Quake Champions Patch November Pulled!?

What happened to the PATCH!?

The Unholy Quake Champions Patch November was pushed out then jerked out from underneath us!

This was the patch that was supposed to fix a TON of balancing issues.

An updated was pushed out, everything seemed fine. Then a lot another patch even heard of FULL game DOWNLOADS to revert the changes.

Maintenance 11-17-2018

The Quake Champions official Twitter has posted they are doing Maintenance with downtime 9:30 EST to 14:00 EST. (13:30-18:00 UTC.)

So, if you were planning to wake up and play some Quake Champions in the morning you might as well find something else to do.

Lots of Quake Champions and Quake fans alike are really looking for this patch to go live.

Read what we really liked with the patch here. This patch will fix tons of issues and balancing.

Quake Champions needs this

With the dwindling player base, the overall reception to this patch is nothing but positive. This will bring back some old Quake Champion fans as well as new.

I’m still really looking forward to the announcement patch for CTF which is probably the #1 requested mode to add. Quake Champions is a great game, and it’s VERY competitive. It’s not that kid-friendly game known as Fortnite. You know that pinta purple hair 10-year-olds favorite game? This is a man’s game it requires pure skill. (Well besides the PRESS F to win) <- But, in the Quake Champions Patch it fixes this!

Looking to start Quake Champions?

This is a good time to get started! Quake is a very hard game to just join up in and be amazing at. It does translate really well to other shooters though, so you won’t be wasting your First Person Skills if you decide to pick it up! Another reason is it is COMPLETELY FREE to try out. Just hop on steam, download the game and give the game a whirl. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.

Quake Champions
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