Video & More: Quake Champions Strogg is awesome

Quake Champions Strogg and Peeker got a massive buff in the latest Fall 2019 Patch! Down below we will talk about some of the changes and some tips on how to play Strogg.

Crouch Sliding

Slash is no longer the only champion that can slide around the map. Now you have Strogg gaining the Quake 4 crouch sliding ability. It is highly recommended that you change your crouch button from default Left CRTL. ( I use Left Shift instead.)

I know Quake Champions Pro Rapha actually uses The Space Bar to do crouch sliding. But, he also uses Right-Click to jump. He is a wizard.

Quake Champions Strogg – Medium Champion

Remember Strogg and Peeker is not a LIGHT champion! Which is amazing whenever they added his crouch sliding ability. More HP and Armor stacks than Slash. Maybe not quite as fast or slide as long.

This update really, really helped put Strogg as a very good champion to pick in ALL modes now.

Peeker is still kind of Meh. (Strogg’s Ability)

You can use Peeker to take the focus off of you really quick in duels for a quick get away. In teams if you focus on an enemy they show up sort of like radar detected for a very few seconds.

That’s not all, Strogg has always had the ability whenever you make a frag your opponent drops a health vial. These vials allow you to over-stack HP!


Strogg has become one of the best champions in quake champions now. Going from almost completely useless to top tier on a simple movement change. It’s quite incredible that this is all that it took.

Movement is very important in a game like Quake though. Being able to traverse the map quickly means a lot!

Re-bind that crouch key and get to practicing your movement with the new and improved Strogg.

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