In The Keep Podcast – #97 Sanya Waffles, Jenna Pepper & Metal Neon (Waffle Iron Studios)

Sanya Waffles, Jenna Pepper & Metal Neon are 3 of the amazing members of Waffle Iron Studios, publishers of the recent free to play GZ Doom engine game Scoot Hard DX. The game is… about… ponies… Waffle Iron Studios/Scoot Hard DX: Website / Twitter / Discord Sanya: Twitter / Daytime Drama Jenna: Twitter Metal … Read more

In The Keep Podcast – #95 Kaapeli47 (Golds of FPS)

Kaapeli47 is a Twitch streamer, eSports broadcaster, Doom modder & historian of all things Retro FPS. He has FINALLY returned to the Keep after spending a year conscripted in the Finnish military. We’re discussing what he learned through his time in the service, his ongoing stream series Golds of FPS which explores classic first-person shooter … Read more