Instagib Duel comes to Diabotical in the latest Patch!

Instagib Duel comes to Diabotical in the latest Patch 0.20.350.

For you of those back in the golden days of Quake III Arena might remember Insta-Unlagged Tournaments.

I use to play that mode for days waiting for my turn to stay on top on q3dm17 (The Longest Yard).

The patch is also featuring 3 new maps already added! They are churning out maps like a grandma making butter on the farm!

There are tons of welcome fixes to the netcode hopefully some that will fix some of the hit detection that I’ve noticed.

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Full 9/18/2020 Patch Notes


  • New Mode! While In Custom Games it’s now possible to play Instagib Duel
  • In Custom Games it’s now possible to select Vintage physics – this physics mode has a large amount of air control, air acceleration and lower ground friction which can be useful to turn around corners – if you take a vertical jumppad you will have little ability to move in a direction but if you hold crouch and a direction key you will be able to get up to 160ups in a direction
  • In Custom Games there is now an easy to access Instagib option with the choice to play with the PnCR or Crossbow


  • New maps! Strife, Temple, and Grainyard are 3 new maps for the new Instagib Duel mode in Custom Games
  • Bioplant and Wellspring have received collision fixes


  • Fixed issue where the explosions of your projectiles wouldn’t be represented locally despite still doing damage
  • Fixed issue causing the self-knockback of your own projectiles being lost
  • Improved the reliability of the netcode of projectiles (more projectile netcode improvements will be coming soon)


  • Fixed some performance hiccups related to the audio occlusion system
  • Fixed some micro-stutters when using multithreaded input


  • You can no longer Ping while dead or spectating
  • There is now a limit of 1 second to be able to Spray again


  • Fixed not being able to enable the option to Reset zoom toggle when switching weapons
  • Fixed the notification to set a keybind staying stuck until the game is restarted
  • The Custom Game’s More Settings now includes a Vintage physics option
  • The Custom Game’s More Settings now includes an Instagib option including PnCR or Crossbow and the ability to play CTF Instagib with the flags being the only items that remain on the map
  • If you wish to play a mode with a specific weapon and the melee only it’s now possible to use the custom game command game_weapon_mode: weapon; the weapon names are machinegun, blaster, super_shotgun, rocket_launcher, shaft, pncr, grenade_launcher, melee


  • While in edit mode it’s now possible to use the command /game_physics to switch between physics

Diabotical /game_physics 0

Race /game_physics 1

Vintage /game_physics 2

  • Vintage physics are now easy to access in edit mode and in Custom Games if you are interested in creating Surf maps or maps that make use of Vintage physics’ air control, speed, and ground friction