Mojo will no longer keep stats for Liquidpedia

Jake “Mojo” Valianes decided enough was enough and is no longer going to keep stats for Liquidpedia.

I don’t know about you but I sure appreciated his work over on Liquidpedia as I’ve been there many times.

Below is the tweet.

Quake News QPL

This is NUTS. I had no idea 1 single unpaid person was keeping all the quake stats for Liquidpedia! If you are looking for the Twitlonger he posted you can read it here. –, here is a backup.

This event happened during and after the Lucca quake champions 2019 event.

The Major Things To take away from this

FACIT the e-Sports website, which has paid workers to run numbers and events etc… Was using Mojo’s FREE work that he did on Liquidpedia basically stealing it and promoting it.

FACEIT Stealing Free Information

You know what else is messed up, this guy done all this work keeping stats for liquidpedia FOR FREE… and he can’t even get invited to Quakecon. He has to buy his own tickets, etc… etc… From what I can tell he wasn’t reallyin it for the money anyways.

The other thing is that the points and seating were completely ALL wrong. Mojo tried to fix this by trying to get ahold of the official Quake eSports person Zero4.

Apparently, he was ignored the entire time and couldn’t get to speak to him or go backstage.

Finally, thing is that Mojo is confused as everyone else. So, since there is no official Quake Pro League website. showing everyone how points are earned. How each match will work… there is literally Liquidpedia available to the public and the guy updating the info is quitting. Zero4 told him that all his stats were wrong anyways, but then who is doing all the info? Where is it at?

Can the Fans please see it?

Stats for Liquidpedia Conclusion

stats for liquidpedia quake

If you are like me this is really concerning. This wasn’t the only thing that popped up after the Quake Champions Lucca 2019 event.

I’ll try to cover that later this week and it involves someone big.

It’s hard to believe that the QPL is being handled this poorly and for what reason I have no idea. Quake should be handled way better than it has been.

It’s really hard to believe that there is no “official” Quake Pro League website and I’ll say for one I’ve gotten a ton of information from Liquidpedia myself but I’ve at least LINKED there.

Let me know if you enjoy quake news like this and rumors as I’ll try to get them out as quick as possible if so.