Quake Champions Discord for Beginners!

Quake Champions Discord

If anyone is out there looking for a great discord for Quake Champions then you’ve come to the right spot! This discord is meant to help people get better not only at Quake Champions but all Arena First Person shooters that we are associated with.

Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/sCxvs4x

The Keep or Cthalha’s Keep is the official Discord for Quakefans.net as well! So if you are a Fan of the Website or the YouTube Channel this is where you can come and hang out and chat about the latest videos or content! Maybe you even want to write an article on QF.

Cthala's Keep Arena FPS
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Join up and let’s chat!

Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/sCxvs4x

Looking for Duel

The Keep is full of people who are willing to teach you how to duel in Quake Champions as well as a wide variety of skill levels! From completely newbies to the AFPS genre or some Skilled veterans that are willing to show you the ropes.

Just ask and invite us in-game and someone should be willing to duel you or teach you how to duel all the time.

You should read our handy Quake Champions Ranked Duels or Tips guide!

Quake Champions TDM Pickup

Don’t feel alone if you aren’t a dueler or ranked players. Myself, I’ve always enjoyed Team Death Match and CTF more whenever it comes to AFPS. I’m always willing to join up in a TDM Pickup group way before trying to use the matchmaking system to throw me onto a decent team!

TDM is also a great way to teach people how to play and learn about item pickups as well!

Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/sCxvs4x

Requirements to join

  • Be 18+ Quake and AFPS games are Mature Games because of the Violence and Strong Language you might hear or see.
  • JOIN THE DISCORD https://discord.gg/sCxvs4x
  • Be polite and understanding
  • Join a role so you can become a full member of the discord!

It really is that simple to join! Discord is free for you to join as well as our community! If you are a disrespectful person and are causing issues you will be warned, if it continues you will be banned.

Quake Champions Discord Server

We are also associated with all kinds of specific Quake Discords. Weather it is a certain Quake Champions streamer or Developers of the Latest AFPS that we’ve gotten access to. This is a great place for you to be to keep up to date not only on Quake! But, also on other great Arena First Person Shooters and ONLY AFPS games.

Want to shoot me a tweet on a quick question? – @realkynerd

In Discord if you want to chat to me please look for Smango, and also chat up TheMotherLoad.