Quake Reboot Rumors Emerge on Quake’s 25th Birthday!

That is right Quakefans, a Quake Reboot featuring a Single player Mode and Multiplayer modes just might be in the works!

According to an article over on https://wccftech.com/ the article states that on a Xboxera podcast Shpeshal Nick co-founder of the podcast.

Reveals that Id alongside Machinegames is in the process of developing a new Quake. They also state that the lead protagonist would be a female in the reboot of the franchise.

Quake IV being the last single-player installment in the Quake Franchise this comes as a nice surprise. Rumors have been circulating since the launch of Quake Champions. Quake Champions being the first Game as a Service in the franchise and always online and is still in early access.

Microsoft to Save Quake?

All this also comes after Microsoft acquired Bethesda. Microsoft has also dropped some subtle hints right after the acquisition that they are interested in the Quake Franchise.

The Xbox Twitch account has also been showing their face around during the Quake Pro League and even streaming the event as well!

Microsoft seems to hold all the keys to the kingdom now when it comes to First Person Shooters. Halo, Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein just to name a few. The Doom and Wolfenstein reboots have been great so far. It will be interesting to see how they handle the Quake franchise going forward.

Quake Reboot Conclusion

There are many things that the Quake reboot needs to feature in order for it to be a success. As a huge Quakefan myself, I have to say I didn’t enjoy Quake IV and I believe the game was mediocre at best. Quake 4 felt like a add-on to Doom 3 than an original game. That being said, I prefer the Quake (1) story more-so over the Quake2/4 marine shooter.

For whatever reason Quake has always been the franchise that Id has always been willing to try something different/experiment with and has always pushed the technology of their engine with Quake. Then along comes Quake Champions and it is featured on a whole different engine all together with no mod support etc etc…

The Quake Reboot needs to allow the community to pick right up where it left off when it comes to modding/mapping for Quake. The number of amazing games that Quake has helped produced simply because normal users have been able to modify the game.

When it comes to Multiplayer for Quake to continue to be a success there has to be the ability to host servers and have a server browser. There is a reason why older Quake games are still living and breathing today. They have servers up 24-7 and it gives you the ability to host your own! This is a huge mistake that Quake Champions has decided to ignore and when the official servers go offline, there is no more Quake Champions.

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Microsoft Subtly Officially Mentions Quake by introducing Quake Mode

In a recent update to Windows Terminal, Microsoft Introduces Quake Mode.

This post is going to border on the line of a technical post and should probably go on a post on the https://fulltechpodcast.com website instead of Quakefans.

But, I figure this is the first time since Microsoft bought Bethesda that they actually said the word Quake.

So What is Quake Mode?

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but this isn’t a game or anything. This is just an update to Microsoft Windows Terminal which they’ve been working on for over a year.

Microsoft in recent years have adopted many Linux based shortcuts and have went so far to include a subsystem of ubuntu.

What I’m saying is, you’ve been able to do this action in other Operating Systems… Just not Windows.

After installing the 1.9 Windows Terminal update from the Windows Store. (This is Windows 10 Only).

You can hit the “Win+`” shortcut on your keyboard and a Terminal windows will drop from the top of the screen. Much like hitting the ~ key while playing Quake. If you didn’t know, Quake sort of invented the Console Window, or at least the dropping down of it while in game.

Very fitting name, you are able to customize it however you would like.

Want to learn more about Windows Terminal you can check out this dev blog post? If you are in the IT field much like myself, you will probably find it useful. It is pretty handy to hit a shortcut and bring down a cool console now.

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Quakecon 2020 is officially Canceled

Many folks were looking forward to Quakecon 2020 but if you’ve lived 1 second in the year 2020. You’ve already realized that Quakecon was in jeopardy of happening because of COVID-19.

Katowice being our first event being affected. The Contestants still competed but without an Audience.

Quake, unfortunately, wasn’t the only game affected. Many other games at the Katowice event

Quakecon 2020 Official Statement

Below is the official statement from Quakecon.

Quakecon in 2019 which turned into DoomCon and Doom Eternal didn’t even release that year… was already disappointing. It’s been a rough few years for all of us Quakefans. Nothing against Doom, I love Doom almost as much as I do Quake, but this was supposed to be a big year for Quake.

Quakecon and the Quake Pro League?

What does this mean for the Quake Pro League Finals you might ask. Looks like they will finish the Season 3 finals online and as for Season 4, it is still to be determined.

As the majority of us are forced to stay at home and work. This is at least good news that the Quake Pro League is continuing, and gives us something to watch.

The year 2020 is off to a really rocky start. Nothing has been good news at all this year. Luckily in this day and age, we are able to somewhat have live eSport content delivered directly to our screens.

