In The Keep Podcast – #22 dumptruck_ds (Quakecast)

In The Keep Podcast - #22 dumptruck_ds (Quakecast/Quake Mapping Community)
ITK w/ dumptruck_ds

dumptruck_ds is a host on the Quakecast (w/ ArrrCee), a prominent Quake mapper, proprietor of the Quake Mapping Community Discord and creator of excellent Trenchbroom tutorials on his YouTube channel. In this interview we cover his origins in Doom and Quake, how he got into mapping, some of his favorite podcast guests and plenty more.

dumptruck_ds & ArrrCee

I’ve been a big fan of the Quakecast ever since I first heard their episode with Jeremiah ‘KillPixel’ Fox. dumptruck_ds and ArrrCee captivated me with their energy, interview styles and with the insanely cool guests they got. Getting the inside scoop on Wrath: Aeon of Ruin was one thing, but hearing KillPixel tell his incredible life story is another thing entirely.

dumptruck_ds is the analytical, careful, detailed master of digging deep into his guest’s psyche. ArrrCee is the wild card because of his ability to maintain a casual atmosphere and bring the room back to base level even after an insane tangent onset by his co-host which is essential to the chemistry that makes Quakecast so special.

My Favorite Episodes of The Quakecast

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#18: Jeremiah ‘KillPixel’ Fox – Creator of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin

  • This episode is special simply because of KillPixel’s INSANE journey into creating one of the most highly anticipated FPS games in recent memory.

#21: NationwideMoose of U.S. Quake Community

  • Do I have to spell this one out for ya? Hearing this episode… It changed my life. Without spoiling the interview… Moose grew up only a few towns over from me. He shares a very similar (and later-in-life) discovery of Quake and I had never met or even heard of him. Because of my hearing this episode, we’ve not only established a great working relationship between USQC & The Keep, but have become close friends as well. PS: I love you, Moose!

#33 – Qmaster – The Keep and Citadel

  • I distinctly remember this episode because I was in the middle of one of the most runs I’ve ever been on and it kept my legs moving. Qmaster was such an interesting guest due to his passionate work on Citadel, his years-long attempt to recreate System Shock for a modern audience. Also his Quake mod is called The Keep… 😉

#39 Dark Ambient Composer – Immorpher

  • Immorpher was on quite recently and this episode struck me because of his particular niche, creating dark ambient soundtracks for Doom and Quake. Not only that but he’s a fucking scientist!

#32 – Jehar – ESports Commentator

  • Do I need to spell this one out for you?

#29 – M3ssia of USQC

  • I’m told that I was directly involved in this interview happening… Whatever the case, the fact is that M3ssia’s efforts to keep QuakeWorld alive in North America is one of the most fascinating stories circulating in our community. Show him some love in his new home: US QuakeWorld.

#34 – Andrew Hulshult – Music Composer

  • This episode still hurts my soul. Not because Andrew FUCKING Hulshult isn’t my favorite composer in all of gaming (he totally is), but because it premiered the day after I first interviewed him a Quakecon 2019. Regardless, his appearances on Quakecast and on In The Keep are both highlights of my life.

So what’s my ALL TIME favorite Quakecast episode?

#26: TheMotherload – Podcast Host

  • Just kidding, but it truly was an honor to be asked to be on the show because it gave me a chance to tell my story and to spend time with two of my biggest heroes in both podcasting and the Quake community.

dumptruck_ds’s Quake Mapping Community

The Quake Mapping Community Discord is a wonderful resource for all things in mapping because it’s a safe and wonderful place to share your art and receive honest and positive feedback from some of the most prolific names in the mapping scene.

This stems from dumptruck_ds’s spectacular YouTube channel because that is where he shares his vast and all encompassing knowledge of TrenchBroom. His tutorials and compilations are the perfect introduction to both new and returning Quake mapping enthusiasts. His latest project, The progs_dump Devkit, is an attempt at giving mappers the ability to create the projects of their dreams and has exciting new cooperative play implications.

dumptruck_ds TrenchBroom tutorial

dumptruck_ds Links

The Keep

Quakefans FPS Podcast Network

Quakecast #32 – Jehar – ESports Commentator

Our friends dumptruck_ds (Quake Mapping Community) and Arrrcee (The Quake Grave) the Quakecast recently interviewed the man, myth and legend himself over on the QuakeCast…


The interview covers everything from Jehar’s entry into eSports commentary, the nature and market of modern eSports, Quake Champions, mapping projects and much MORE!

You can listen here:




Quakecast #29: M3ssia of USQC

Sick of booting up your client only to see that no one is online in the whole continent? Hoping for a QuakeWorld renaissance in North America? Didn’t know there was one? Need a new podcast to listen to on that long drive to work? Well… Your Savior has arrived!

M3ssia aka The Messiah of QuakeWorld was recently a featured guest on The Quakecast. Why do you care? Because M3ssia is one of the most intelligent and proactive people in the Quake community and he is bringing QuakeWorld to a server near you!

For those who don’t know his work, M3ssia is the Quake server admin at the U.S. Quake Community. He has one mission:


His efforts to keep dedicated QuakeWorld servers up and running, along with consistent weekly events have not gone unnoticed and he discusses this at length with dumptruck_ds and ArrCee in their latest episode:

USQC has partnered with the Keep to bring his message to the masses. Therefore, you should show the guys at Quakecast and M3ssia some love by giving this show a listen.

You can also check out M3ssia’s previous interview on In The Keep:

Quakecast #26: TheMotherload

For those who haven’t checked it out already, I was recently a guest on The Quakecast.

It was my esteemed pleasure to chat with dumptruck_ds (Quake Mapping Community) and Arrrcee (The Quake Grave) about my experience in Quake/AFPS, the message of the Drowned God Cthalha, the origins of In The Keep podcast and a little bit about me personally.

Their podcast is excellent. I highly recommend you hit that subscribe button and explore their catalog for more of their conversations with awesome people from all around the Quake Community.

“High tide raises all ships.”

Show them some love, and tell ’em Quake Fans sent ya!

The interview:


Quake Mapping Community: