Tower of Koth and Hardware Cheating – Quake Champions

Hardware Cheats have been a thing as long as I can remember. With console gamers modding their Xbox controllers to do a rapid-fire faster or whatnot. For some reason, I never thought of a Mouse being used as a cheat device until recently. It has come out that Hailstorm the famous Athena players in Quake Champions admitted to using such a mouse. Find out what I think on the situations

Also covering the latest Quake Champions Patch and talking about the newest map Tower of Koth.

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The Rival 700

Steel Series Rival 700 is the mouse in question here. Apparently it has a “tactical alerts” that let you feel the game.

While I was recording the episode I was curious as to what a Overwatch player would use this mouse for. Even a MOBA game like League of Legends, where does this mouse really benefit the user?

Tower of Koth

You can set the mouse to do custom alerts… Alerts when something is picked up, a teammates health is low, your health is low, and items. I’m assuming this works with Quake Champions as well as it is customizable to fit any game.

What I’m curious about is how does it know to trigger whenever an opposing player picks up the Heavy Armor for example. Seems pretty suspicious to me.

The Rival 700 looks to no longer be in production but there are more versions of this mouse.

Hailstorm #1 Athena Live

You can watch Hailstorm live and show him some support over on Twitch. I’m not really sure about his streaming schedule maybe I will update this post if I figure that out.

If you are wanting to take your Athena game play to the next level Hailstorm is a pretty good person to bounce some questions off of.

A Word from HailstormTTV

Hailstorm Messaged me himself and wanted to make this statement as public as possible.

“I wanted to make it clear that I was never a cheater, nor do I endorse cheating in a competitive space. This mouse was a learning tool that I quickly dropped when I decided to start streaming and playing competitively. This was a mouse I always spoke openly about because as someone with a disability it allowed me to enjoy the game during the beginner stages and also learn it quickly.

I knew this mouse was not acceptable at LAN or in a competitive setting however so from the very beginning I chose never to integrate this into my play style. I was never a player known for my timing or great positioning because of it and instead opted to push the movement skill ceiling of Athena and adapt a style heavy on raw combat and unpredictability. The incident started because I had spoken about the mouse (which I would openly do) and as a streamer It raised concern that I believed it was okay for use in a competitive/tournament setting which I do not endorse.

There was very poor communication and it resulted in a very poorly worded tweet that created more confusion and anger. I love Quake, and its community and its been shown through the multiple contributions I’ve made and the positive interactions with its members and I believe that cheating hurts that as a whole.”

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