Quake 1.5 Mod is AMAZING and you should play it!

The Classic Quake Mod 1.5 brings new life to that old game we love, Quake.

With an uptick of the “Retro Shooter” revival happening this mod makes it feel like it was released alongside games like Wrath Aeon of Ruin, Ion Fury, and Nightmare Reaper.

This mod gives the game better graphics, better sound, and its more BRUTAL. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade you’ve probably heard of a little Doom II Mod called Brutal Doom.

Think of this mod as the Brutal Doom but instead of Doom… It is for the Original Quake.

For all of those wondering, yes I do love Brutal Doom. If this mod can do what Brutal Doom done for the Doom Modding community but for Quake count me in!

Installing Quake 1.5 Mod

The video guide to long for ya? Need a quick guide on how to installed this mod.

Well here you go:

  • Download The Mod – https://www.moddb.com/mods/quake-15/downloads, Grab the Patches as well if problems exist
  • Copy Entire Mod to an Existing Quake Directory, I recommend creating a new directory/copy just for mods and keeping a clean version on hand. (What I mean by clean is just an untouched directory of Quake, from GOG, CD, Steam, ETC…)
  • After copying the MOD to your fresh new Quake Folder/Directory you can try to run the game from this point using the Run Quake 1.5.bat file. If it doesn’t work or gives you an error you might need to copy the contents of the darkplaces folder into the main quake directory as well.
  • For Music and Giving Quake 1.5 an Icon on your desktop be sure to watch the full video!

Hopefully this guide and video will get you playing Quake 1.5 in no time.

Quake Mod 1.5 Conclusion

The Quake 1.5 Mod has brought some new life into the original Quake. I’ve not gotten a chance to try out the multiplayer part of this mod but I heard it makes it even better!

I’m really hoping more great mods like this come out in the future for Quake. This game deserves all the love and attention it can get.

Eventually maybe enough to deserve a true sequel or at least a remake.

If you are having issues and think we can help out, be sure to join the Discord Down below!

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