Church of the Unholy Quake Map and Mod

Church of the Unholy is one of those maps that fit right into the mold of which is Quake.

The only problem with this map or release is that it requires the FTE Quake Engine.

Which I’m not saying its a bad engine at all, I’ve just never had a good time getting it to work.

I did however get it to work by doing a fresh directory and placing the pak files into it. I will also note that I had to do the minimum FTE patch installs too. Doing the full would break it as well.

There are some graphical textures missing still but I’m not sure which patch I’m missing. As far as I know, there is no definitive guide on setting up FTE. If anyone wants to help me write one or help me make a video. We can get that up on Quakefans as soon as possible.

Map Download – Click Here

Be sure to place all the files into the root of the quake directory. Tailor the .bat file to run to your needs.

Church of the Unholy Review

This map was solid. The overall feeling and craftmanship went into this map. Inky the author even stats that it feels like a Hexen map, since he came from Hexen. I agree it really does give that feeling, that you are somehow transported over to hexen with Shamblers running around in it.

The map gets a solid 4/5 rating it was enjoyable, but I did get lost and was unable to complete the level. I only give myself so much time to play through a level or I would’ve eventually figured it out I’m sure.

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