Halo Reach on the Xbox App Won’t Launch

If you are having issues with Halo Reach on The Xbox App then you are not alone. This is a quick guide to maybe help out!

Like many PC gamers out there we all got the awesome deal by upgrading our PCs that came with some sweet video game deals. Namely, the Xbox Game Pass which gives you free access to some of the top video games out. For Free for like 3 or 4 months!

What a deal!

Naturally here at Quakefans.net, we try to cover all Arena FPS and Halo does fit onto that spectrum of gaming. With the recent launch of Halo Reach, I wanted to give the game a try on PC. Turns out like many others the Xbox (beta) App would not launch the game. Many other games worked from the game pass but Halo Reach did not.

How to Launch Halo Reach using the Xbox Game Pass (Beta) App

Here is how to get it to launch.

  • You must use your Microsoft Account that has the Xbox Game Pass to do this.
  • Install Halo MCC using the Xbox Game Pass for PC (beta). Make sure it COMPLETELY installs.
  • Next, you must go to the Microsoft Store App and search for Halo Reach which should be available on your Xbox/Microsoft account.
halo reach microsoft store
  • YOU HAVE TO INSTALL THIS TOO. Wait till it is completely installed!
  • After it is completed you can now try launching the game. DO NOT USE THE XBOX GAME PASS APP.
  • You must launch the game from the start menu!
  • Now you can enjoy Halo Reach for free using Xbox Game Pass on PC

So Xbox App Install MCC, Microsoft Install Halo Reach, Play from Start Menu = Profit.

Things that did not work

If you clicked on Halo Master Chief Collection and was hyped up to play the game you noticed that the app minimized to the corner and you thought the game was launching.

It doesn’t.

You might’ve even been like me and tried to re-install Halo MCC thinking corruption happened.

It doesn’t work.

The above method in-fact does work and I enjoyed playing Halo Reach using the Xbox Game Pass App for free!

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