Master Arena Duel Invitational Tournament 03/06/2021

Insanity Instagib Cup 1 Trailer | Master Arena

The guys over at Masterarena have invited yours truly Smango, to compete in the dual tournament this weekend.

I will be training with what little time I have to at least make an effort in the tournament.

You can check out what all other tournaments are coming up by going clicking here.

You can check out the first training VOD over on our YouTube Channel!

Live Alpha Master Arena Gameplay

The 2nd day of training went a bit better, I finally figured out you have to change both mouse sensitivity settings.

I believe even FX is getting better at dueling on NA-East servers. I’m having to rely on the LG or Electro-gun a lot to secure a kill. At this point I think rockets are a bit slower than they need to be.

Is Xonotic a Good Game?

In today’s article, we will be discussing the Xonotic game and if it is good or not.

In my opinion it is Easily, of the best overlooked Arena first-person shooters known to man.

If there is one alternate Arena FPS that deserves your attention, it is Xonotic.

But is it too late, is the market over saturated with AAA Arena FPS Games? Stick around as I cover the Fork of Nexuiz and more.

Xonotic vs Nexuiz

Xonotic wasn’t built from the ground up.

The game is actually a Fork of a darkplaces engine game called Nexuiz.
Why is this important you might ask?

Lee Vermeulen Nexuiz’s creator decided he would secretly go behind the developers and communities back, by selling off the Brand of the game. Most of the developers of Nexuiz were blinded sided by this information.

They decided to fork the game to open source at the end of 2010 with a preview!

Personally, I think Xonotic is leaps and bounds better than Nexuiz.

While the games are obviously similar, the Movement and gameplay changes are enough to make me lean to Xonotic as the superior of the 2 from the classic build. illfonic’s Nexuiz 2012 on Xbox 360 & PC. Went on to be on a crytec engine almost becoming a completely different game. You can learn more about the commercial release of Nexuiz by watching the video below.

Xonotic plays more like a Quake game does than Nexuiz.

Xonotic FPS Trailer

There is no official Trailer for Xonotic. But, we are in luck. This awesome Frag Movie by Smilesytche is pretty amazing. It’s better than what a real trailer would be in my opinion anyways so I hope you enjoy. I also suggest giving this channel a follow if you are into learning jump and speed run maps.

Xonotic Game Podcast Episode

In this episode, I discuss the Xonotic Arena FPS game. IT IS a GREAT game that is overlooked.
As I kept searching for something to scratch the Diabotical itch. This Fork of the early versions of Neuxiz is the best of the bunch. Based on the Darkplaces Engine this game is tons of fun, great graphics.

For some reason, I missed the 2010 golden era of Arena FPS Games. Why couldn’t I have played this when it was on top?

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Xonotic Install Maps

As with most PC games that allow you to add custom maps and textures it can get a bit confusing where to put files.

Xonotic makes it pretty simple at least for windows.

Just drop the .pk3 file to the Xonotic folder for example in Microsoft Windows


This is where I would put any custom maps or files I’ve downloaded.

If you are running on Linux/Mac: ~/.xonotic/data/

Xonotic Requirements

While there is no official minimum or recommended requirements, I can go ahead and tell you that this game will run on a toaster. (not literally this is just a phrase for a bad computer.)

It has been confirmed to run decently on a system with the specifications listed below

  • Pentium 4 2.4GHz or better
  • Nvidia Geforce 6200 or better
  • 1 GB of RAM or better
  • and 5GB+ HDD space

These specs are ancient and very slow compared to today’s standards. If you have a custom-built PC you can pretty much guarantee you can run this game with ease. It’s also portable and available on Linux so revive you an old PC and throw Xonotic on there and try it out.

The game runs butter smooth on my system which I will link to here so you can view. The Xonotic hardware requirements shouldn’t be very much if you are building a system towards it. You could build a system with used parts for very little expense.

Most recently I’ve purchased a $300-$400 laptop from Amazon in the year 2021 and it is more than powerful enough to run Xonotic over 60 FPS.

Is The Xonotic Game Good: Conclusion

Xonotic doesn’t come out of the box perfect by any means. As it’s not on a full release.

I kind of hate the sounds of the game but you can replace them with Zeroql-SoundPack and get awesome Quake 4 sounds. The gameplay is fantastic as well as the graphics.

Whenever you are looking for a Free and Fast-Paced shooter it really doesn’t get much better than this. The game is available on Linux and runs like smooth butter. Xonotic on 2020 modern rigs run almost perfect.

Sweet Logo

Add some of your favorite maps from other Arena FPS games like Quake and get together with some of your friends.

The only downfall to this game is that it’s not popular. You’ll have to look for discord to schedule and find an online match, at least in North America. If you are worried about the Xonotic player count before you pick up and start playing. You can check out the Xonotic Stats Page and view everyone who is playing.

