Quake Champions Update Includes New Map Deep Embrace

The Latest Quake Champions patch introduces us with a new map called Deep Embrace.

Alongside many other map improvements and Halloween decorations for your champions, the biggest addition to Quake Champions is the Map. The other noteworthy thing is another Lighting Gun skin called the Incinerator and 2 other weapons skins.

Deep Embrace
  • OLD PAINLESS – Quake II Chaingun, a vanity for the Heavy Machinegun
  • EXECUTIONER – Quake II Hyperblaster, a vanity for the Super Nailgun
  • INCINERATOR – Quake II Ground Zero Plasma Beam, a vanity for the Lightning Gun

The Incinerator is my favorite skin but also requires you to get level 100 in the battle pass to obtain. So have fun grinding that battle pass or using that credit card to get it quickly.

Deep Embrace Video

In this Quakefans video you can find a quick look into the Deep Embrace Map and a look at some of the weapon skins.

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Deep Embrace has a nice little hole I’m sure will take the lives of many champions in the arena. It really is a little hole that will sneak up on you thinking its a quick turn into a dark corridor. Turns out its not!

My overall thoughts on the map are that is the best one that has released in a long time. The Map looks catered towards duel but its also a fun TDM and I’m sure a fun FFA map as well.

This map includes both power-up items the Quad and Protection for some interesting gameplay! If you enjoy smaller maps this one is about as perfect as it can get. It’s bigger than Bloodrun but small enough for some fun engagements.

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