Quakecast #29: M3ssia of USQC

Sick of booting up your client only to see that no one is online in the whole continent? Hoping for a QuakeWorld renaissance in North America? Didn’t know there was one? Need a new podcast to listen to on that long drive to work? Well… Your Savior has arrived!

M3ssia aka The Messiah of QuakeWorld was recently a featured guest on The Quakecast. Why do you care? Because M3ssia is one of the most intelligent and proactive people in the Quake community and he is bringing QuakeWorld to a server near you!

For those who don’t know his work, M3ssia is the Quake server admin at the U.S. Quake Community. He has one mission:


His efforts to keep dedicated QuakeWorld servers up and running, along with consistent weekly events have not gone unnoticed and he discusses this at length with dumptruck_ds and ArrCee in their latest episode: https://quakecast.podbean.com/e/quakecast-29-m3ssia-quake-mapper/

USQC has partnered with the Keep to bring his message to the masses. Therefore, you should show the guys at Quakecast and M3ssia some love by giving this show a listen.

You can also check out M3ssia’s previous interview on In The Keep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t0Ad2sJJj4&list=PLkWrttFf2ofd1UvKbGKZIGS5yN9eR7dem&index=10&t=2s