Windows 365, Final Fantasy XIV, and More!

Microsoft Officially announces Windows 365, basically a Virtual Machine hosted by Microsoft! This is pretty big news but as more and more companies decide to go to a “cloud” or a hosted service. The more stuff we will likely see of this.

I think this is big news as Microsoft can make a better and more streamlined version of Windows accessible anywhere.

Is this the Future of Windows and Operating Systems?

In today’s podcast Smango is Joined by his Pal Naeb again from inthekeep!

Podcast Breakdown

This episode features the following segments!

  • Windows 365
  • Final Fantasy XIV Explodes / Asmongold WoW
  • Random Tech Support Story
  • Favorite Windows Operating System
  • Ending Segment

Windows 11 Leaks and Quake 25th Anniversary – Episode 37

Windows 11 Leaks all over the internet and Smango is here to talk about it!

Joined by his pal Naeb from they talk about the latest Windows 11 leaks and more

Also in this episode, we discuss the impact Quake has had on the gaming industry. The date this was recorded was Quake’s 25th Birthday!

Have you gotten your hands on a copy of Windows 11?

Windows 11 is supposed to be announced on June 24th, 2021. This marks a new ERA for the Information Technology world. Many changes I’ve even seen with the copy I got my hands on.

Community Building Eco Server – Episode 36

If there is one thing this place needs, it is a way to build up the community a bit. This is why the Community Building Eco Server is up!

Be sure to join Discord so you never miss an update or a way to community with everyone else playing on the server!

More Eco Server Info Here

Topics in This Podcast Episode!

  • FTP Eco Server Has Launched
  • Quake Mapping is Fun
  • Master Arena Duel Tournament
  • When will Computer Components Go Down Again
  • When is a good time to upgrade your computer

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League of Legends is still good in 2021 – Quake, DBT, and Rust

It’s amazing how RIOT a company that started from nothing still charts at the top of the Twitch Streams with its amazing game. Riot also has plans to release a MMORPG in the following year or so, that is something to look forward too.

Riot is a company that does Free to play correctly and pretty much set the standard, that is discussed in this episode.

Also along side League of Legends discussions Smango talks about Quake Champions and some updates to the Quakefans website. Diabotical decides to stop promoting e-Sports pretty much killing the game and ending all hope for it to be a true contender to the AFPS scene.

Meanwhile Survival games such as Rust are making a comeback to the PC Gaming scene.

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Small Note – I know the Episode Numbers are all screwed up on YouTube this is # is taking after the latest Quakefans radio Episode number 34, so this is episode 35. After a few podcasts everything will straighten itself back out.

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