As far as I know, the game hasn’t received a major update in many years. It’s sad whenever I run across some of these games wishing I had played them at the top of their time.

According to the Xonotic Subreddit one of the developers says that the game is currently in active development. It might not be a fast development, but that is good news going forward!

The Article might be subject to change over time to reflect changes in searches.

In The Keep Episodes 30-33

Things tend to get busy over the holidays. I certainly stayed busy. We even managed to publish plenty of In The Keep for you guys. But as you may have noticed, the last thing I felt like doing was writing an article for each one of these episodes. Hell, I’m amazed we were able to get anything recorded, edited and published at all. But low and behold, a Cthalha-mas miracle! We had some amazing guests over the season, so I thought it best to do a batch order right here on If you were too busy to listen over your holiday break, hold onto your pants cause you missed A LOT!

#30 CrazyAl & GMT (TimConLAN)

We kicked off the season to be jolly with an awesome chat with CrazyAl & GMT. Tune if if you’re chomping at the bit for info on Diabotical…

#31 Makaveli (Quake 2/3 Pro)

If you don’t know who Victor “Makaveli” Cuadra is, you might not really be the Quakefan you think you are. Don’t worry, we got ya covered in this Christmas special.

TALKING DOOM w/ Flambeau, AF-Domains & HumanBones

It wouldn’t have been the holidays without jolly ol’ Saint Flambeau on our favorite In The Keep special. This was our New Years special where we discuss the Year of Doom, what it meant to us and what’s on the horizon in 2020 with some of the best people in the world of multiplayer Doom.

#32 Brad Carney Returns

The last time we spoke to Brad “Carnevil” Carney was in an episode recorded at Quakecon 2019 that I very rudely had to leave early. We were long overdue to revisit our chat and talk more in depth about Skulltag, Wrack, Wrack: Exoverse, the future of Wrack and Brad’s new position at Ubisoft.

#33 MiFU (The Sentinel’s Playground)

We waited a VERY long time to chat with Major MiFU, the man behind, a free & automated server host for the online Doom source port Zandronum. The Keep’s & US Quake Community’s Zandronum servers are powered by The Sentinel’s Playground!

Be sure to like/subscribe/review on your favorite podcast directory! As always, you can get all these episodes (and more content) on our YouTube channel if you prefer. You can find ways to get involved with and support the Keep right here on!

P.S.: There was also a new Doom Is Dead? Podcast

#04 KingDime

No big deal, just the best Doom speedrunner in the world… They talked about some silly Doom tournament coming up that has like a $1500 USD cash prize

New In The Keep Series: Maps of Madness

So we gotta new show for you guys called Maps of Madness. I would like to say that I had brainchild and that this was all part of the plan, but it wasn’t. This is a little something different. Its been one hell of a year, but we’ve managed to create a unique, self-sustaining show with guests and content that I personally find invaluable, regardless of my own involvement. This show has connected me with some of the most amazing people I could ever hope to interact with over the past year.

Every single episode has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

But I wanted something more. Inspired by some of Jehar of’s latest streams titled Mapper’s Mark, I thought a little more about what sort of content I want to see…

I Spend Too Much Time Watching YouTube…

I spend a LOT of time watching my favorite YouTubers’ content. Civvie 11, IcarusLiv3s, GmanLives, Quake Fans… Probably too much time, actually. Fans of In The Keep Podcast know and share my passion for FPS games. I watch these shows and streams and I think, what do they do that I don’t do? Conversely I think, what do they not do that I might be able to bring to the table. The vast majority of gaming content is simply the gamer him/herself playing, a personality, having fun and adding some commentary. The names above go a bit deeper with top notch editing, well-thought-out opinions and unique perspectives that make them each special and worth watching.

What I liked about these recent streams from Jehar was one thing in particular. The creator is present. It’s not just the perspective of the player. It offers live commentary from the creator who is able to guide, explain, elaborate and showcase what they intend for the viewer/player to take away from their experience. This, from my point of view, offers a whole new layer of player/developer interaction that can be extremely valuable to our niche genre of gaming.

Maps of Madness Is Born

So when I had the opportunity to sit down and play Glitch Arena with developer the_hack, I seized it. I launched The Keep’s ol’ Twitch stream up and proceeded to get the tour of a lifetime through one of the games that I believe to be among the most interesting within modern AFPS’s.

This inspired me to do more. Thus, Maps of Madness was born. We are now 5 episodes in featuring ZDaemon City, single-player & multiplayer Doombringer and an early look at UberGewei of Final Boss Entertainment’s latest contribution to his ZDaemon Sessions Christmas Special wad.

You can check out Maps of Madness via the above links or here is a nifty playlist.

Whatever you do, happy Cthalhamas and thank you for joining me on this journey over the past year! Rest assure that your donations through Patreon help cultivate The Keep!