Quake VR on the Quest 2 is it fun?

Yes you can finally play Quake VR on the Quest 2! The real question though is it worth it and is it fun.

Let me go ahead and say that watching a video on YouTube does not do Virtual Reality any favors. Even in the video I recorded and put out on the Quakefans YouTube Channel. I’ve always thought it looked unappealing and that the technology just not there.

Well, I’m here to tell you I was completely wrong.

Not only is Quake readily available to play in VR, but so is Doom.

Now, I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to VR at least just yet. But, it was simple enough to get QuakeQuest running on my Quest 2 headset.

It was as simple as allowing developer mode and hooking my headset to my PC and running the install.

How to Play QuakeQuest (Quake VR)

Required Equipment

You will need the following equipment to play Quakequest and other Sidequest games.

  • Oculus Quest 2 – https://amzn.to/3dWmgbj
  • 16ft USB-C Cable – https://amzn.to/3ns167T
  • PC/Computer to Install, and Launch Sidequest Application – Any standard laptop/desktop should work fine. It does not have to be VR Ready, just needs to be able to access USB-C, if you don’t have a USB-C connection you need to buy the next item.
  • (Optional) USB Converter USB 3.1 to USB-C – https://amzn.to/3eEgABZ

I went with a cheaper USB-C cable but it does in fact work if you want to pay more for the official Link cable that is totally up to you.

Software Setup

You will not be able to run QuakeQuest right out of the box it requires SideQuest.

Sidequest is going to be what you install on your computer to be able to access other games not readily available on the Quest operating system.

You will download the latest version for whatever operating system of your choosing. Linux, Windows, and MACos are all available.

Again the Full How To is readily available on their website – https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto

This guide will show you how to get developer mode, and the correct USB Driver so your computer can access the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

After that, and you have the green light in the top left on your screen saying ‘Connected’ you can start searching for games.

Simply search for Quake, find Quakequest and click the install button.

After that finishes you need to launch the game.

Click on the apps button and you should see quakequest listed

Quake VR Quest 2

You need to click on the little gear and launch quakequest.

Quake VR Quest 2 Launch

Your headset will need to be at least sitting on top of your head or it won’t launch.

Now this version comes with the Shareware version of Quake. But, who wants to just play that?

You are a Quakefan! Of course you have all the files needed to play the full version of Quake right!?

If not you will need to purchase it or get it some other way.

Now, that you’ve officially launched the game on your headset, you should get a quakequest folder located on the root directory of your Quest 2.

Place your id1 folder from your computer or copy all of its contents to the quakequest id1 folder.

  • “quakequest/id1”

You won’t be able to see this folder until you have launched the game at least once.

Congratulations! You are on your way to defeating Shub-Niggurath in Virtual Reality!

Conclusion: is Quake VR fun on the Quest 2

Quake VR or Quakequest is pretty neat. It is a completely different experience than how Quake was original played in 1996 that is for sure!

I still think the best way to play quake is probably on a computer, but this is a fun way to play the game.

So grab your gernade launcher and blow some stuff up in Quake VR.

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