Quake Reboot Rumors Emerge on Quake’s 25th Birthday!

That is right Quakefans, a Quake Reboot featuring a Single player Mode and Multiplayer modes just might be in the works!

According to an article over on https://wccftech.com/ the article states that on a Xboxera podcast Shpeshal Nick co-founder of the podcast.

Reveals that Id alongside Machinegames is in the process of developing a new Quake. They also state that the lead protagonist would be a female in the reboot of the franchise.

Quake IV being the last single-player installment in the Quake Franchise this comes as a nice surprise. Rumors have been circulating since the launch of Quake Champions. Quake Champions being the first Game as a Service in the franchise and always online and is still in early access.

Microsoft to Save Quake?

All this also comes after Microsoft acquired Bethesda. Microsoft has also dropped some subtle hints right after the acquisition that they are interested in the Quake Franchise.

The Xbox Twitch account has also been showing their face around during the Quake Pro League and even streaming the event as well!

Microsoft seems to hold all the keys to the kingdom now when it comes to First Person Shooters. Halo, Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein just to name a few. The Doom and Wolfenstein reboots have been great so far. It will be interesting to see how they handle the Quake franchise going forward.

Quake Reboot Conclusion

There are many things that the Quake reboot needs to feature in order for it to be a success. As a huge Quakefan myself, I have to say I didn’t enjoy Quake IV and I believe the game was mediocre at best. Quake 4 felt like a add-on to Doom 3 than an original game. That being said, I prefer the Quake (1) story more-so over the Quake2/4 marine shooter.

For whatever reason Quake has always been the franchise that Id has always been willing to try something different/experiment with and has always pushed the technology of their engine with Quake. Then along comes Quake Champions and it is featured on a whole different engine all together with no mod support etc etc…

The Quake Reboot needs to allow the community to pick right up where it left off when it comes to modding/mapping for Quake. The number of amazing games that Quake has helped produced simply because normal users have been able to modify the game.

When it comes to Multiplayer for Quake to continue to be a success there has to be the ability to host servers and have a server browser. There is a reason why older Quake games are still living and breathing today. They have servers up 24-7 and it gives you the ability to host your own! This is a huge mistake that Quake Champions has decided to ignore and when the official servers go offline, there is no more Quake Champions.

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