Top 5 BEST Games Like Unreal Tournament

This list consists of the Best games like Unreal Tournament. While nothing 100% compares to the great UT.

There are several games out there that play similar, and most of them are even built on the Unreal Engine. The only problem with this list is that the player base is pretty small in all of these games. That doesn’t make them not great, because they really are fun. Maybe with this list, we can get some of these games to rise to the top.

The majority of the games are available on steam and even some are FREE. If you enjoy this post be sure to share it out!

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5.) Toxikk

Master Arena on Steam

TOXIKK honestly is a very awesome game. It’s however… not very popular in America. Good luck finding a game if you are from NA with ping less than 150, because it’s not GOING TO HAPPEN. One can wish though…

Toxikk has AMAZING graphics and gameplay! It’s honestly amazing to look at, runs smooth as butter. I’m not really sure why it’s not more popular. Perhaps its because it has a “FULL VERSION” and a “Free 2 Play” option which is just confusing.

4.) Goat of Duty

Goat of Duty

While the Title of the game is a play on words based on Call of Duty. It plays way more like an Arena FPS game like Unreal Tournament than a COD type shooter. Run around, RAM off the map, pretend you are dead.

The downfall of this game doesn’t really have servers and lags to no end. It’s fun and a very silly game though whenever it does work correctly. This game does have a purchase and it was VERY easy to find people to play against at launch. I haven’t tried it since but the game has had several updates.

3.) Master Arena

Master Arena Logo Transparent

Master Arena is a game to really keep your eye out on. It is probably the closest it comes to Unreal Tournament with a spin. The spin being a hyper-jump movement but the gun-play is VERY similar. The game is still in Alpha but has a great team working on it constantly.

Whenever this goes full release it is going to be a great game and hopefully played for years to come. Something to really look forward too in the coming years!

2.) Ratz Instagib

Ratz Instagib Gameplay

Ratz Instagib is such a great game. It’s probably the perfect Instagib game that never gets played. Rail jumping, huge maps, and you are a RAT!

I wish it was easier to find a match these days as there is no server browser and only has Match Making. The Playerbase has diminished but when and if you find a game. You are in for an absolute treat. It really is the best INSTAGIB game I’ve ever played that includes Unreal Tournament and Quake.

I really would love to see this be more popular and easier to find games.

game like unreal tournament

1.) Glitch Arena

games like unreal tournament glitch arena

I love Glitch Arena. I’m not even going to try to hide the fact that I’m a huge fanboy.

This indie developed AFPS has a solid crew of 2 PEOPLE. With ZERO budget!

The graphics are AWESOME, along side the retro and pixel feel.
SOUNDS are amazing, the guns feel great. The movement I honestly could go on.

Really, the only issue with Glitch Arena is that it released without server support, and you have to personally find a friend or someone to duel.

Now this game is still being worked on and goes for the very, very, very, very LOW price for $2.99 on steam.

It really is worth every penny and is by far my favorite and most recommended game on the list.

games like unreal tournament

If you are interested in hearing a podcast with the developer of Glitch Arena do yourself a favor and check out The Keeps latest episode with “The_Hack“.

Honorable Mention

If you are looking for just an Arena FPS game to get into is hard to go wrong with Warfork. I know it might be a fork of Warsow but it is showing great promise in the development team and runs on a solid engine… You know the ID TECH 2 engine really a version of it called Qfusion!

While it might fit more in the games like quake category it might be right up your alley if you are looking for something fresh to get into. When I’m not spending my time with Quake Champions or UT always check out who’s playing in the Warfork Servers.

Games Like Unreal Tournament Conclusion

Games like Unreal Touranment

With the development of Unreal Tournament to a screeching halt, it was time we looked for gaming like unreal tournament to play. Any of the games listed here are quality games and should be added to your Steam library as many are FREE anyways. If you are a huge AFPS fan like myself then do yourself a favor and at least pick-up Glitch Arena. It’s a quality game and deserves all the help and support that we can give it.

I believe Master Arena, in the long run, will be a viable option in the future. I’m still curious about what game will release a full version first. Diabotical or Master Arena?

Only time will tell.

I really hope that Unreal Tournament eventually gets the love that it deserves, with the epic launcher getting more popular day by day There is a chance that someone will eventually take notice. Maybe, they will finish development one day and we can enjoy a solid AFPS.

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