Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox Possible?

Are a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port Possible?

Why of course it’s possible. Quake has been on consoles throughout the years.

Really it makes no sense why there is not a Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox port.

Below is the Quakefans Radio episode discussing Quake Champions and on how the game should’ve released. Discussing the possibility of the game on modern consoles.

Quake Champions PS4 and Xbox Podcast Topics

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Smango discusses the possibility of Quake Champions getting a PS4 and Xbox release and why it would help.

Here is Quake III Revolution Gameplay footage. This was record on a real Playstation 2 and upscaled to 720p. You can, of course, emulate this yourself if you choose.

This is just an example that Quake has been on consoles before, and more specifically a Sony Playstation.

Quake III dreamcast port was more well known than any other version of the game. I’m not even including the single player games that been on many consoles.

Is Quake on PS4


Even though Quake Champions doesn’t even have a server browser, and appears to be developed more towards a console release.

Unfortunately, Quake Champions is not on PS4. There is also no plans for a console release.

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Quake Champions Xbox One

There is also no plans for Quake Champions to be on Xbox One.

However, there is a game called Roblox which has an Arena First Person Shooter game which I will cover on a later date. This is your best bet to get some AFPS action on Console.

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