WinD Banned for Quake Champions Aimbot

WinD gets the Banhammer for using a Quake Champions Aimbot! WinD was competing in the Quake Pro League Challengers bracket.

Kenneth “WinD” Spaziani has been playing competitive eSport games since 2001. The real question is how much of his “earnings” were actually earned or has he been cheating the whole time?

WinD was streaming on Mixer whenever he was caught “toggling” his Quake Champions Aimbot. All of the information is provided down below.

Video Footage of Quake Champions Aimbot

Tracking on LG VIDEO

You can notice that his mouse cursor seems to automatically magnetize to the pillar which AskoldDalin is hiding behind. This is a very, very unnatural movement with a crosshair. This incident happens around the 3-second mark so pay very close attention to how the cross-hair changes direction.

Railgun Video

WinD about 20 seconds into the video clearly toggles something to pull of a perfect railgun shot. Then un-toggles causing his crosshair to fly up extremely high for no reason…

This is extreme aimbot like behavior. All the footage was clipped from his Mixer channels, thanks for whomever done all this work.

Well Deserved Ban

This photo came off of the Quake Champions Subreddit. Look I have no idea what Discord server this is off of but it looks like the problem has been resolved.

Whatever the full punishment is it is deserved. Hopefully, it was a lifetime ban Hardware IDs and IP address related. Stuff like this needs GONE out of Quake Champions.

Way to stay on top of things SyncError.


Most importantly WinD got excatly what he deserved. Above all, what kind of idiot live-streams and cheats at the same time. If you are going to cheat at least do it while not streaming. The evidence is clear and VIDEO further proves him toggling the aimbot while dueling some of the best Quake Champions has to offer.

If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

I’ve for one never really understood the reasoning behind cheating in a First Person Shooter. What ground do you really gain? Could you imagine someone getting on the big stage on the pro scene and getting caught with all the cameras on?

First-person shooters are about skill, if you are using cheats against your opponents you lose all integrity.

Another issue I see is that there doesn’t seem to be any in-place protection for this type of thing. The QC fanbase had to bring this to attention.

So I’m guessing there is no aimbot protection in QC yet. Hey, Punkbuster where you at?

Be sure to let us know on Twitter if you think he got was he deserved and if we need more protection against this type of thing.