In The Keep Podcast – #23 Milton (QuakeWorld Pro)

Joni “Milton” Sivula is among the most decorated and well regarded professional QuakeWorld players on planet Earth. His record speaks for itself. Milton stands at the top of the game in every category, most recently leading 1st place teams in both 2v2s and 4v4s at QHLAN 2019.

Chatting w/ Milton

Sitting down to chat with Milton was surreal experience because, if nothing else, he exudes a sense of higher intelligence. Milton is not a people person. He is not a social butterfly. He is a Quake legend. If ANYONE on planet Earth knows Quake, it’s Milton. It’s been said that Milton has “more gold to his name than Fort Knox”, and that is not an exaggeration.

Joni “Milton” Sivula

But what makes him so damn special? Milton feels that he has mastered the art of duel. So much so that it now bores him. At QHLAN 2017, he played in the 1v1 tournament on zero notice, but still managed to beat the crowd favorite Rickoll. He still prefers to challenge himself with team modes and dominates there as well. Milton has mastered ALL aspects of the game.

Milton’s Words

In this interview, we cover everything from growing up in rural Finland, living with parents who don’t understand the culture and significance of esports, Milton’s introduction into Quakeworld, his love of team games, the differences between Quake games over time, his aversion to Quake Champions, favorite (and least favorite) matches and what happened to his red stapler…

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