Quake Champions Timed Duel vs Round Duel

Quake Champions Timed Duel

In today’s Quakefans YouTube video I decided to discuss the recent PTS patch including Timed Duel.

While in the PTS notes they did mention that Spawns are kind of jacked up it was very apparent in some of the live streamed events I watched.

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Quake Champions CTF is HERE… Sort of!

If you’ve been wanting Quake Champions CTF then you no longer have to wait. Well, if you have the PTS. Pretty sure you can get the PTS on steam now as long as you let the QC Support team know. Reason I know this is because I MYSELF had to let them know I bought the champions pack FOREVER AGO.

Biggest Upcoming Changes

I cannot wait for some of these amazing changes talked about in the Quake Community Stream Video.

Bringing a battle pass, removing stupid runes and CTF. This has to be the greatest patch ever released for Quake Champions by far. I’m just really glad that the developers are actually listening and DELIVERING the goods and making Quake Champions awesome! Check out the full Patch Notes Here.

Awesome Things coming!

  • No more Runes – no more stupid rune pages, or DUPLICATE RUNES! Yippe!
  • CTF
  • Battle pass

Quake Champions Player Count

I believe that the CTF patch whenever it drops on the live servers. Will have a great impact on getting more people to come back and play Quake Champions. This should’ve been released way before the latest game-mode Sacrifice, which is basically a Counter-Strike-esk gamemode. 

CTF should bring back some old players and hopefully new players. I look for the Player Count to grow. Above is the player count for Saturday. Overall not great but not bad and remember this is only the quake champions steam player count.

Remember PTS Only

All of this is ACTIVE right now in PTS only. This isn’t available on the Live servers yet but it is COMING.I plan on releasing a video with my experiences with it ASAP. I’m still working on getting a YouTube channel going to go along side the blog! 

Exciting stuff huh? YouTubes and Blogs yay.

Citadel New Map

Citadel is 100% the most symmetrical maps and is designed better for CTF. This is one thing QC has missed for a while. That is the symmetrical maps. They just work wayyyy better for objective based gametypes. Running around in an arena playing TDM/Duel/FFA is all fine and dandy. 

We even need more Symmetrical maps. A lot of the are just going to feel extremely better now.

Quake Champions December Patch

All of this will probably be released right at the end of December. So watch out for it to drop really quick on the live servers. I know I’m looking forward to all the changes. Progressing all my champions I like to play just sounds awesome! 

You can check out the November Eisen Patch here. 

Quake Champions Forum

Don’t forget here at Quakefans.net we do have a BRAND NEW forum for chatting about Quake, and of course Quake Champions you can visit the Forum by clicking here. The forum needs moderators and more people! Join up!

Quake Champions Discord

We also have all the known discord’s as well as our discord for Quake Champions listed. If you want yours to be listed, just simply shoot me an email and the name of it with a perma link and I’ll throw it on the website!

Really looking forward to this upcoming patch and playing some more PTS before it even drops you can find me in-game live KYnerd or PTS OpenGL.

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Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS

The Devs are listening!

You can check the full Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS patch notes over on the official forums.

I finally got around to check out the PTS late last night. Of course, there was no one online at 3 A.M. EST (hence why I want to push a nightshift server) so I had to play bots. Here are my thoughts on the previous patch.

Late Night Custom to Test the PTS

A cool thing I noticed in the custom games is that have ADDED ALOT of fun game types. Also, now you can even play “Nightmare Bots”.

I decided to give an FFA full of Nightmare bots a shot, I figure here we go finally I can practice anytime I want. Nightmare bots still aren’t as good as human players. It’s not even close.

Perhaps they Nightmare bots aren’t completely active I don’t know but it wasn’t even close. I believe the bot that came in #2nd barely had half as many as I did. The game was to 50 I think it scored 23? Anyways it was still fun, and I still got killed a few times.

The best things they fixed in the Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS

Lightning Gun

  • Note: Players have reacted positively to the dps change, but felt that the rof change was highly negative.
  • • Damage 7 to 6 • Rate of fire 52 to 48 ms (134 to 125 dps) • Knockback 6 to 7

This is the first thing I tested. The LG feels GREAT now, the nerf was needed and it still feels amazing to use and fun. It’s time to start Raining down 66666666s on people.


  • Disable shooting after initiating dual-wield 1000 to 500 ms
  • Disable shooting after dual-wield expires 500 to 0 ms

BJ’s ability isn’t as powerful but it’s not completely useless now.  I still think he needs just a tad more of a tweak but at least its BETTER and useable again.

Overall Feel

I’d love to get a chance to try some Duels in the Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS. But, you still can’t duel bots for whatever reason and no one available to duel at the time I tried the PTS. If there was one thing I wish they would still reverse it would be the rocket speed. I really don’t think it was necessary to change but I think I can live with it.

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