent’s Br1ck on the season 1 finale stage Lucca. The match came down to the wire in a best of 5! Br1ck actually had the lead 2 – 1 before GNIK put his head down and pushed forward to win 3 – 2 on the finale map: Awoken. This match-up was fantastic, … Read more

Quake Pro League Lucca – Who and What to Watch for!

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Quake Pro League Lucca kicks off this Saturday! The first match of the day is suppose to start around 4 A.M. EST! The Lucca LAN Event is part of the Season 1 QPL as this is the Finals for Season 1. At least this is the way I understand it. Find your time here: I’m … Read more