Quake Mod – Slayer’s Testaments (Doom 2016 Mod)

This Quake Mod basically puts Doom 2016 available on the Quake Engine!

Slayer’s Testaments is more than just a proof of concept. It is a masterful mod.

Worthy of the top of any top 10 lists that make occur in the future of Quake Mods. If you are a current Quake Mod Developer.

Slayer’s Testment has earned the award or recognition at least from me, of The Golden Standard.

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This mod includes new graphics, monsters, weapons, music… It is simply amazing.

How to Download

You can download the Doom 2016 Mod for Quake known as Slayer’s Testaments off of Moddb.

Download Here

You will want to put this in your Quake directory and is normally installed like many other mods.

Usually a batch file is included and you can edit to to suit your fancy.

Now, get to play this awesome mod and enjoy more quake. #Quakefans