Diabotical Beta Stress Test EVENT!

The Diabotical Beta stress test event starts today!

Quakefans.net along side the amazing host Smango will be live streaming starting at 1 P.M. EST. The event goes live around that time so be sure to check out https://www.diabotical.com/ to get invited today!

Don’t miss out on the event today as it won’t be live again till next month when the game goes OPEN BETA!

Diabotical Eggbot Cutout Transparent
Fredbott Quakefans.net Diabotical beta
Meet Fred

More About Diabotical

Diabotical is an Arena First Person Shooter based around the Quake 3 style multiplayer gameplay. Staying true to the roots of Arena FPS, the 2GD Studio has put a lot of effort to bring back the gold standard of arena FPS.

While the EGG bots might be off putting to some of the original Quake players. I for one love and enjoy the art style of the game.

You can customize your eggbot however you like.

I’ve deemed my Eggbot Fred for life and looking to see what else everyone comes up with in the coming future.

Diabotical will be a FREE-2-Play game and is only available on the Epic Game Store exclusively. At least for now, and possible up to 3 years.

Diabotical Beta Tips

You might be asking yourself what tips do I need whenever I’m trying out Diabtoical.

Watch the video above the latest Quakefans.net YouTube Video hit subscribe and listen!

Smango gives his tips on how to enjoy this weekends Beta Stress Test. You will need to learn how to move, and shoot like the rest of us to even keep up.

Also, Remember this is not Call of Duty… You cannot shoot someone once in the foot and get a kill. Unless you are playing Instagib but that is a special game mode.

Diabotical again is an Arena FPS. This means its based on Fast Speed, High Skills aiming, and timing to be great at this game. You are going to start off slow and you must work your way up.