Talk about Games (Podcast) – Quake and Quake Remastered

Quake and Quake Remastered - Talk About Games

The latest Talk About Games Podcast features Quake and Quake Remastered.

If you’ve been a YouTube since the beginning you might recognize Mike Matei from helping Cinemassacre or the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Mike has started his own stream and YouTube channel since leaving Cinemassacre to pursue his own streaming career.

The other host name is Ryan and he works with Cinemassacre as well with his company Screenwave Media. He has been a long time gamer and even enjoys Quake.

It’s a great podcast episode and I highly recommend checking it out if you are a retro gamer. We don’t normally share out other podcast who we aren’t partnered with. Since this is mostly about Quake and I’ve been a long time fan of what they have done for a long time. I figure I would give some exposure today.

Music Problems with Quake

Mike mentions in the podcast that he had problems with the music and streaming it. This has been a problem ever since they released a Vinyl LP of the original Quake Music.

This happens to the best of us. Even whenever we use modern source port engine like Quakespasm we can run into problems.

Having problems with music in Quake Spasm? You should check out this guide.

Quake Music Non Copyright

Luckily someone over on the Func_Msgboard has compiled a pack to get past all of those issues.

Download The Alternate Quake Music Click Here

I’ve ran into this problem myself making YouTube video even, and not even streaming. I also know another Quake YouTuber Greenwood who does lots of playthroughs has encountered this as well.

It’s a safe bet to just go ahead and install this pack so you won’t encounter any problems.

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Windows 365, Final Fantasy XIV, and More!

Microsoft Officially announces Windows 365, basically a Virtual Machine hosted by Microsoft! This is pretty big news but as more and more companies decide to go to a “cloud” or a hosted service. The more stuff we will likely see of this.

I think this is big news as Microsoft can make a better and more streamlined version of Windows accessible anywhere.

Is this the Future of Windows and Operating Systems?

In today’s podcast Smango is Joined by his Pal Naeb again from inthekeep!

Podcast Breakdown

This episode features the following segments!

  • Windows 365
  • Final Fantasy XIV Explodes / Asmongold WoW
  • Random Tech Support Story
  • Favorite Windows Operating System
  • Ending Segment

Windows 11 Leaks and Quake 25th Anniversary – Episode 37

Windows 11 Leaks all over the internet and Smango is here to talk about it!

Joined by his pal Naeb from they talk about the latest Windows 11 leaks and more

Also in this episode, we discuss the impact Quake has had on the gaming industry. The date this was recorded was Quake’s 25th Birthday!

Have you gotten your hands on a copy of Windows 11?

Windows 11 is supposed to be announced on June 24th, 2021. This marks a new ERA for the Information Technology world. Many changes I’ve even seen with the copy I got my hands on.

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Sanya Waffles, Jenna Pepper & Metal Neon are 3 of the amazing members of Waffle Iron Studios, publishers of the recent free to play GZ Doom engine game Scoot Hard DX. The game is… about… ponies…

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