In The Keep Podcast- #11 Zdravko Marinov (Limitless Hunger)

Zdravko Marinov is an independent game developer from Bulgaria currently working on the neo-retro FPS game Limitless Hunger. It fuses the fast-paced styles of Doom and Serious Sam into a magnificent and balanced run and gun experience that you only find these days in the hands of passionate indie developers. The first demo is available now for free: Kid tested, Motherload approved!

Limitless Hunger links:




Podcast topics include:

  • Neo-Retro FPS/Influences
  • Strafe jumping in Limitless Hunger
  • 13:27 Finding bugs in a New Game
  • The Plot: Above Meets Below
  • The Art Style/Punishing the Player
  • The Soundtrack/E Pluribus Unum
  • The Environment/Making Changes
  • Health, Armor, Ammo
  • Mutiplayer/Co-op?
  • Bosses/Mike Myers as Cerberus
  • Enemies/Character Models
  • Honoring Commitments/Taking Criticism
  • Movement Speed/Weapon Design
  • The Unity Engine and Why People Hate It
  • Special Abilities

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