Paladins: Opening up to another F2P Hero Shooter

Paladins and Quake… Could it be?

While the main focus will always remain Arena Shooters or games like Quake. It’s time that we open up a door to another game or genre in the same realm.

I’ve played Paladins for a while and while its not your typical AFPS, more in the realm of a “Hero Shooter”. I hate really trying to classify all these games but they really do play different.

QC keeps Declining

With the Dwindling decline of the AFPS genre and more specifically the player count decline of that latest Quake, Quake Champions. Its just time to open up to other options. Before we close up shop on Quakefans and have nothing to talk about.

Almost 20x the Players

It will be nice to start covering a game that has a bigger player base and hopefully brings in some new traffic. Not only more people interested but Paladins is on consoles too maybe even reach an even bigger audience.

Whats Not Happening

QuakeFans is not dropping Arena FPS… Ever. Quake or anything resembling quake will always remain the main focus of the site, YouTube, and more.

If you want a break down of how I look at content.

Quake Champions, All Quakes, Doom > Unreal Tournament, Diabotical, Indie AFPS, Maybe Halo > Paladins

The real problem is that the first Tier isn’t producing much content anymore. I love arena FPS games and Quake is one of my favorite games of all time so it will always be talked about as long as this site remains alive.

What is Happening

Needing to Pivot so I can produce content that people might actually… well find.

For whatever reason, I cannot rank very high for Quake Champions content. It makes no sense… or maybe its because no one is really searching for it anymore. Either way, this seems like the best course of action so I can stay motivated and keep the very small community alive.

Maybe I can convince some Paladin players to give Quake a try one day. Perhaps vice-versa.

From experience the Paladins community is pretty nice, it has a e-sport following as well. Something right up my ally.

Since Quake Champions focuses on Heroes and Abilities now, it is similar to a game like Paladins anyways. Perhaps, Quake Champions could take a page out of what Paladins is doing correctly and get a bigger following. As you see above they have about 20x the amount of players QC does on steam.

Conclusion on adding Paladins

I’m seriously worried about the Fate of Quake Champions. Wanting to keep the site alive, YouTube, and more. It’s time I decided to branch out to another game that I can focus on that creates regular content.

I still love Quake and Quake Champions. This is just a safety measure.

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