Doom Is Dead? Podcast – #01 TheMotherload (In The Keep)

“The Keep presents to you, the first episode of HumanBones’ new Doom Is Dead? Podcast. As the leader of the Multiplayer Doom Federation, Bones will guide you through the world of Doom in a series of interviews with members of the community. This interview was recorded at Quakecon: Year of Doom and features podcaster, community organizer, commentator and complete Doom noob… TheMotherload. Our conversation spans the trials and tribulations of managing online gaming communities, the differences and similarities between Doom and Quake, online Doom ports and so on.”

First of all, it is an honor to be the first guest and to introduce you to this amazing new show. These guys have been podcasting for a while. To be a part of their move to reach a bigger audience as the premiere guest is not something I take lightly. Dewsome and HumanBones are simultaneously veterans and revolutionaries in the Doom community. Because of their involvement in the IDL, WDL, and now their founding of the Multiplayer Doom Federation, they are truly making waves.

HumanBones was an early guest on In The Keep Podcast. He came on to tell us all about the history and future of the multiplayer Doom community and that interview can be heard under links.

Multiplayer Doom

I ran into these guys at Quakecon 2019. Immediately, I was taken in and shown around as a new member of the Doom community. Not only did they make me feel accepted, but also made a point to help promote our show, point me to exciting to guests from the Doom community and also to treat me to some delicious adult beverages. I felt completely at home at Quakecon and I owe a lot of it to the Doom community because of their passion and hospitality.

Top row/far right: Bones & Dew
Front row/far right: Motherload & Branflakes

I had all my recording gear handy so it only made sense to sit down together and record what has now become the all new Doom is Dead? Podcast. Because of this, ITK was able to get exciting interviews with Doom powerhouses such as Carnevil and DevastatioN.

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