Classic FFA Quake Champions The Most Balanced Game Type?

Classic FFA mode was added to Quake Champions matchmaking. This is the mode that everyone in the Quake Community complained about not having.

There are no random champions, no abilities, no armor start. Just straight up Ranger Vs. Ranger deathmatch (like the original). Is this NOT what everyone complained and whined about for so long on the Quake Champions subreddit.

The complaint about champions, and abilities not making Quake Champions fun???!!

Classic FFA Quake

No Champions and No Abilities

How many times have you stopped over on one of the forums or the subreddit? Just to read THIS ISN’T QUAKE, Quake Doesn’t work with abilities.

It’s toooooooo random.

All the champions have different stackssssssssssssssss.

I really could not tell you how many times I’ve read this in the past 2 and almost 3 years. That the reason people didn’t like Quake Champions was because of the abilities and champions.

Well, HERE we are and yet no one is playing this mode.

It MAKES NO SENSE. This is literally what everyone griped about and I have to wait for almost 20 minutes to even get close to a match.

Perhaps this is not really what everyone wanted after all…

Classic FFA to Classic Duel Mode?

Is it because you prefer dueling? I mean I get it really you could just go duel on Quakeworld at some point if Quake Champions isn’t your style.

I really do believe that the graphics and an even match up would be interesting to see. Maybe not make it a ranked mode.

Quake III Logo

Why is there just a Ranked mode anyways for Duels in Quake Champions? There should be a separate matchmaking mode for people who want to warm up before heading into Ranked. Throw Classic Timed Duel mode into that and you’ve got something you can at least monitor.

Let’s see how people would enjoy it.


Quake Champions released a mode that everyone “wanted”. Even Champions across the board, with no armor, and no abilities.

Yet for some reason, the Matchmaking system puts you into the queue for 15-20 minutes. This tells me one thing, is that no one is queuing up or no one even knows what it is.

I think adding a server browser would FIX a ton of Quake Champions issue. Only one can dream I guess.

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