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Pavel “Hawr1x” Kymla is an eSports journalist ( dedicated to providing an insightful and statistical analysis of Quake Champions. ¬† has covered every Quake game since its inception, with Hawr1x taking over during the hay day of Quake 4. He is now covering the Quake Pro League on an international scale. We discuss the state of the QPL, the modernization of eSports, how he gets his information, the challenges of his work/life balance, our favorite Quake players and much more.¬†

I enjoyed every bit of this 90 minute conversation with Hawr1x because he is FULL of great information. His insane stories, long history in the game, well formulated opinions and overall positive personality make for a near perfect candidate to be on In The Keep.


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00:50 Caco-lantern contest/Thank you to our Patreon supporters!
2:48 In The Keep T-shirts
5:06 Hawr1x’s introduction
7:52’s evolution into
10:56 Player stats
14:50 Changes in weapon pickups
18:28 Controlling spawn points
20:58 Journalist and analyzer
22:29 Beginnings with Quakeworld/Meaning of Hawr1x’s name
24:07 Czech gaming associations
26:26 The switch from Czech to English on’s evolution along with eSports
29:18 Origin of id Software and conventions
36:22 Promoting eSports on National TV isn’t always effective
45:00 Non-disclosure agreements
47:18 Promotion of Quake/Spreading the word of community
54:58 Trying out other games
58:51 Gore in games
01:03:30 Olympics hosting eSports
01:04:12 A shift in eSports due to microtransactions
01:08:10 eSport associations and organizations
01:13:40 Players Hawr1x is excited about
01:17:25 Stats can’t always define a player
01:22:37 Closing thoughts/Lead by example and be positive!


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