Halloween Jam Map Pack 3 – 2020 Halloween Special!

The Latest Halloween Jam Map pack is here! Introducing the latest from great map creators you can now enjoy 12 NEW maps all included!

The Creators are:

Artistical, Entsoy, Greenwood, Makkon, Mista Heita, Mobin, Nyo, Pinchy, Quasiotter, Shades, Strideh, vbs, Xeo and Fairweather/Voidforce

You can download and install the latest Halloween Jam Map 3 by clicking the link

Download Here

The Map Designers suggest using the QuakeSpasm engine just drop that sucker in your quake folder. Load up the game hit ~ to get to the console and type in game (foldername) to launch.

Now there are several different ways to launch the game and launch the map from the start but I find this the simplest to do. Sometimes I have to actually start the single player game first before I’m able to get to (~) Console. I think its according to what engine you are running.

Thoughts on the Halloween Jam Map Pack 3

Truth be told I’ve never played a Map Pack till now. I was wanting to do something special for halloween and make a video. I figured this was as good as chance as any!

You are brought into a “hub” which you can then freely choose to wonder around and pick what map you want to complete.

Just walk up to the gate/portal and without entering the portal some text will pop up on screen letting you know which map you are about to enter.

Whenever you complete a map the portal turns red and text will let you know you’ve already completed the level.

I thought the maps I did play where great! I’m sure there are some more gems within the full map pack which I’ll be trying out soon!

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