In The Keep Podcast – #19 DevastatioN (Doom 2 Pro)

Chris “DevastatioN” Felix is one of the best and most respected Doom 2 players in the world. At Quakecon 2019, he won a triple crown championship in Doom 2, taking 1st place medals for 1v1, 2v2, and deathmatch. He is the author of DevastatioN’s Doom Bible, a strategy guide on how to become the best Doom player you can be. In his spare time, he is the President of the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association, fostering the growth of young chess players in his home province.

When I was introduced to DevastatioN at Quakecon 2019, I had no idea who I was meeting. The Doom community seemed to flock around this person and it was absolutely fascinating. But when I saw him in action, everything suddenly made sense…

Master of Doom

DevastatioN is a master of Doom. His approach to the game is akin that of Da Vinci taking brush to canvas. When I sat down with him at dinner to pick his brain, it became apparent why. He approaches his game of choice in a way that few others may ever understand. Why is he so good? What makes him so special? Its because he was taught, not how to play, but how to think.

DevastaioN’s Doom Bible is an essential read for aspiring competitive Doom players. This essay lays out the foundation that builds a true Doom God covering every topic from aiming, to movement & positioning, strategies, how to practice, the works. You’ll not likely find a more valuable resource.


Once again thank you to Branflakes for making these timestamps because she is a true Keeper of the Faith.

00:49 Thank you to our donors 🙂
03:38 One of the greatest Doom 2 DM players of all time
04:37 DevastatioN’s basic strategies
07:34 Sound tricks
12:49 Aiming to the right & other strats
20:43 Evolving your gameplay
25:07 Understanding the movement of your opponent
32:49 Map knowledge/Adapting to new maps
35:20 DevastatioN’s origin
44:05 Importance of teaching others
49:48 Improving in video games and chess
54:38 Differences in the same maps in different games
59:07 Evolution of strats
01:03:29 Doom CTF (CTF strategies/ callouts)
01:12:07 Casting/Watching a team tournament
01:18:02 ML’s last time talking about Doom ports
01:20:17 Hurricane Dorian
01:23:28 DevastatioN’s Plugs


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