Quakecon 2020 Conclusion

I’ve never been to Quakecon but it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. If there is any light in this time of darkness, its that we can still enjoy some online content.

You should join me tomorrow over on the YouTube Channel for the Quakefans Radio. We can talk about the cancellation of Quakecon this year together.

It starts around 7 A.M. EST

Everyone stay safe, follow me on Twitter, and be sure to wash those hands.

In The Keep Episodes 34-42 (Indie FPS Devs and more)

It’s been a busy transition into spring for In The Keep Podcast. Now it’s time to relax and reflect on our accomplishments. We covered a lot of games that are now sweeping the planet faster than COVID-19… If you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to catch up on the podcasts and indie FPS games you’ve been putting off.

First of all, if you’re new to the show, welcome! The Drowned God Cthalha love’s and embraces all her children. We sincerely hope that you find something in this batch of episodes that draws you further into the world of FPS gaming.

#34 David Szymanski (Dusk)

David Szymanski is the designer behind Dusk and creative director at New Blood Interactive (Amid Evil, Maximum Action). That should be enough, but like any good onion, this one has layers. David has also created several independent horror games (Fingerbones, The Music Machine, etc) and is an excellent violinist and composer specializing in chamber music.

#35 Bruno Beaudoin (Nightmare Reaper)

Bruno “ItBurn” Beaudoin is the man behind Nightmare Reaper, a genius new FPS game with an old-school look, randomly generated levels, looting and A LOT of shooting. Here we discuss his journey into creating such a game, the challenges faced by an independent developer, what makes Brutal Doom so great, the impact of gaming on mental health and a whole lot more.

#36 Jeremiah “KillPixel” Fox (Wrath: Aeon of Ruin)

Jeremiah Fox is the CEO of KillPixel Games and lead designer of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. Now in early access, Wrath is already establishing itself as more than just a “retro shooter” or “Quake clone”. It’s an amazing new experience that innovates well beyond the status quo of this genre.

#37 Dragonfly (Eviternity & Prodeus)

Dragonfly is the map maker behind such Doom projects as Skulldash and Eviternity. If that isn’t enough for you, he’s also mapping for the upcoming Indie FPS game Prodeus. Here we go in depth about Dragonfly’s passion for Doom, the making of Eviternity, the ins and outs of progressive duel and even some insider knowledge on the making of Prodeus.

#38 Airdorf (FAITH)

WARNING! NON FPS INCOMING! This week we’re joined by Airdorf, developer of FAITH which is a top down horror game harkening back to the MS-DOS and Atari 2600 days with gorgeous rotoscope animations and chilling minimalistic horror storytelling that hits all the right nerves. Airdorf also created the interactive trailer for horror film The Wind. His projects are currently available on itch.io while FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is under works with New Blood Interactive. Be sure to follow the project on Steam. Since the release of this episode, Airdorf has revealed two new projects: Extra Ordinary and Earl’s Day Off.

#39 Shadesmaster & BloodShot (Slayer’s Testaments)

Ever wondered what it would feel like if Doom 2016 or Eternal were built inside the Quake 1 engine? Brothers BloodShot & Shadesmaster did, and they’re creating it right now in the form of the mod Slayer’s Testaments. They’re also known for their previous work on Quake 1.5 and much in the Quake mapping community. BloodShot is also mapping for WRATH: Aeon of Ruin.

#40 Hakita (ULTRAKILL)

Hakita is the man behind ULTRAKILL, a unique FPS game that combines the fast-paced decision making of Doom with rhythmic combat, PS1-era graphics and a face melting original soundtrack that is wowing the indie scene. We discuss the labor of love that is game-making, the art of storytelling, how to get noticed in the modern gaming market and a whole lot more. 

#41 Frederik Schreiber (3D Realms)

Fred Schreiber is more than just the vice president & executive producer of 3D Realms, founder & director of Slipgate Ironworks and overlord of what we hold sacred here at The Keep. He’s a true fan and connoisseur of classic gaming and a revolutionary in the field, from his patronage in the days of Apogee to his work on Duke Nukem Reloaded. In many ways, Fred is the Father of the Retro Shooter and a hero to us all. Here we discuss his career at length, his work on Duke Reloaded, 3DR’s recent success with Ion Fury, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, Kingpin: Reloaded, the upcoming Ghostrunner and more in this packed episode.

#42 JCR (Quake Mapper)

JCR is a talented Quake mapper, modder & co-host on The Quakecast along with dumptruck_ds & ArrrCee. He recently hosted the January Jump Jam, a collection of maps designed by experts in the community to exploit his Jump Mod which turns Quake into a 3D platforming experience.

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