Quake Champions Subreddit Home of the Gatekeepers

Tired of the Quake Champions Subreddit as much as I am? The Hypocrisy that goes on there is beyond crazy.

The Mods of QC Subreddit have always disliked anything I’ve ever posted there.

I know the rules of Reddit. You are allowed to self promote from your personal account as long as you are part of the community( I’ve been a part of Reddit for 7 years, and 3 years in the QC Subreddit.).

Turns out I guess that only matters if you are LIKED in the community and if they allow it. Throughout the years I’ve seen multiple posts of nothing to do with Quake Champions. Podcasts, Doom, Diabotical, and more are always posted and nothing is ever said.

Yet, whenever “QuakeFans” post pops up on there it is instantly downvoted. For some reason, I can’t share my YouTube videos on there either. I for one think I’m blackballed from the community.

Screw the Quake Champions Subreddit

quake champions subreddit

I’ve decided to start managing the QuakeFans subreddit. If you want to actually have open discussions about Quake Champions without getting banned or “gatekeeping” at the front of the door. While I imagine it won’t ever be as big as Quake Champions subreddit is.

At the very least we will have a place to share our content and talk about the video games we love and support here on Quakefans.

The QC Subreddit mods are fantasticNOT

Constantly only supporting themselves for self-gain since the early days of the subreddit’s existence. I’ve had posts removed several times of posting QUAKE content. Literal my Quake Collection and they said it wasn’t Quake Champions so they removed it.

Quake Champions Subreddit mods
This is Quake Champions Right? Posted in the QC Subreddit Example

This sort of hypocrisy has gone on for years and frankly… I’m completely sick of it. I don’t have a problem with Doom, I actually, in fact, love Doom.

This is just showing you the point I’m trying to make. THEY only allow certain people to post what they want. So what if I a thread starts of people showing their Quake collections. IT IS A QUAKE SUBREDDIT weather you like it or not.

We also as a community want to talk about other Arena FPS games. THAT is not a bad thing.

The only things you allow are complete hate of Quake Champions. Or the polar opposite of shilling for the game.

The Subreddit Helped Kill Quake Champions

It’s really no secret.

The Quake Champions Subreddit has had its hand all over the place with the destruction of Quake Champions. While it didn’t single handly dig the grave for Quake Champions. It was at least a pallbearer in the process of carrying it towards its grave.

While you might love Quake Champions unless you shill for the game on the subreddit. You will be censored and Downvoted almost instantly.

Forever set on the sidelines in the QC Subreddit and never let your voice be heard, or you could do something about it.

Let your true words be heard over on https://reddit.com/r/quakefans